I’m starting to think Christianity is a death cult for Whites

I’m starting to think Christianity is a death cult for Whites

Why? Because Christian Whites aren’t doing a damn thing


That kind of stuff happens all the time, yet Whites do nothing. Especially the church going kind, but they do so little about it they won’t hold their kids back from college. Let alone something stronger that would bring them real security and peace.

Here’s the deal, we are in a literal war for surrival. All tribes always are at all times, yet Whites, especially the church going sort do basically nothing.

Having large families is import, so is home schooling but neither are enough. No where near enough

I look around for church going men to respect. Hard men, strong in their faith who will do the hard things yet all I see are cucks. Bravdo? Sure easy to find but men who would kill 600 outsiders over a bean field? Nope. Smart men who twist the Word of God onto justifying their passive behaviour. Men like Joshua and Caleb? Hard men, zealous to kill the Lord’s enemies, to take the other guys land so their tribe can expand and prosper? Eager far war aginst outsiders as act of worship?  Hell no

The typical church going man would recoil in horror at such heroes as Joshua and Caleb. David killed his 10,000’s, Abraham lead commando reads to liberate his people, Christ came not bring peace but to bring a sword.

The point in this? Right now I can’t think of to many men more unless during this current round of ugly than churched men.

This leaves me in a bind. Pagan ethos worked, Valhalla is paradise for men. There is no way the pussy church goers of today would have appealed to our war like forefathers yet those legendary warriors did convert. The various Viking tribes conquered more land as Christians then they did as pagans.

I belive in the one true God, creator of heaven and earth, Devine warroir, God of Justice,  Lord of the Host and that Christ was His Son, God made flesh, who died to pay the blood price of my sin

Yet it’s hard to find the God fearing man who’s company I can abide. Most days when I see them I struggle to keep down the bile. This was not so even 30 years ago.


70 thoughts on “I’m starting to think Christianity is a death cult for Whites

  1. George Liquor American

    Knights Templar during the crusades of old did not believe in or worship Christ. They had their mannerbunde and the church paid them as mercenaries. Outside of that they mostly lived for themselves. So if your looking for that type of man, you sure as shit won’t find him in any church, unless he is hired security.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Typos are welcome 😉 I don’t know enough about Templar to say fo sho but that doesn’t sound legit

        Those guys gave up wealth, family names Estates, titles, having legitimate heirs etc

        Mostly I was thinking about the hard ass decons, elders and pastors of my youth who could but the literal fear of God into men

        Hard men themselves, with hard times in their lives, blood on their hands, tough men who could express human companion because they had been through some shit, done some shit and seen even more shit

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Again I know near on nothing about Templars but it’s good to be jew wise.

      I doubt jews are the root of all evil, there is always yankees, but I know jews don’t have good will toward Southern Whites

  2. Cecil Henry

    Christians have been voting to transfer wealth and power to a big secular government”

    Indeed, my church has completely abandoned Christianity for a veneer of virtue signalling and humanistic self aggrandizement. And its ugly underneath the smiles.

    The Church’s function is not to adapt Christianity to the world, nor even to adapt the world to Christianity; her function is to maintain a counterworld in the world.

  3. gaikokumaniakku

    Maybe the problem is not actual Christianity, but rather a pervasively rotten culture that screws up everything, including religion.

    G. K. Chesterton was a Christian, but he wasn’t an effeminate manlet or a worshipper of the State.

    Current Christians might theorize that abortion is wrong, and yet they are not willing to burn down a single abortion mill, even if they know how to do it with zero human casualties. So the notion that abortion is wrong is just a theory. By contrast, those same Christians believe that small children setting fires on the sidewalk is a horror against decency, and they will dial 911 as soon as they see the neighborhood tots with matches. They might “believe” a lot of things but they practice servility.

    Belief in Christian theories might indeed lead to death cults. Practice of Christian virtues doesn’t lead to death cults, so far as I can tell.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Yeah it’s not the Word of God being deficient in any manner.

      Men today are basically all Adam, refusing to raise their hand to side with the Almighty and willingly taking the easy way

  4. Sean

    Joshua and Caleb were OT Jews under the Old Covenant. You will not find anything in the NT regarding offensive war/slaughter. Indeed, Jesus himself said “my Kingdom is not of this world” (John 18). When Peter went to defend Him and sliced an ear, Jesus rebuked him and made the ear whole. Jesus did not even give a defense at any of the (fake) trials He faced.

