Random thoughts

I love Harley’s and Pit Bulls. I liked them a lot more back in the day when they were only popular with us dirty White boys.

Politically speaking, nothing is about getting the other guy to change sides. Everything is about rallying your troops and encouraging them to act. Once you understand this you will understand politics some what better

Tried watching a show about 1%’ers. Now these types of shows are 80%+ bullshit but about 2 minutes into this show they have a crew of supposed 1%’ers wearing shortpants. Soooooo that makes that show 100% bullshit

I made all the worst decisions of my life when sober. So from now on, no more sober decsion making

Marriage is a two person Poniz scheme

Surrival is its own morality

If it’s crude and it works….who gives a shit if it is crude?

Folks say you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle while inebriated. That’s probaly true but it’s a hell of a good time.

One is none, two is one…. and we know one is none. This includes clear lense glasses for your bike. Carrying two sets leads you to riding home at night in a thunderstorm with your sun glasses as eye protection. Thankfully a belly full of booze made it all better

Passive aggression is for people who suck at the more honest, active, open ans overt kind of aggression

People are generally inept these days. My neighbors are all good men, and well trained in their various areas of expetise. You don’t live on the water in a tourist town if you are unskilled labor but they don’t know much outside of what they do for a living. Why do I say this? Two weeks back I made a fire pit. Super simple set up, then turned some pine logs into stools and benches but cutting them in 20″ round sections, knocking off the bark and applying some varnish. You would have thought I was some kind of genuine mountian man listening to the neighbors carrying on about it

The Girls told me they enjoy those end of the world as we know it movies and whatnot  because they find it endearing I know how to do most of the things the movie characters struggle with but can’t do mundane stuff like sync the blue tooth function on our helmets. Fuck helmets

Breaking your thumb sucks. Never thought much about what an advantage opposable thumbs are. It’s been a major hit to my lifestyle for such a small appendage

the Bible tells us it’s better to be thought a fool then to open our mouth and prove ourselves a fool. As always you can’t get better advice then the Word of God. I would like to add better to be thought a pussy then to open your mouth and prove you are a pussy. In this case I am referring to the notion stepfather doesn’t equal cuckold. Try as I might I can’t see how stepfathering someonene else’s get doesn’t make you a cuck, unless it’s taking care of a blood relatives youngins or some such. Step kids and mothers of step kids trend to be horrible toward stepdads. Everyone shits on betas and cucks and stepdad = beta/ cuck. Again, ain’t talking about tending to orphans and the like but if you’re a stepdad, realize the situation you are in. You have to stare reality in the face before you can deal with it from a position of strength. Trying to spin your bad decsion into something noble just makes you more of a pussy

Been talking motorcycling with some English dudes. Good dudes as my SOCOM type brothers the world over tend to be but what stands out is how the English motorcycle culture seems much more driven by what goes down on the race track. Here it’s mostly about hogs and open roads, even rub’s……. Whats a rub? Rich, urban biker…… want to pretend they are the kind of guys to spend 3 months in the wind and sleeping on the ground. Reckon that makes sense given how small European nations tend to be. Them dudes can ride in the rain though, which also makes sense. Real pisser I haven’t been able to ride with them much.

The young men that make up our SOCOM are incredible. Sadly the body politic and citizenship at large is unworthy of them, however a people who can produce such men ain’t yet done. There is always a puncher’s chance

I  think the SF dudes have the most challenging and broadest skill set. Sadly the special forces mission is a failure. The men haven’t failed; the mission concept of nation building and training armies to fight for us is flawed beyond words because the politically correct dumbfucks calling the shots buy into the blank slate lie.  King Kunt couldnt hold back the times, you cant turn the dumb fucks of the third world into Western White men. Thinking we can turn 3rd word shit heels into successful conventional soldiers and produce stable, functioning nation states out of 3rd world people is like believing in magic. Long term this approach hasn’t sloved much of anything and its cost taxpayers a lot of money. It’s a a disservice to the SF guys and tax payers. The various SF groups have a laundry list of successes but those success are mostly along the direction action ground combat sort.  The men and nation would be better served if long tabbers focused on direct action missions vs nation building. They also would have to change their training program but that wouldn’t be a big or difficult change. In fact it would stream line and expedite their training. Basically you cut out the warm and fuzzy shit like learning a foreign language and cultural sensitivity training, reduce some of the training required to train foreign troops. Changing their skill set would cut costs to tax payers and given is more men to do the sort of shit that really wins wars; killing people, breaking shit etc. Defense budget shouldn’t be cut but the money would be better spent else where. Also i think we would help take some of tye pressure ofd from the heavy ops tempo by cutting down on the soft skill stuff like language and cultural training, as well as opening a larger pool of men. The shit we’re doing requires more overt brutality then the sneaky side of SF. Also you don’t need to know how to use a bunch of equipment from the other side. We could also use the cost savings to crank out more units like the Rangers.  Rangers ain’t fancy like some of the other groups but the stack up bad guy bodies like cord wood and on the cheap. Comparatively cheap.

