UMC and their disdain for the nation of their birth

Occasionally I will do certian formal events Gril#1 attends as part of her semi doctoring job. Plus its always fun when people realize I own a tuxedo. A basic Kelvin Kline tux, which oddly enough all of their shit has proven to be easier to customize for my build and sidearm of choice then any other brand I have tried. Wouldn’t that be a hell of an advertising campaign for them? Buy our shit because it fits burly rednecks and XDM’s better then the other rags….. any rate its always a weird crowd to me. I have talked at length about some of the things that strike me as off. Like them not being all that wealthy, not nearly as wealthy as they would have folks believe or as well educated as they believe themselves to be and how unaware of the world around them they are. They live in this bubble that makes them damn near insufferable. With a little practice, you can sit in my bar and pick out the UMC folks vs the truly wealthy folks by how they interact with the world around them, with the UMC types being much more uncomfortable when their bubble is bumped around some.

Wasn’t all that different as any other event. As far as black tie shit goes. We got there early so we could change in our hotel room and I could make her walk around the party with a box full of Ton batter. The car in front of us at the valet station was a 328 BMW with a “gotphd” vainty plate….. right there is about all you need to know about this ass clown. Not sure a 33k-51k automobile is a ringing endorsement for the college debt of a phd……

That bit of the shit show just got better and better though. The couple in the car was what any redneck would expect. An overly effeminate guy with long hair and an ear stud, an overly masculine woman with short hair and a scowl. You can tell they do cross fit because he looks like a fag and she is built like a dyke. Girl#1 works with the “lady”, some kimd of hospital admin bitch, but a fairly high ranking one, the dude has a phd in something usless and gets paid by the state to teach other fags the same usless shit, but they know us, so they wait while their car drives off and we go through the valet process, and I do mean wait. We have to get our stuff out of the car, which takes time but what takes the most time is talking to the young guys working there. They were drooling over my ride, absolutely dumb struck in love with her, asking questions and telling me how they don’t want to park her in case they mess something up. This absolutely bugs the shit out of Mr phd ponytail but man was it fun talking to those young men. Yes the car brings me joy but I also love how she lights up the eyes and souls of other car guys. The compromise on moving my car was they would pull her up 10-15 feet and leaving her covered and under their watchful eye all night. One thing women and girly men don’t get is how respects builds respect and lifts other men. Those boys weren’t sullen that some old dude had a nice ride and a younger woman, they were stoked with the possibilities of their future and treated my beloved Cobra and my blonde bitch with the utmost respect. I tipped well and offered them my gratitude and assurances if they did the smart thing vs the conventional thing they’d end up where I am.

So Mr phd ponytail is pissed, extra pissed because I wouldn’t shake his hand, the short hair bitch is clearly unhappy with the patriarchy oppressing her with boys engaging in silly boy talk and I reckon they are probaly pissed we were staying the night too. They seem like that type and to be h the only overtly rude UMC types we dealt with all night. The story about my car made the rounds while we were mingling and expect for the older folks, you could tell the appreciation for American muscle cars wasn’t there. I did make 3 trips put to the valet station to show off my beloved to some older folks. And I so mean folks. A couple of the older gals followed their husbands out to see what the fuss was about. They were good women. At least that night. How could I tell they were good women? Their eyes light up when their husbands else light up over the car. This is an IOI they can’t fake

800 words to set the tone for the rest of the story. Mostly you stand around, eat finger food, drink a little to much, listens to people talk about the important shit they do for the “community” and bullshit. When they talk about food, they talk about weird shit and not about how two local restaurants made the list for best in the state. Pull pork and fried seafood is to American for their tastes. When they talk about wine they won’t mention how a wine competition took a away a local winery’s silver star medal because it cost less then the minimum bottle they would rate. When they talk about cars it is never about lead sleds and horsepower. They talk about spending serious money to go overseas but haven’t seen shit here locally, or locally in the national sense.

I have been all over the world and the usa has just about everything you could want to do in the world. Unless you want to see castles and ancient ruins that is. World class sking? Folks tell me we got it. World class diving? Got it. Sleepy country roads, high altitude dessert, endless grass lands, remote islands, huge ass cities, local festivals you name it. It’s this travel thing that really struck me this time. I have been to Rome. It’s a giant tourist scam and it sucks. If you have been to Germany, England and anyone one of the Nordic countries you know what every place in Western Europe looks like…. no disrespect intened. I have enjoyed all most all my time in Eurpoe…..  So on and so on. These aren’t bad people per say, but they live in a bubble. Their own different type of blue pill bubble. They know Rome is a giant tourist trap but didn’t see the reality until I mentioned it out loud. They know the grand canyon and Yellowstone are unequaled natural marvels but at the same time they don’t know they are. They have never seen the mighty Mississippi, they have never seen the serene beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway. They have become dull to the natural wonder of our barrier islands and inter coastal waters. These things that don’t take a 10 hour plane ride and a passport aren’t on their radar screen. They cant see wealth as anything beyond a Eurpean car, the right house and formal schoolimg. Well the middle age ones. The older folks get it. One of the he older doctors said “fuck medical school should have opened a bar” when he saw my beloved, referring to the money required to build a car like that. Another older couple laughed when I dogged out Rome and most of the older folks there had done one or two European vacations and a lot more domestic ones.