    Furthermore, when you look at the apostles and their deaths, not one of them was found holed up, dug in and awaiting their death Alamo-style. Each one of them, outside of the exiled John, died a martyr’s death. Even Polycarp, one of the earliest martyrs, died without a struggle.

    This all being said, we as men are called upon to give our lives for our wives (Ephesians 5). When it comes to family defense, we are called to action. There are no other cases, geopolitical or otherwise, where we are called to arms.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      lol so is the Old Testament is no longer valid?

      Christ told His followers to sell their second cloak and buy a sword. He alsonly said He did not bring peace but a sword. And He said to trun the other cheek, not let someone destroy your life and your family.

      Frankly you are the perfect example of why Christian Whites have no impact on the world.

      1. Sean

        Ton, I enjoy your writing but your theology might just as well come from Facebook.

        The old covenant is one of works and was fulfilled by Christ. Read Hebrews.

        The sword they were to buy was for defense. They were also to only take one cloak so as to live on the hospitality of others where they went.

        Yes, he is to bring a sword UPON HIS RETURN. Vengeance is His, remember? If Christians are to act out violently, why doesn’t Paul? He took 39 lashes 3 times, imprisoned often, beaten in the streets and yet… nothing. You cannot contextually make a case for Christian violence in the NT.

        You also didn’t read what I said. You are called to defend your family not take offensive or retributive action. There are no patristic sources advocating offensive action by Christians. Furthermore, there’s no evidence of such until the apostate Roman “church” starts warmongering.

        I believe the church universal is an institution created for, added to by and protected by God given to/for Christ. The world’s problems can be described in one word: sin. Nothing but the Gospel changes that.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        I have never been on Facebook nor am I making a call for Christian

        Actually the New Testament doesn’t revoke the 10 commandments or any such thing outside of dietary stuff. We still cannot bang animals or fuck other dudes etc etc. Nor does the Bible address offensive action…. Doesn’t address a lot about life. You are correct there is no comand to spread the Gospel via military action but the Bible also doesn’t say you can’t. Nor have I called for it. That’s one of them there strawman arguments.

        Fact is church goers don’t do shit on any topic. Maybe the vote, maybe they won’t watch a movie etc but typically they take no effective action to improve the long term prospects of the faith or their families

    2. BuenaVista

      “… we as men are called upon to give our lives for our wives”? Happy wife, happy life, eh pastor? And her caprices determine our fateful decisions. Your reading of scripture just stepped on a rake. I’m sure it’s popular in the sanctuary, however, as it’s 70% female.

      1. BuenaVista

        The idea that men exist to serve women, which Sean describes, is neither biblical nor even practical. Men exist to serve God, and that doesn’t mean prostrating oneself because, “Honey, I’m unhappy, if you loved God you’d make it better.” Ephesians 5 discusses female *and* male obligations, and Proverbs 31 is clear: never give your strength (much less your testicles) to a woman. Get back to me the next time a pastor discusses a woman’s obligation to God, and to her man.

        The misery and exploitation of churchian men today is because some pastor explains that if a woman is unhappy, she is poorly served.

  5. Hugh Maguire

    I was raised catholic but after Iraq I couldn’t find much in practicing Christianity that fulfilled me. I found paganism, there were a lot of primadonnas and slugs but at least it was the way of my own ancestors. I found that in “Odinism/Asatru” I could assert the identity and spirituality of my own ancestors and tribe. I use our myths and heroes to guide my sons without awkward questions about loving everyone… etc etc. I respect the Old Testament as a tribal code for the Jews, and it works for them. It provides a framework in tune with gods law/the natural law of the universe what have you. I just will no longer use a foreign tribes approach to the divine.

      1. Hugh Maguire

        I know the types you are talking about, idiots can twist anything. My point is less on the quality of the practitioners and more about the potential of the material.
        (serious heathens understand that there is a single governing power in the universe)

        I read to them about Beowulf and Sigurd and the boys relate to white men, from the same parts of Europe as our bloodlines. Hard men who fought for their tribes. And there isn’t a class of sweaty palmed pastors to convince them to sell out. There is no argument to be made for pacifism or accommodation.

