Intelligence and tingles

For whatever vagaries of life, intelligence and tingles seems to have come up rather frequently. Mostly in comment sections, and mostly men bitching that women prefer less intelligent men, followed up with some speculation less intelligent men being easier for women to manipulate.

Betas should be very careful in how they word things as generally speaking, such bitching just makes them look like bitches. Any experienced man will be able to tell the difference between wondering about a topic and bitching. Anything close to bitching about bitches will have bitches labeling you as a bitch in nanoseconds.

Chicks dig masculinity. If you display your intelligence in a masculine manner, chicks will dig you. If you display your intelligence through nerd culture or lecturing regular folks about shit they don’t care about you’ll come across as beta, dorky or pretentious…. maybe all 3.  The smartest guy I know likes to lecture Star War nerds on why the science stuff in Star Wars is pure bullshit…..Yup he has to pay for pussy.

My grandfather had a PhD in physics. Way back when the atom still needed splitting, super nerds were working on that and my maternal grandfather was leading a Ranger platoon on D-Day. After that he became a rocket scientist. No shit. His area was guidance systems. In his days, most smart guys grew up on a farm. They had masculine bodies, masculine hands, masculine hobbies ( mine was into killing deer and hot rods) and mostly like had killed some kruts or japs… mine was apparently better at logistics and intell stuff.

Yes he was a math nerd but he also killed deer and duck when he got the chance, fixed all the shit around the house, built his own motors for his hot rods, witnessed a shit ton of nuclear tests and at work, the nerds built and installed the guidance systems. No farming out the grunt work

He was also a hard drinker, gambler and ladies man. In his younger days.

Today’s smart guys tend to be the biggest pussies imaginable. That’s on top of how soft most men seem to be in general. Also what you as a smart guy find intresting might not be of intrests to other folks around you. Especially women.

If you are an intelligent man and struggling with women, take an honest look at your life, hobbies and how you present yourself. That’s what’s holding you back. Not how smart you are.

32 thoughts on “Intelligence and tingles

  1. Major Styles

    “Today’s smart guys tend to be the biggest pussies imaginable. That’s on top of how soft most men seem to be in general.”

    The cast of “The Big Bang Theory” comes to mind.

  2. thedeti

    “If you display your intelligence in a masculine manner, chicks will dig you. If you display your intelligence through nerd culture or lecturing regular folks about shit they don’t care about you’ll come across as beta, dorky or pretentious…. ”

    “Today’s smart guys tend to be the biggest pussies imaginable. That’s on top of how soft most men seem to be in general.”

    This thing about intelligence being sexy, women like smart guys, etc.

    This is where men always go wrong. It doesn’t help that women aren’t clear about it, but oh well.

    When women say they like intelligence in men, that they think intelligence is sexy, that they love “smart guys”, what they are talking about is male competence and proficiency. They’re talking about men who know how to do things, (or learned how to do things), and do them competently. They’re talking about men who know how to make things, build things, fix things, create things and do things.

    They’re talking about men who know how to think things through before they start doing. They’re’ talking about men who think critically and can reach common sense conclusions, and then form plans of action to deal with those conclusions.

    They are NOT talking about book knowledge. They are not talking about IQ. They are not talking about your grades, that you got the highest grade in this or that, or that your grade point average is high. They are not talking about your graduating summa cum laude from Yale. (If you can’t talk to people and deal with people, your Ivy League honors degree means exactly SHIT.) They are not talking about you knowing the answers to things. They are not talking about your ability to memorize and regurgitate things. They are not talking about the fact that you know everything about one subject or another. They are not talking about your knowledge of obscure things like model railroading, string theory, the climbing routes on Mt. Everest, how ailerons work, or the rate of ice melting in the Arctic Circle.

    They will be impressed by things like your having driven a real locomotive or done experiments on string theory and your ability to explain it to laypeople. They will be impressed if you’ve actually climbed mountains and can talk about it. They will be impressed if you have actually flown a plane. They will be impressed if you’ve actually been to the Arctic circle and have the photos to prove it.

    When girls say they like smart guys, that’s what they mean. Competence and proficiency in ACTUALLY DOING things; not just reading about them and memorizing facts about them. The ability to figure shit out, not just regurgitate facts.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Just so and an excellent addition to what I wrote

      “It doesn’t help that women aren’t clear about it”

      What are they clear about 😉

  3. BuenaVista

    The Social Engineer of Human Souls who created this chart says that “More Boobs = Less Productivity”. i.e., too much boob, man brain no work.

    It’s over my head so can’t provide any useful commentary.

  4. BuenaVista

    With all the self-selection and social sorting of the last 50 years, as Charles Murray (The Bell Curve, Coming Apart, etc) IQ is a proxy for future social status with the cool kids. High IQ = High SAT = Exclusive College = Assortative Mating = Access to particular high status industries (finance, politics, entertainment) = House in exclusive zip code.

    HIllary could only win 600 counties, and half of those were black and hispanic welfare communities. The cool kids are all packed in with each other now, producing Stepford offspring for their future Stepford lives.