Like I said they live in this bubble that makes them damn near insufferable. Can’t even have a rational conservation about Pit Bulls with them because in their bubble all bulldogs are evil or all are wonderful but victims of bad owners. I can’t imagine being happy in such a life. Can they appreciate what they have when they are willfully blind to those who are struggling? Can they fill good about the good they do when they refuse to the misery in the world ? Can they enjoy their daily life and weeknds when only Europe etc is worth visiting? Can the appreciate and rejoice in the wealth and successes of others when they can’t see the difference between themselves and folks who really have money?

Maybe I would potty them if I were a better man but I ain’t so mostly they will annoy me


*** I always imagine some Ferris Buller day off deal when I valet park that car but so far there has never been any extra miles on her. Man if I was 20…… though I reckon most young men are better men then me in that regard

36 thoughts on “UMC and their disdain for the nation of their birth

  1. Mike

    I wasn’t better. 18, in high school, working as a mechanic at a full service gas station in downtown Denver. I worked on all the foreign and sports cars. I have litttle hands. Fond memories of the 63 vette, 4 speed, 327. 69 vette 4 speed, 427. Sunbeam tiger, Porsche 911, with six webers. Drop their car off Friday evening for work, pick up on Monday. Spend all day Saturday working on it. Open station on Sunday by myself. Time for a test drive. 🙂 Downtown was a ghost town in the seventies then. Never crashed one, but came close a few times.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL that’s what I always suspect but like I said hasn’t happened yet. Heck the kids didn’t even want to drive it the 15 feet to get it out of the way or screw around with the sound system or nothing

      Good kids though and I thoroughly enjoyed bullshiting with them

      1. Big-Al

        Cobras are something else man. I’ve always wanted to drive one. Crazy power to weight ratio

  2. gaikokumaniakku

    >I have been all over the world and the usa has just about everything you could want to do in the world.

    How about if you want a manufacturing sector that can make affordable civilian goods while paying a living wage?

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Mid size, about were under staffed but hope to be up to a little under 50 men in 90 days

        Ain’t getting into the rest for opsec reasons but we bought it and have been unfucking all the damage the apu’s who use to own/ run the joint did

        Also I have the most low tech side of things

      2. gaikokumaniakku

        Well, I’m always posting about political economy, so obviously factories are something I always want to know about. But in your case, if your opsec prevents you from giving details, I’ll just have to learn to live with my unsated curiosity. Possibly I will be able to post some juicy details about factories near me, but I don’t have a personal contact inside any factories, so I lack a way to get my foot in the door. Otherwise I would be blogging about factory stuff every week. Particularly because I expect the current over-financialized economy to crash and get replaced by something more factory-centered than bank-centered.

      3. gaikokumaniakku

        Good luck getting your new factory running! I’mn sure you’ll make a higher profit than the previous owners. Let us know when you’ve got everything underway, as far as opsec will allow.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        Opsec is about my family not the business

        Things are going well. Their ideas were decent enough but they ruined their company trying to strip mine the damn thing and the people working there, driving down quality and production numbers to the point they lost contracts

  3. Sumo

    When they talk about food, they talk about weird shit and not about how two local restaurants made the list for best in the state. Pull pork and fried seafood is to American for their tastes.

    That’s messed up. I like the “weird shit” (professional appreciation, doncha know), but southern U.S chow is one of my top 5 favorites. Boggles my mind that folks who have instant access to don’t appreciate how fortunate they are.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Hey brother! How the hell are you?

      Most folks have good chow all over the world but most folks prefer their local version if whatever. Might be the same damn thing 2 towns over but their town makes the best xyz. Not so with the UMC types I run into. Everything to me reads as “embarssed by their native soil”

      1. Sumo

        I’m good. Busy busy busy keeping folks supplied with damn good “local” ramen; I’d like to say “the best around”, but I’m trying this new thing where I pretend to be humble and shit.

        No one believes it, but I still try so as not to come across as a complete douchebag. 😀

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL embrace your greatness but always remember asshole is good; douchebag is a no go

        It’s good to hear things are well for you little brother

  4. redpillgirlnotes

    So true, some of the wealthiest people I know drive their same old not flashy cars for years, don’t dress “rich,” don’t look “rich,” etc. the ones who do dress and act rich? All on credit.