        As I said the OT is the tribal religion of the Jews, were I a Jew I would embrace that path. I find the NT to be more distasteful, and while Christ said a few things about self defense he said many many more about non violence.

        I’m hard to run off for a filthy heathen.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        To put things in perspective

        No shit, there I was getting ready to go do bad things to worse people, when the Chaplin shows up. I was young a dumb and new at the game so I challenged him, “hey sir, isn’t it a little werid you are here to bless us before we go kill some fuckers?”

        His reply “Christ tells us to love your enemy. He doesn’t say we don’t have to kill them anyway”

        Then the ballsy bastard got on the plane and jumped into combat with us. No earthly weapon on him

        That’s a man on a mission. Most church goers can’t make a sign and stand on a corner to protest baby killing mills.

  6. BuenaVista

    “Then the ballsy bastard got on the plane and jumped into combat with us. No earthly weapon on him.”

    As a notable master sergeant once said, if he really needed a weapon, there undoubtedly would be plenty on the ground.

    That’s a great story, Ton. The New Testament is not a suicide note. Nor do its followers necessarily castrate themselves and serve a female who, herself, self-idolatrizes.

      1. BuenaVista

        Walking and talking and five pounds overweight. I’ll fix the latter this week. No excuse for being off-plan when you live in a wrestling culture. I’m sorry you had a brutal year, but very happy your domestic deal is so strong. Where is Liz maintaining herself? (I misbehaved on Spawny’s, so don’t visit.)

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Thanks man. It was rough but not the worst. Lost most of everything I created but the VA has be ineligible to work now so I have achieved one of my life long ambitions; being a burden on society. I still have a great house on the water, a bad ass car, a bad ass bike, a 4wheel drive truck and a boat I am still trying to figure out. Plus being a ward of the state pays much better then one would think.

        Liz is laying low becuase of her old man’s current assignment. She is low on squee but holding steady from our quick chat

        You need that extra 5 pounds after your bike went down

        Do me a favor and don’t be such a stanger

    1. BuenaVista

      I really meant it: the manosphere got to me with its repetitiveness and wa-wa-wa bullshit. The story of the off-roading weekend is a light at the end of the tunnel. Question: when you throw the eggs, bacon and hashbrowns in foil in the coals, are we talking about uncooked bacon and tater tots? I have no doubt the scrambled eggs are raw on entry to the fire.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        No man the bacon or sausage is cooked, normally semi frozen. Ham can be room temp. I use pre cooked frozen/ semi frozen hash browns.

        Much safer that way and the eggs would burn while you wait on the bacon and tatters. If the meat and tatters are pre- cooked you won’t get sick if you pull them off the coals to soon. Don’t add cheese until after they come off the coals; cooking veggies in there will make the eggs trun funny colors

        Like you I can’t take anymore dudes spilling their purse on us and the whole place has become repetitive posturing from men who ain’t done much in life. I read Spawny becuase of the folks, Rollo is man o sphere 202 but yeah brother it has gotten bad

  7. BuenaVista

    I just want to be like a 160 lb wrestling coach — who pushes cars uphill BECAUSE DAN WOULD YOU PUSSY!

    I know, you’re the only dude who knows who Gable is.

  8. BuenaVista

    I imagine Liz’ husband is a squadron commander, at least, by now, so she’s wise to lie low.

    Sorry to hear that the trucking business blew up in your face like a bad can of beer. Also glad that you note that you still have more going on than us single divorced guys. I’m working on a couple of new projects, but it’s tacky to front-run.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I rolled the dice and lost. Was improving but rates stayed to low for two long but really I am still blessed beyond measure, which was hard to remember on some days but still holds true

      I was totaled out by the VA. I don’t work at all these days, hell don’t even work out beyond some walking and vanity stuff like arms and traps.

      I must say I do enjoy being a burden on y’all tax payers with hobbies to indulge kids to raise, dogs to watch…. now I get why folks like living off welfare

  9. BuenaVista

    Thanks for the food rec. I didn’t know there were pre-cooked tots/hash browns. I couldn’t figure out how you cooks eggs and potatoes to completion in the same wrapper.