    I just prefer the Boob-Male Productivity Utility Function graph, though of course I don’t really know how to express the second derivative it depicts mathematically. Also, I’ve found that there is a maximum boob efficient frontier, after which too much boob leads one to say, Honey, Any chance you need me to run some errands … in the next state?

      1. BuenaVista

        Not since the Red Pill. But I was very naive for a long time before that, and refused to identify and react correctly to female motivations and behavior. (I was your typical three-date man.)

      2. BuenaVista

        No, generally. But I misread a lot of situations and made an ass of myself more than once.

        For example, when I was splitting time between DC and Tokyo, I was introduced to a total knockout in NYC who lived a mysterious life but dressed well, had a perfect body (peak boob, see above), and shortly convinced me that I was the man for her. I didn’t think it was odd that I was introduced to her by a female friend of a male friend, and that female friend had parties in which there were always a lot divorced and stupid businessmen, and 30 year-old unaccompanied knockouts.

        So I take her to Tokyo. We check into the private hotel we used. She *refuses* to fuck me! “I just want us to be patient and build something lasting,” she says. Later, after I tell her she’s going home a week early, she sleeps with me. The next morning she says,

        “You’re really sending me home, even now?”

        “You’d better get moving, it takes two hours to get to Narita.”

        The next couple of days I tried to deconstruct this situation with my partners.

        I eventually return to the USA and a week later I get a call from her.

        “HI! I’m in Grand Cayman.”

        “Wut? What are you doing there?”

        “Oh, I have a friend and some of us came down for some sun. How are you?”

        So, Ton, BV the Dumbass flew an escort he thought was in love with him, to Japan, where he got laid more exactly once. I think she decided since she fucked for money, she needed to take the opposite approach with the man she’d selected for early retirement. This is what passes for “strategy” with smart women, and dumb men.

        Five years later she called me from Tennessee, in the midst of divorce. Crying, of course.

        I have more stories of BV the Dumbass than you have patience to receive.

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        Doubtful my friend

        Ton the dumbasses stories involve getting into the trucking buiness and losing all his money

        Reckon I am right there with you but patience I have in spades

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        The only time I haven’t been good with women was when I listened to church boys about my wife and marriage

        Fucked up thing to say but there it is

  5. BuenaVista

    Here’s piece from which I stole the graph.

    She’s your typical tradcon, although a little funnier than some. Her point seems to be that men should be denied sex so that they man up!, grow up, marry one of her friends, move to the right zip code, etc. The thinking seems to end with the thought, “Make men buy the cow, don’t give them milk for free.” It hasn’t occurred to her that men evaluate relationships with women in the context of the legal system or no-fault divorce or child custody practices. Or even that a man might not want to marry a woman who withholds sex as a form of “motivation.”

    1. BuenaVista

      She also wrote for that UK Conservative woman’s blog that we talked about a while ago — the one that may be summarized as “Come back, men. We’ll be nice this time. Honest.”

      1. BuenaVista

        I think the “I’m a conservative woman and I will never, ever, ever act like any other woman, ever” is actually pretty good cover for these women, with their draft horses. It’s particularly effective because they don’t know they’re lying, these girls; they actually believe it. And if you’re a divorced guy who just wants to come home to a family dinner every night, again, confirmation bias takes your balls, cuts them off, puts them in a jewelry box, and hands them over.

  6. BuenaVista

    Deti, I think competency also extends to the emotional sphere. And by “competent” in our emotional makeup, it means laughing when the SHTF, which I take to mean that most women reserve the option to melt down or turn feral when life throws a shit sandwich across the counter.

    All the iconic male moviestars express this quality. An unknown movie that illustrates this (and most every other red pill convention) is “The War Lover” with Steve McQueen (1962). He plays a B-17 pilot in the 8th Air Force. Flying is all for real. McQueen: “Only two things matter to me. Flying and women.” “I’m the sort who throws the furniture around.” Very, very anti-Ozzie and Harriet, which was the dominant ethos of the time.

  7. theshadowedknight

    I treat my superior intelligence casually. When I get the equality talk, I ask, “I am stronger, smarter, and faster than you. In what way are we equal?” Totally different than trying to impress a woman with my math skills or knowledge of history. What women hear is something along the lines of, “I am better than you, and I know it.” That they understand, not math or minutiae.

    The Shadowed Knight

  8. BuenaVista

    Here’s Murray’s “Bubble Quiz”. It measures how far inside the bubble you are; the lower the score, the more you’re sequestered. My IRL friends are all scoring 30-50. I scored 79. (I seem to have made bad life choices.)

    For a quick laugh, a guy tweeted out to national media dweebs: “Do you know anyone who owns a pickup?” To be fair, these are the bitches who act like bitches and get owned, like bitches — these are the bitches Ton references in his OP. At the moment I’m trying to think of my male friends who do not own a truck.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Scored an 80
      Without having seen TV, the movies listed and not a beer drinker. Thought my score would have been lower. Wonder if the questions are weighted?

      I know one man who doesn’t own a truck

      He has a softtail. No car, no truck, just his bike. He also lives in the club house

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    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL intelligent women want alpha cock, intelligence is not relevant. Intelligent men can be alpha, but so called intelligent women will choose a dumb ass alpha over a brainy beta, especially for short term mating ie fucking


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