    I read once that doctors have some of the least amount of personal savings of any profession, yet some of the most expensive lifestyles. Guess they don’t teach them in medical school that nobody gets rich living beyond their means, no matter how large those means are!

    Hi Sumo!

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Wasn’t just the docs though they were the easy example. Hospitals have a lot of folks with advance degrees knocking back better then average cash but almost to a person, trying to emulate the pretty dismal life choices of the middle age medics.

      I will say the older doctors I am familiar with think it’s a pretty sucky way to make a dollar, and not nearly enough dollars for the suck

  5. redpillgirlnotes

    Often it seems that such people base their self worth on owning or wearing the “right” things. So then they are confused, and annoyed, when their same old same old expensive car gets less notice than yours! I bet you got your car because it’s the kind of car you wanted, not because you cared what other people thought of you because of it. That’s authentic. People like them can’t fathom it, but it makes them crazy with envy. I am sure they will talk about how “outrageous” you are for weeks. Lol. Meanwhile, you will just keep being you! People like that suck! Sadly there are far more like them than you.

  6. redpillgirlnotes

    Something else far too few people seem to get is “rich” isn’t a number, it’s a state of being. It comes from inside, and starts with appreciating what you have, not wishing for what you don’t. People can be financially rich but be living a poor, miserable life and people can be financially poor but be living a rich life.

  7. BuenaVista

    On food and UMC claptrap:

    There are two excellent country steakhouses near (50 miles) me, and I used to take every single overseas client to the best steakhouses in NYC and WashDC, so I think I’m qualified to rate them. They are superb. These places are in small towns; one made the James Beard list. Another is/was ranked one of the top 10 in the country by somebody. On one level, they are what Peter Lugar (if you’ve heard of it; generally considered best steak in NYC) *wants* to be. Authentic, unpretentious, consistently extraordinary. They are always full.

    Here’s the thing. TripAdvisor reviews for both often have two parts. Part 1: Best steak I’ve ever had! (Seriously, people drive for hours and spend the night to eat there.) Part 2: Interior needs updating! (it looks a little more like an interior from Good Fellas, replete with vinyl booths, than what they want, I guess, which is closer to Appleby’s? Fuck if I know). So you know these people drive back to Des Moines and brag about having the best steak in the state, at a secret place in the boonies. But they just can’t get over the 1960’s interior.

    For me it’s a feature not a bug, but then I’m not into UMC value-signalling.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL I use to go to this joint in text that was literly a converted barn. Best steak ever had and yeah it was the kind of place bug money Texas dudes would take their clients and partners. Shit was unreal.

      1. BuenaVista

        Things are too modest out here for “anti-UMC” signalling. For example, when I lived in DC, my cohort and I all dressed like farmers on the weekend, to show we were just regular guys.

        When I dress like that out here, where there *are* farmers, people think I’m homeless and I get sneers even at the convenience store. Pretty strange. I guess people are still aspiring to being UMC, even if they’re rich.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        The UMC is more about social standing then real money. Pretty sure I am in the top .05% right now but not part of the UMC etc etc because I don’t engage in the correct social standings

  8. BuenaVista

    The car thing is funny. My grandfather was a banker, so UMC for this environment, which is probably LMC in the eastern suburbs. But anyway, he only bought Oldsmobiles. The dealer also carried Cadillacs, but that would have been too uppity.

    My best friend here is a farmer. He replaced his 10 year-old pickup this year with a new GMC 3/4 ton. When I got in it the first time he must have told me 20 times that it was a stripper, the cheapest one they made, look it doesn’t have any frills. He wouldn’t shut up about how cheap his truck was.

    That man is worth about $15mm (owns outright 1000 acres).

    Ton, you’re driving a Shelby? How reliable is that over-the-road? I want to get a car and have been looking at Mustangs, and two that are modified (500 hp+). But I don’t want to be driving to Reno in the summer and have the fucker overheat and die.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I have to say who does the build determines how reliable the ride is.

      I built mine, never had a problem with her but I do shit right, large and small. All performance parts match, they are all balanced and I didn’t try to save any more but not upgrading stuff like breaks, ignition system, charging system etc etc

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Yeah man, an amazing bit of technology as it it was designed to be upgraded by a decent home mechanic. And it’s a popular power plant so you can get a shit ton of dyno intell from the interwebz….. plus one of the best mustang shops in the nation is not to far from me in Benson NC

  9. BuenaVista

    I would like to get a 10 year-old ‘stang and put a carbureted crate motor in it, but my mechanic scratches his head regarding all the electronics that remain. (I can’t do it myself.)


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