26 thoughts on “The Ton hates PETA

  1. redpillgirlnotes

    Very sad. I have heard Rottweiler looking dogs, or black dogs in general get culled pretty much automatically in most shelters.

    I have always believed if you get an animal, you keep it for it’s life. If you need to move? Only where they can go. If you need to (x,y,z) suck it up and plan around the animals.

    My dog had 5 owners w/I 5 years bc she has severe food allergies. Rather than figuring that out and feeding her accordingly, people just got fed up w the vet bills for all the skin/ear infections and gave her up. She had such separation anxiety I had to take her w me everywhere the first year. She would be affectionate but not look me in the eyes for three years. After seven years she’s finally starting to get this is her forever home, but even so I can see she’s still afraid to believe that. 😦

    People don’t seem to understand how traumatic it is for a dog to be given away. Dogs just don’t do that. It breaks their heart for ever after.

    People should not get pets or animals they aren’t willing to stand by and figure out how to make it work no matter what…till death do they part.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      One of these days i’ll get move in loved with the resuced work again. Right now life is about building a patrimony to hand down. And of course more fuck trophies to hand it down too

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        She loves it. She loves to travel and is the most sociable dog I’ve owned. She soaks in the attention and begs for more

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        My dog loves to go along in the car. Especially now that she’s a senior and is getting arthritic, just the daily trip to take the kids to and from school is huge to her. She will pout of left behind. Silly dog! But it brings me joy to see her happy!

    2. Big-Al

      I hear coonhounds go quick too. I’m looking for a bluetick or black and tan to adopt.

      I got a flat coated retriever from a shelter for 65 bucks. Best money I’ve ever spent. Sweetest most loyal and intelligent dog I’ve ever seen. Has duck hunting skills instinctively, I lucked out finding her.

      Fuck PETA

    3. FNU MNU LNU


      when we first moved to maryland, the ex wanted to get the boy a dog. went to a shelter and walked out that day with a young terrier that had been found alongside the road with her mom & siblings. a week later she was extremely sick.

      called the shelter and they told her that the mom & other puppies had parvo, and that if we brought her back in they would give us another healthy dog, and put ours down for free.

      are you fucking kidding me?

      we ended up taking her to a vet, and spent another $1,500 on our $35 pound puppy to get her healthy. she lived another 16 years with us before she passed away.

      we should be putting more people down, instead of dogs and cats…

      1. SFC Ton Post author


        A dude I ride with spent near on 20k to keep his Great Dane alive. His ex wife shit bricks and demanded why he did that vs pay his alimony etc

        His response; I like my dog better then I like you

        The text messages were used in court so now it’s on record. He also keeps his divorce decree framed and on display because it says he was granted a divorce due to her infidelity. Proves she is a whore every time some one reads it

    4. Ame

      we got our little doggie earlier in the spring from the pound … she’d had a couple homes, i think, and was 2 when we got her. she had food allergies, too, and i put her on a strict diet – took care of that and the side effects. she’s very cuddly and extremely attention-needy … and we love giving her attention, so she’s in a good home. she definitely has separation anxiety, so we didn’t leave her alone at all for many months and now only do so for short periods of time. when i remember what she looked like in that cage in the pound, my heart cries. she’s so sweet. but we think the home she was in didn’t speak english – that dog couldn’t listen to save her life! good thing she’s little; i just pick her up and make her do what i want … which i don’t mind cause … cuddles!!!

      i think she’s ADD, too … but that only means she fits in super well in our home 🙂

  2. Ame

    our neighbor with two little boys (ADORABLE little boys) have a pit they’ve named Marley – she’s adorable and so sweet.

    the oldest of the little boys is in kindergarten. we were standing outside while her boys played and rode bikes, and he fell off his bike. you could see the initial shock on his face, and i saw he skinned his hands a bit, but i called to him right away, “You’re okay! Get back on the bike like a boss and ride it again!” he just looked at me. “You’re okay. I know your hands hurt, but it’s just a surface scratch. It’s no big deal. Suck it up and get back on that bike like a boss!” he did it, got back up, rode for a bit, then came over to me and said, “That’s what happens when you take the training wheels off!” i told him he was right and that when he falls off to just get right back on again, like a boss, and gave him a high-5. adorable! then his little brother got on his bike with his training wheels to show off – i love little kids!


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