    On foil:

    My quickie bachelor fish method is a) filet; b) lemon, seasoning; c) foil d) 17 minutes at 450.

    When I’m driving cross-country I’ll buy a few egg mcmuffins and wrap them in foil and put them on the the engine head.

    Back when boys were boys, I would stop off at the drug store and buy some salt peter and sulfur, and wrap it up in foil at home with some charcoal. Goes boom!

    1. Ame

      “Back when boys were boys, I would stop off at the drug store and buy some salt peter and sulfur, and wrap it up in foil at home with some charcoal. Goes boom!”

      lol! that’s hilarious – i can visualize it 🙂

      my aspie-girl decided the other night to see how big a fire she could make in the bathroom with a candle and matches without burning the house down. twas an interesting night. thankfully, when it got too big for her, she dumped it into the bathtub. then, of course, all the wax went down the drain before she turned the water on to douse the fire – too far for my plastic thingy to reach – and i had to call the plumber. thankfully, the guy’s been our plumber for many years. some kids live life such that there’s never a dull moment – i have one of those 🙂

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL the fish/ foil tbing works with a camp fire too but I add Old Bay

      I also like to use some sort of cooking spray when I cook with foil

      Yeah it use to be a great nation to be a boy in

      1. BuenaVista

        My family had a charge account at the drug store, so I didn’t even pay for it. And once my dad and I were walking home (his paper was a few blocks from my junior high, and we walked even when it was minus 20) and the pharmacist said to him, “You know, uh, this is gunpowder?” Dad laughed. The state would take children away from their parents today if the same situation were present.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        The state lives to take kids away from parents regarding anything like firearms

        Strung out on smack? Fit mother as long as she semi sort of attends rehab.
        Teach a boy to free, dangerous and sovegien? Child is at extreme risk

      3. BuenaVista

        You’re correct. Four years, two months, since I have seen my son. Obviously he’s afraid of me: this is the last day (hour, actually) that I saw him, the one where he started crying and told his mother, “I want to spend more time with my daddy!”

      4. BuenaVista

        We flew from DC to Iowa once. The moon was full. We landed and headed to the house. He was a little boy and woke up and there was the full moon in the windshield of the truck. “The moon is following us, Daddy!” he said. I can’t walk around at night, which I do a lot, without hearing that.

      5. thedeti


        Over 4 years since you’ve seen your son?

        I can’t even stand to read that.

        I’m really sad for that, brother.

  10. Liz

    ” Two drinks and I’m on the internet being stupid.”

    I have the same affliction. 😉
    Good to see you, BV.
    (I use Old Bay too! Also Chef Paul’s blackened redfish magic…that’s a really good one. A couple of weekends back Mike took the boat out to fish with some friends, which is a rarity these days. We had a cookout that night and one of the guys took out a bottle of Chef Paul’s he’d brought over, said it was the best… I went into the cabinet and showed him my industrial sized container of it LOL)

    I did tell Mike I’d stay away from talking about…pretty much anything important or interesting on the internet now that he has this assignment.
    So, no more “Liz” until Mike retires.
    He is having retirement ideations, for sure!
    His porn is the image of a Southwest airline plane. He looks at it daily and rubs “her” belly. 🙂
    This job is really stressful and…I would definitely blab without the shock collar.
    He knows me well.
    What brings me here (again) is the latest entry at Rollo’s re: Ton mentioned an “expiration date”
    Say it ain’t so. 😦
    I don’t even want to ask because the superstitious Italian in me believes in magical thinking…
    that words might cause something to happen.
    So maybe you shouldn’t answer.
    Or answer in good time.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours, always.
    -Grace and peace,
    Liz out

    1. Liz

      Just to add:
      Mike has been listening to this a lot lately. Think it resonates with him lol.
      Maybe you’ll like it too, Ton:

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      Yup it’s legit. I have always know it would be an issue and all. Little sooner then planned but we have planned for it from the start

    1. BuenaVista

      Men who use their body, hard. They don’t live as long as librarians.When you can’t breathe when tying your shoes, it’s a hint.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        I’m counting on the docs being wrong like they have many, many times in the past but for near on two decades I lived like my breathing wasn’t an issue.

