Keep on trucking

I don’t normally write much about long-term life with women. Mostly because my marriage was a train wreck and I have had more success pulling chicks and nexting bitches then keeping them around but things with The Girls have been going well for awhile now. Even after this last meat grinder of a year. I can’t recall the last anything resembling a shit tests and when things looked their worst this year, The Girls never wavered. They never bitched when our budget was cut by more then half, they never got pissy when I hit the road to clear my head. No second guessing. No nagging or pitty parties.

That’s a new experience for me. Times past, women added stress. From the beginning The Girls have made it a habit to talk about me in the 3rd person as if I am not there. Its always amused me. When The Girls talk about me/ us etc it’s no longer about how masculine I am, or how I am an asshole or impossible to live with or how could they both love an asshole so much etc etc

These days the Girls mostly mention how much fun they have with me. I am not sure why the evolution in their discussions but it has been an interesting change, one I didn’t notice until recently. Could a sense of shared adventure be key to LTR success? One would think I started out fun then became an impossible to live with asshole, isn’t that the script? I reckon it took them awhile to fully submit to my frame and adjust to The Ton life. Even the small stuff like eating off those tin camping plates, using dutch ovens over open fires to make supper, fire pit,  smores and wine almost nightly is a departure from their norm.

They never camped before me, didn’t know you could wrap eggs, sausage and hash browns in aluminum foil, toss it on a fire and have breakfast in a few minutes. Never caught fish let alone turn the fish into lunch, right there on the beach by wrapping the fish in foil and tossing it on the fire. Or made chicken stew in a Dutch over over a campfire.

Now all that is old news, but last weekend was our 1st trip off roading. During the build, The Girls were all sickly sweet looks and skeptical smiles but I knew they would enjoy the end results. Girl#2 has always been all about mechanical mayhem and I knew she would enjoy it. Girl#1 gets all smiley and pissed when I do burnouts on the bike or Mustang, but you can tell she loves it, embarrassed about loving it, but loves it, so I was pretty sure she would enjoy the off roading trip.

What I didn’t expect is how much they would enjoy it.

Now the truck isn’t the most radical off road ride but she’ll get the job done. And then some. I lifted it and all that kind of stuff but where I went a little off course is setting it up for camping. We have a camper shell on it, put a homemade rail system in the bed so we can store stuff and slide it all out when we need it and built a bedframe above that so we can sleep on a very comfy foam mattress. A roof rack holds the extra tires, fuel and what not, we can put two kayaks on top of the camper shell if we choose. It ain’t pretty but it’s gets the job done.

Girls eat up attention,and we got a lot of attention. The off road truck/ camper combo was a hit with the other people in the camp site, so was the dog. The Lady Pit is striking, with a big, big friendly personality. We cooked out, and in high fashion. Slept on a nice foam mattress, woke up and had those egg, sausage and hash brown bombs….. we were the talk of the camp ground and I could tell Girl#2 was eating it all up with a spoon, and Girl#1 was enjoying herself as well but in her more reserved manner.

Then we got on the trail. The 1st thing I did was some donuts in the mud, slinging that stuff everywhere while the dog tried to climb in my lap and The Girls laughed like fools. We ran two trails, and I let them run a beginner trail and they were all “we love you” and big smiles. And proud of themselves for driving their 1st off road course.

A week later and it’s about all they talk about.

From a Game perspective there is a lot going on; displays of mastery, demonstrating higher value, pre selection as the other girls at the camp flocked around the rig, talked up my cooking etc etc but but don’t ignore Cindy Lauper’s advice either

I have been deliberate in choosing the outdoor life. These things are fun but there is a larger purpose behind most of what I do. There are certain things I want my son’s to learn. About themselves and about the world, some of which can only be learned outdoors. Some things can only be learned in the ring, others in team sports but the boys are to young for the ring or the ball field.  There are family tradtions I want to preserve for another generation. Skill sets I dont want to see pass away. There are things I want them to do. I want my family to eat certian things and in certian ways. I want these things because they will make my boys better men. I was deliberate in choosing off-roading vs dirt bikes too. I prefer two wheels to 4 but it will be years before the boys can sit a bike but at this point it should all be fun

Have a mission, bend them to your will, have fun

10 thoughts on “Keep on trucking

  1. Ame

    everything about this made me smile 🙂

    yes, girls wanna have fun … and a shared adventure … and to feel very, very safe and secure in their environment – the environment which you created and the safety and security which you maintain. so very glad it’s working so well for you; you definitely deserve it 🙂

    and i’ll bet the boy were adorable, too!

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Didn’t take the boys, mostly becuase Half Ton is a little small for rough terrain

      Philosophical note, I don’t belive in shit like deserving something like that. Maybe women and children get to deserve things, a man has to make shit happen

      1. Ame

        i get that. ‘deserve’ is a word i wrestle with. for example … if we ‘deserve’ to be loved by our parents, who are some of us not loved by our parents – did we do something to not ‘deserve’ it? (windows into my twisted, female brain 😉 )

        you have certainly earned it – is that better? 🙂

  2. BuenaVista

    I think this is easily the most optimistic post I’ve read in the manosphere, thank you and congratulations.

    Other note, I started flying Son #1 in the plane at 11 months. My daughter started when she was three. Strapped them in a car seat, and flew modest formation stuff, 20′ separation. Nothing crazy. Neither thinks it’s strange to be in the air. Son#1 is a natural stick (few are) and I wish I could have convinced him to go Navy.

  3. SFC Ton Post author

    Ps, your son is to valuable to be in the military of a nation who hates him

    My oldest ran that risk, never did know what to think about it but he made it out and hopefully my younger sons will not. I have been pretty careful to stay away from the war stories, even as young as they are, becuase I don’t want to see them get ground up fighting for a nation and body politic who despises them and us

  4. BuenaVista

    Just saying, strap ’em up and put them in the back seat.

    The problem is that the country hates us no matter the occupation. I actually had a cop ask me the other night, “If you don’t shut up, and stop asking me questions, I’m arresting you.” So I said, “What for?” The two girl cops with him (three cruisers at my house at midnight) started laughing, so he had to retreat. But I have a buddy who’s the jailer, and he says I’m “in the book.”

    I don’t think Mattis is going to waste anyone for politics.

  5. Big-Al

    If you’re in need of a long offroading trip you need to see the Ouray and Silverton areas in Colorado. Some badass roads would make for a killer motorcycle ride too


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