Alpha enough or everyday Alpha/ how brotherhood makes you alpha

The other day reading comments over at Rollo’s somone mentioned how all men can’t be apex Alphas. Legit point and completely pointless.

Today, father’s day, I was out riding with the boys in my crew and a couple of strap hangars. The regular guys are every day alpha enough kind of dudes. So was 2 of the strap hangars. By that I mean successfully living life on their own terms. They did well in the military, they have done well as civilians, they have decent looking wives, respectful kids, new’ish Harley’s and good home lives.

That’s alpha enough for most men.

We rode for 300 miles that day, big fucking mistake given my thumb and all but it was an interesting time from the red pill point of view. Two of the men were over 70, Vietnam vets. Not guys we typically ride with. The one is a Marine vet and I know him from the local riding club community. He’s a good due, with a good wife who worries about him being on a bike at 72, and there he is, on a new Streetglide. The other was a friend of his, roughly the same age, also a Vietnam era vet but somehow an SF guy who never went down range. Him and his wife were down on vacation and instead of hanging out with her, he was ridding with his friend and us. To me that everyday Alpha enough.

One of the young men ridding with us had been state side for less them 3 days, fresh back from the eye-rack and instead of chilling with his wife and kids he was on his bike, ridding with his friends. Another young man was due to leave for a tour in a few days and instead of chilling with his wife and kids, he was on his Harley ridding with his brothers.

Let that sink in. These young men elected to ride with their brothers instead of being at home when they had all the blue pill reasons in the world to side step the ride yet they choose brotherhood over their main bitches. It was an important ride to show a man they never meet before a memorial for the Marines who died in Lebanon vs family time and they choose brotherhood. And not any bit of family time but fathers day plus pre/ post deployment.

I know these guys fairly well. None of them have fat or nagging wives. The younger guys are doing ok money wise, but are young enough that Harley payments stretch the family budget. None are really red pill, I don’t think anyone would call them players or apex alphas, none are ridding in a more aggressive club like a MC or 1% crew yet here they are, doing alright in the world despite all the factors aligned against them. They have decent wives, the two I know the best have wives who are happy their man has something like Harelys and the ridding club that brings their husband some measure of happiness in the world.

The way I reckon it, this is alpha enough for the most of men and a very achievable goal for the most men. Decent frame, decent builds, couple of tattoos, a dangeroues hobby, something they hold in high regard, something they withhold a portion of the family budget for and make a priority, even on occasions, over their family. That’s alpha enough for most men and most women




Yeah I know, I thought I posted this month’s ago but just found it in saved folder when I wentbyo Work on another post. Shows where I put blogging in life

23 thoughts on “Alpha enough or everyday Alpha/ how brotherhood makes you alpha

  1. thedeti

    I’d guess a decent rule of thumb is whether a man has more or less what he wants, takes responsibility for it (whatever “it” is), and is content with it.

    What do all these guys have in common?

    –wives who don’t bitch or nag and aren’t unattractive, or good enough women in their lives
    –they do pretty much what they want, whether that’s work, ride, or whatever else
    –they live more or less within their means
    –they take care of business without bitching and whining about it
    –they’re dominant within their own spheres of influence
    –they’ve shaped lives to fit their liking, and brought people into their lives who also fit within that frame

    That’s alpha enough.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Thats my point. Summed up better then I did

      My other point is, having somethings you value higher then her/ the family life ups your alpha cred and makes her and the kids happier in the long run

  2. theasdgamer

    Dangerous? Dancing is dangerous,, dontchaknow. Young studs have lots of fear. When it comes to asking girls to dance, you’d think that men are expected to Evel Knievel across the Grand Canyon.

  3. redpillgirlnotes

    Well said, I think the whole alpha thing gets misunderstood. It’s not possible for every guy to be among all of the time, but alpha enough is a great goal. For everyone — especially their wives and kids!

  4. Ame

    i read a post last year (that’s no longer up) where a man was questioning whether him performing a particular house ‘chore’ was RP. my thoughts on that, and please correct me if i’m wrong, were that what makes a man RP is that HE is the one who decides what and who and how things are done in his home, not that he does any one particular task or not. it’s the authority.

    if a man wants to cook or do laundry or do bath-time with the children or whatever, as long as he is the one who is calling the shots, and as long as he’s not being manipulated in any way by anyone, then he chooses to do what he wants.

    one of the interesting things about having been married twice is how different my two husbands are on various things. one of those is housekeeping – they are vastly different. when my now-husband and i first married i tried to keep house to my first husband’s standards. that didn’t work, at all. i had to adjust to my new husband’s standards. personally, my personality is more like my first husband’s than my second, but it is not my place to impose my will on him. so i’ve had to adjust … and keep a good attitude 😉

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      That’s how I see it. I do certain things around the house, especially cook, but I am no less me when changing a shit filled diaper as when I was down range hunting hajjis or run my Harely down back roads.