I wouldn’t end the whole program, but cut the numbers way down and focus the soft skill stuff on people that are a tad bit more like us.

I was reading how the various socom units are ground down. I don’t doubt that to be true. In part becuase the war on terror has dragged on to long, in part becuase of training that isn’t nessacary for killing people and breaking shit and in part becuase many socom units have been miss used. During the more overt portion of the war on terror, SpecOp units were used to conduct rather bland and utterly conventional missions. Some of that was to keep their budget high, some of it was undue concern that conventional units would increase the body count on the other side. What that means in this case is the unconventional guys were needlessly worn the fuck out during the more conventional stages of the war on terror, leaving them in a less then ideal place for when the mission shifted back into a more unconventional phase. Generals are just as worthless as political leaders

We need a counter insurgency air force to match our counter insurgency missions. We don’t need multi million dollar aircraft to fight the war on terror. I understand we have gone back to using the OV 10 Bronco. That was a good choice. We should also see how many Douglas A1 sky Raiders are around. When I 1st joined the army, one of the nations we were proping up used them. Dirt cheap and very effective, 20 mm guns and a couple of 2.75 inch rocket pods with long station times made them hell on earth for ground troops in a theater with no real air to air or ground to air threat.

The Girls never fail to tell me to me “I l#ve you” after sex. I don’t doubt they do, to the extent women are capable of such a thing, but at that moment in time what they mean is “I love getting fucked by you”. You rule women through their vagina.

The Girls imagine everywhere I go has a CCR tune playing in the background as somemsort of live action theme music. Werid as fuck but I guess that’s what I get for introducing them to Creedance Clearwater Rival. Never once thought about such a thing until they started chattering on about but I reckon dirty deeds done dirt cheap is more fitting.

Beta/ man o sphere version of patriarchy is weak sauce. Just like they are. It is rarely ( never?) about the man’s drive for greatness or about expanding his personal standing and status in this world. Patriarchy is about much much more then the welfare of familes, women, kids and society. It’s about the individual Patriarch, he legacy and the potential expansion of his family name, wealth and power…. and doing so again and again over generations, about being the forefather of great clans, tribes and nations.


I love memorial day weekend. No one does shit about honoring dead service members but oddly I am OK with that. I don’t like the having one special day of the year to do things mentality. Seems to me that’s a cop-out. If you really give a shit about something you do a little something something about it everyday or so. What I do like seeing is folks starting their summer the way they see fit. Familes headed to the beach, old married couples ridding around in their classic American cars, dudes know bikes, folks on the roading pulling boats, horses and 4 wheelers….. it’s all good shit.

23 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Artisanal Toad

    “Try as I might I can’t see how stepfathering someonene else’s get doesn’t make you a cuck, unless it’s taking care of a blood relatives youngins or some such.”

    May not be your blood relatives, but if you marry a widow, a real widow, it’s about the same if she’s from your tribe. I give them a pass. You should to.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Legit enough but I wouldn’t marry a widow. I know a few and that’s a basket full of snakes right there, including hearing phrases regarding trading the life of their current husband to bring back their late husband….. so no thanks

      1. Artisanal Toad

        Legit enough, everyone makes choices. I’ve known men who married a widow and raised a bro’s kids as their own. They weren’t kin, but there’s something about serving together that makes a difference.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        My MC raises money for the childern of deceased SOCOM vets, I walked such a child down the isle last year and such things as that.

        One can tend to orphans and widows without submitting yourself to the whimsy of a woman and the state

  2. Bee

    “Thinking we can turn 3rd word shit heels into successful conventional soldiers and produce stable, functioning nation states out of 3rd world people is like believing in magic.”

    You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

      1. Anonymous Reader

        I think it’s because of the success with half of Germany and Japan back in the 1940’s that the smart guys in DC got the idea we can bring any country into the 1st world if we just try hard enough. Well, it did work with South Korea, too. But the Germans and Japanese were already pretty civilized, and the Koreans have been “learning” (getting invaded) by the Chinese and Japanese for centuries. Maybe they are the exceptions. Nothing else has worked out all that well far as I can see. Viet Nam? Not really. All that aid into parts of Africa? What’s changed? The Middle East…nah.