        It’s the tooling around with the little 02 machine I am going to like the least but at some point, some dude is going to have to live the rest of his life knowing he got his ass kicked by an old many with an oxygen tank

      2. Ame


        “for near on two decades I lived like my breathing wasn’t an issue.”

        is there any chance of a lung transplant? (hope i’m not overstepping my bounds here)

      3. redpillgirlnotes

        @ton, not to overstep but are you sure there’s no infection or what not behind that? I am sure you have checked that out but I am a girl so of course I have to ask… I can only imagine how having one lung must affect oxygen intake and all sorts of things, yet if you are clicking six miles a day that tells me you are way more active than most, even if its not as active as you would be otherwise. We all need the Ton-ster, so pace yourself buddy! My you live to be a grumpy old, old man! Cheers! :’)

      4. redpillgirlnotes

        Also, and by no means making light of it, but there’s something to being just too f’ing stubborn to die. My grandpa was like that. They said he had pancreatic cancer (very low survival rate) he said no he didn’t, never got treatment or surgery, did little more than drink 151 and smoke non filter cigs and raise hell and he lived another 15+ years, died chopping wood just short of his 80th. Out like a light they said, no suffering or anything, as we all hope for. He had told me just a few weeks before he didn’t want to live to 80 bc “those people smell funny.” Lol. Quite the character, that one. Notorious!

        You are obviously stubborn as hell to make it this far, I predict many days of flipping off dr.’s ahead 😀

      5. BuenaVista

        RPG, would you really like to live post-lung transplant? It’s an innocent question. I finally told my trainer, “Don’t put me on the rowing machine again, it creates panic and I’m trying to have fun.” I prefer dead-lifting twice my weight to putting on socks.

        We’re already dead, it’s just a matter of time, so big deal. I, for one, am not going back to the hospital if it means it takes 15 minutes to brush my teeth, and I’m not going back if they’re going to insist I move into a nursing home.

        Mrs. Smith is having a full hip replacement today at age 45, because active lifestyle, and an “up-armored Tahoe” is a fucking joke.

        I wish people better understood how vicious the meatgrinder is for people who live the active life.

        I’m being self-indulgent and I speak for no one else.

      6. Ame

        BV – i didn’t realize you had to deal with *body-injury-stuff* too. 😦

        you make a point, though … when do we say it’s enough? medical technology is obsessed with extending life, but at what cost?

  11. thedeti

    Expiration date? Bloody hell.

    Tis good to see BV and Liz, if only for a bit.

    First Private Man, now this.

    All good things come to an end. I’ve been saying for a long time I should take my leave of the sphere. Maybe now’s finally the time.

  12. Anonymous Reader

    Ton, you rigged a way to carry that O2 bottle on the bike, yet?
    BV, you’ve held on really well for years, don’t quit yet.

    Repetitive repetitiveness – androsphere will probably be that way for a long time because new men keep tripping over the edge and falling into the pool. Same questions, different day, different man.

    I used to like Old Bay more better than Zatarains but really it depends on what fish you’re working with in my opinion.

    Now I remember an old story from an old Air Force tech I used to know. One day, Sgt. Tech was swapping modules on a combat aircraft that was being serviced. There was a moron smoking by the aircraft at the time, on the flight line. Told you it was an old story, didn’t I? So tech asked the moron “Say, your cigarette taste ok out here on the flight line?”. Kind of a hint, but no effect. Moron moronically replies “Yeah, but they don’t last very long out here”.

    Moron was loading liquid oxygen into the aircraft at the time. Again, told you it was an old story. It’s got to be true, too stupid for fiction.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      lol no oxygen bottle yet, but when the time comes I will shove a small one down my cut and ride.

      Ain’t riding much at all becuase of broke my left thumb. What a pain in the ass that is.

      I like Zatarans blackening season on fish and beef, otherwise I prefer old Bay on shellfish, pork and chicken

      lol but damn! How long has it been senes they used liquid oxygen?

      BV is a boss.

      There are al2ays new guys coming and going in the man o sphere but I also think most of us have ran out of stuff to talk about

      1. Anonymous Reader

        Broken thumb, what’s the splint look like?

        Sgt. Tech was working around stuff in the 60’s, I think it was F – 104’s.
        Diabetes got him a few years back.

        BV is for sure a boss.

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