      Big difference between hen-pecked chore play and doing what needs to be done or what you enjoy

      However there is a whole section of the man o sphere that would disagree with me. Not sure how that lives with reality but I think that attitude is more about trying to tear down vs build up ie beta

      1. Ame

        it seems that it’s not the action that defines the man, but the Man. a man with authority can simply walk into a room, and everyone there knows He is THE man.

        i remember the first time i saw this and it consciously registered in my brain. i was home from college and out at a pizza joint with my high-school brother and his friends. another college girl and i were sitting at a table, my brother was playing some arcade game with a couple other dudes, and this chick runs up to him, tells him the waitress wants their order, and asks him what they should order. he took one look around – probably calculating the number to feed, rattled off an order, and turned back to his game. the whole thing took one, maybe two minutes, tops.

        it’s the intangible *thing* that a man must develop from inside himself. he can be handed a title and a position and even the authority that goes with it, but the thing that makes him the Alpha, or the one to whom people naturally turn to b/c he inherently has the authority, that’s something from within.

        what feminism has done is take away the opportunities for boys to develop this inherent, internal, confidence. this male thing that all boys and men need. so these boys grow into adult sized boys who have no clue how to be a man b/c they were never allowed to naturally figure that our with male guidance as boys.

        this guy we know in his 70’s grew up in the gangs in chicago. he and his wife are very involved with their young grandkids. we were talking about all this with boys, and i mentioned encouraging their grandsons to get into martial arts and boxing to learn how and when to give and take a hit. the wife cringed a little bit, but he didn’t blink. i told her they might never need to use it, but knowing they can will help make them into strong men. i mentioned that, even now, if someone tried to hurt her … didn’t even get to finish the sentence b/c her husband about came unglued at even the thought someone would hurt one of his. even in his 70’s i wouldn’t want to be on the receiving side of his fist. they’ve been married 40+ years, and he’s never had to raise a fist to protect his own … but he could, and he knows he could, and they know he could.

      2. Ame

        another thing he learned in the gangs, which is not taught or learned today, is brotherhood. he had their backs, and they had his.

      3. thedeti

        “it’s the intangible *thing* that a man must develop from inside himself. he can be handed a title and a position and even the authority that goes with it, but the thing that makes him the Alpha, or the one to whom people naturally turn to b/c he inherently has the authority, that’s something from within.”

        It’s called male power. It is uniquely male – only men can learn this, be this and project this.

      4. Ame

        thank you, Deti. i knew a man would be able to articulate this much better than i.

        how can men learn confidence and dominance in this culture? where do they get opportunities for willingness and ability to back it up? how can boys be taught if their dads weren’t? i don’t know if i’m even asking the right questions.

      5. SFC Ton Post author

        And it is beyond definition most days.

        About 3 days back I took the truck and my Lady Pit to the grocery store. I jumped out of the truck, show my dog some affection, shut the door and head to the store. On my way to the door a group of terrorist…. I mean tourist chicks start ooooo and awwwwing etc about me and the dog. That adorable, your adorable, various ioi’s and attempts to prolong the conversation. Regular act that countless guys do yet it was somehow a big deal

        Right now my thinking is how well a man fits certain arch types that women and to a degree the culture at large grooves on

      6. Ame

        i wonder if there’s any correlation between birth order and strong, confident, male-powerful men? it seems a lot of these men have a bit of recklessness in them which is not typical of first-born. my brother is 2nd of 4, and has a good amount of recklessness in him. i’m the oldest and have almost zero recklessness in me – unless it’s well calculated, which then isn’t reckless at all 🙂

  5. theasdgamer

    I realized that I kind of have a gang…I went out to eat with one of my buddies from where I used to work–known him 30 years. There’s another guy I haven’t contacted, but I have his no. I should look up another guy. I used to be part of a gang in high school and we’d cruise a drag together. We had to run from the cops once, lol. My mother still got a call from the police about my misdemeanor shenanigans. Fond memories.

  6. theasdgamer

    Ton, I’d like to see a post on tactics like a fighting withdrawal, frontal attack, punishing retreat, recon in force, etc., including a description of what it is, when it’s used, and which generals to study to understand it.

  7. Anonymous Reader

    The diesel mechanic who used to live down the block was about 5′ 9″ tall, talked slow as some country men do, had a fat wife and two kids but everything in his house seemed to be in line and under control. His brother and cousins would drop over to drink beer in the back yard, practice roping, teach the little boy how to rope, and the fat wife would bring more drinks out, just for example. He was alpha enough for the situation far as I could tell. Alpha can be situational.

    It’s like “tough”. The SERE training teaches every man has a breaking point, what is “tough” can be situational. Just be “tough enough”, I guess.

    t was an important ride to show a man they never meet before a memorial for the Marines who died in Lebanon vs family time and they choose brotherhood.

    Lebanon. Damn. That still pisses me off in so many ways.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Yup just be tough enough

      Alpha can be situational and probaly is so for the most of men, including greater betas and lesser alphas

      I rarely think of what went down in Lebanon, with all my pro vet stuff and having one of my patch holders being a vet of that place. I always think of him as a brother and an old 160th guy but never as a your navy medic working with marines so the ride was a good reminder for myself as well


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