        I was all in favor of heaving a big rock into the mud puddle of the Middle East after 9 / 11, but more in the “don’t make us come back and do this again, kay?” mode. The Brits did “nation building” in Mesopotamia for a couple of generations, even longer in Egypt, in Pakistan, etc. and not much changed. When 50% of the population is illiterate there’s definite limits to what a country can do. Nothing special about us either. Especially when dealing with a culture that has no problem with men screwing barnyard animals on the regular.

        We can’t afford this grind and the leaders can’t admit it’s not working. The last successful invasinon of Afghanistan was probably the great Khan, and how did he deal with them? We won’t do that stuff. Can’t. So be done with it and get on home, stop wasting young men in that hole and other similar ones. The Russians aren’t the Soviets anymore, either.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Military officers are promoted on their political reliability. Most think they are are arch-conservatives but we know how that plays out in the real world.

        The concept of training up local forces to fight for us sounds good, and worked well during the ww2 and did ok in Vietnam but the two of best cases I can think of since Vietnam are still failures in the sense that we have been there 30 years and are still propping them up.

        It’s a waste of tax payer money and a waste of our highest quality man power.

        As for the A-stan, we could starve them into submission within 3 years max

      3. Anonymous Reader

        As for the A-stan, we could starve them into submission within 3 years max

        Mongols did it quicker.

      4. Anonymous Reader

        The concept of training up local forces to fight for us sounds good, and worked well during the ww2 and did ok in Vietnam

        Look who we were training. French, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish already had their own army and hated the Nazis. Philippines had been promised independence and had been trained by US for 40+ years before the Jap invasion. There was a lot in common with European resistance and a couple generations in common with the Philippinos. Viet Nam not so much but we picked up where the French left off, and they had a few generations of commonality.

        Sandbox and trashcanistans? Not much in common. But because smart guys in DC don’t bother to ever look at a map or learn anything about the world, they figure Iraq 2003 must be just like France in 1941 or something even stupider. It’s not even fighting the last war, it’s videogame level thinking. Except it keeps getting good men killed.

  3. redpillgirlnotes

    I have ridden on the back of a motorcycle inebriated in a massive thunderstorm. No helmet or glasses. Not the best decision of my life but I will never forget it! 😉 Sturgis 2002!

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        My biggest regret there is probably that I wasn’t more debased! Lol. I was way too uptight in my youth when maybe I should have been walking around naked instead! Ah youth, wasted on the young….

        It was a great trip. I remember standing in a bar, two girls ere talking about how they dropped the bikes off the trailer and “rode in” the last mile! I told them I had ridden the whole way on the back from the west coast, five days in sometimes 118 degree heat. They looked horrified! But I was proud of myself! I never did figure out how not to have helmet hair though. Ah well… I miss that dang bike!

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        Other good things about that trip: I saw prairie dogs up close, and buffalo too! Custer State Park. Mount Rushmore, including two very confused mountain goats right on the roadside w park rangers steering traffic away. The badlands and its moon-like pastel landscape. Seeing the site of custers last stand in person (they were sitting ducks. Not good strategy.) Needles rock formation. Wall drugs. The close encounters of the third kind mountain in Wyoming. Some small bar in Montana. And that thunderstorm. Regrets: didn’t see Yellowstone on the way back. Or deadwood. Maybe next time? Lol! 😀

      3. redpillgirlnotes

        Shortly after that trip I had my first bun in the oven and after i had a child it freaked me out to be on the bike together in the case we both bit the dust and she was left alone, then unfortunately our marriage ended for other reasons and the bikes went with him, so that was why the next trip hasn’t happened… Yet! But you are right, high time to get around to it! Lol. Of course now w my biz, going away anywhere, especially in summer, is hard but I am working on setting things up so I can get away here and there so who knows? Maybe soon! Sturgis 2017 or 2018, the comeback tour??? Lol. Still too uptight to walk around naked! 😀 probably better 15 years ago anyway!

      4. redpillgirlnotes

        Also I loved riding on the bike and the travel but I wasn’t so big on the biker culture part. I was never really a “biker chick” even though I could dress and look the part. I’ll have to find that pic of me giving the peace sign off the back of the bike in the badlands…

      5. redpillgirlnotes

        Also, being part of hundreds of bikes to every car rather than hundreds of bikes to every car was very cool!

        We spent very little time at the stuff is festival itself, just an afternoon, it was more about the ride there and back and all the sites and cool stuff along the way.

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