Paying the cost to be the boss


Paying The Cost To Be The Boss”

You act like you don’t want to listen
When I’m talking to you
You think you outta do baby
Anything you wanna do
You must be crazy baby
You just gotta be outta your mind
As long as I’m payin’ the bills woman
I’m payin’ the cost to be the bossI’ll drink if I want to
And play a little poker too
Don’t you say nothing to me
As long as I’m taking care of you
As long as I’m workin baby
And payin’ all the bills
I don’t want no mouth from you
About the way I’m supposed to live
You must be crazy woman
Just gotta be outta your mind
As long as I foot the bills
I’m payin’ the cost to be the bossNow that you got me
You act like you ashamed
You don’t act like my woman
You just usin’ my name
I tell you I’m gonna have all the money
And I don’t want no back-talk
Cause if you don’t like the way I’m doin’
Just pick up your things and walk
You gotta be crazy baby
You must be outta your mind
As long as I’m payin’ the bills woman
I’m payin’ the cost to be the boss

That’s old school man thinking right there, and it still keeps the bitches damp in the panties.
I see the same guys in the man o sphere struggling with the same stuff. Some guys have been dumping their purse on us for so long I no longer give a damn what happens to to them. Some guys are 2 steps forward, 1 step back, others 1 step forward, 2 steps back.
Do you know how the typical guy wins a bar fight? It ain’t no fancy pants Asian dance moves. He steps forward and keeps swinging, no matter how many times he gets punched in the face and he keeps at it until the other guy breaks.
Life is a bar brawl. I love these guys who keep going forward no matter how hard life punches them in the face. They are paying the cost to be the boss. I despies these guys who keep dumping their purse on us, going no where, expecting us to be their life long emotional tampon.
These guys in the thick of life’s bar brawl, these magnificent losers are going to win. Maybe they won’t have money in the bank and a string of 20 year old hotties in their bed but they will be men worthy of the name as long as they keep brawling, doing what they can to live on their terms, dominating the world and people around them

13 thoughts on “Paying the cost to be the boss

  1. BuenaVista

    When the ‘get it off my chest’ phase of taking the red pill becomes ‘somebody hold my hand … forever’ it’s stops being manospherean. (I assume that’s what you mean by ‘dumping his purse.’ I haven’t heard the phrase before.) The girls like it, though. Maybe it makes the girls feel strong and superior to succor a mewling mess of self-pity on the ‘net. It sure doesn’t in real life.

    I think I met two-three true red pill women in the ‘sphere. But I notice that they get super-involved for a while, and then go poof! and back away. My theory: There’s only so much repetition a person can handle. (I could be projecting.) The ones that remain are more of the ‘Come back, we’ll be nice this time’ variety. That’s not red pill. In fact, it’s not even blue pill. It’s subterfuge.

    I only know one true red pill woman in real life, and she’s red pill (she doesn’t even know the term, I’m just describing her behavior and outlook) because she got dismantled financially and emotionally by divorce court (she was/is the primary breadwinner). She has to pay alimony, she lost her daughter for five years, and her son is now a royal stinking fuckup whom she will not allow to stay in her house. IOW, she had the stereotypical male experience in the divorce meatgrinder. Last time I saw her she was complaining that her boyfriend has no resources, wants to move in and marry, and is always telling her to stop eating meat and drinking wine and there was no fucking way she was getting married again. I read her a Russian short story, she got bombed, and then modeled a new negligee for me.

    Anyway, when a guy wants his hand held 16 hours a day, I start to wonder if he wants his hand held, or wants another appendage in my hand. And I don’t mean one of his feet.

  2. Bee

    Thanks, things have been challenging. The wife has been fighting cancer and has lots of bad side effects. We are in Mexico right now at an alternative cancer clinic. Slow going but I think they are helping her.

  3. TuffLuv

    Paying the cost.. paying and playing my own way.. every single day.. there’s no other way.

    It’s fulfilling to have the scars.. the knowledge of coming through.. being knocked down.. standing up again.. don’t let em change you.. no such thing as a loser, only a quitter.. I wonder how it was I stayed down too long.. now that I know that rising again is a superior state to the one I was in.. before I got knocked down.. each time this is true.. I’ve learned to laugh at pain, because I know it leads to fulfillment, once I overcome it.

    Pay the cost if you want to be boss.

    I’ll leave you with this…


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