Why blue lives don’t matter

The police are not your friend unless you happened to occupy the correct social and political standings

They have not been your friend for a rather long time. We no longer have the peace officers of my rural youth. Now we have para-military law enforcement officers

Big difference


The government is controlled by a hostile and frequently forgein elite, people with no ties to the historical people’s that carved up a wilderness and turned it into a nation. If you go to political events you must protect yourself as the law is a tool of this government by hostile and forgein elites.

14 thoughts on “Why blue lives don’t matter

  1. BuenaVista

    Where I live the police are a self-standing, revenue- and prestige-generating crew. Because I’m out at night in the early morning (because it’s better than staring at the ceiling) I’m stopped frequently and always have to be on my toes. I’ve been stopped three times now backing out of my driveway.

    I spent my first night in jail the other day. Because I was impaired (fucked up, actually), I was leaving my truck downtown and walking home. The bartenders in town all say, “Never walk home”, but I’m a pilot and I need a security clearance so I can’t get a DUI. The left side of my face was black and blue, as well, so I guess they reasoned I was a violent criminal. Off to the holding cell. No place to sit or lie down. Just a cold cement floor and a jailhouse stainless steel toilet/sink. They made me stay there until 1500 next day. I was sober by 0700, obviously. Because I didn’t use my one call on arrival (it was midnight) they wouldn’t let me call my lawyer in the morning.

    Now, a peace officer would have asked me why I was walking, I would have said I’m too fucked up to drive and it’s only five blocks, and he would have driven me home and said, “Good decision.” I would have been his friend for life.

      1. BuenaVista

        Separate events. I was out with friends and I knew I was over the limit, so I was committing the crime of walking home while intoxicated. Cop shop here is just overstaffed, and view the population as some sort of funding vehicle. This will cost me $500. Not sure what it will do to me professionally.

        And just now, at 0445, I was interviewed by another cop (How’s it going … what are you doing?) (I’m sitting in the truck by the lake, reading on the internet.) The dynamic here is they hire newbies for a couple of years and tell them they’ll learn how to do big city policing. Then the noobs move on and the dept. hires more newbies. Because they’re kids they’re easy to push around and they’re required to make 10 “contacts” per shift. They’re really just foraging for action this time of day. You shouldn’t have to talk to the cops because you’re reading in your vehicle in the middle of the night. It was easier to walk home in Russia; worst case a cop would demand 300 rubles ($10).

      2. thedeti


        I just don’t get this. Since when is it illegal to get drunk at a bar and then walk home? Cops don’t arrest guys for being drunk in public unless they’re tearing shit up, fighting, being an all around dick, pissing and shitting on people’s yards, or whatever other stupid stuff guys do when hammered in public. You weren’t doing any of that were you?

        I mean, you get hammered, you walk home. I used to do this all the time in CollegeTown where I went to school.

        And even if they do pick you up on a drunk and disorderly, because you were being loud or were taking a much needed leak on someone’s rose garden, all the coppers do is take you home and tell you not to do it again, or worst case, to a holding cell and let you sleep it off, and tell you “pay a small fine and you’re done”. Or do they just arrest drunk guys for just walking home now or just being in public while drunk?

        What fresh hell IS this?

        And, what, you’re parked in your car reading, and a cop comes up and taps on the window?

        What, I can’t sit in a McDonald’s parking lot shoving an Egg McMuffin into my face and reading the paper without some flatfoot hassling me? Really?

      3. BuenaVista

        They arrest people for walking home here. All the bartenders tell people to drive, no matter their condition. There was a company repairing one of the packing plants and over the summer 79 men worked here; 44 of them were arrested for walking back to their motels. A few years ago the police chief arrested more people on New Years Eve than were arrested in Kansas City. (For others, the population of this town is about 12,000.) So I got the drunk tank. I was five blocks from home.

        I wrote the prosecutor and asked him to dismiss it, since I had never been arrested and had no record of alcohol abuses; I told him that I was arrested because I chose NOT to drive my truck home. He told me he thought I was lying because the police report was different than my letter. When I said, “Well, I haven’t seen the police report, and I didn’t realize I was supposed to mimic it in a letter” he said, “You’re not telling me the truth, and I am believing the police.”

        The judge, after the prosecutor left, offered to write a letter saying I did the right thing and that the local cops overcharge this offense. I told him what I blew and he said, “Seriously? You’d have to arrest everybody at the Iowa State tailgate if that were the rule. And they probably would!” It was amusing to him but it may cost me the job I’ve been interviewing for, which I also have to recover my security clearance to execute.

        And yes, I have been accosted about 25 times over the last 3 years, for being awake and sitting in my truck at 3 a.m. I get the cold sweats a couple nights a week, so I just get up and go out. I also was ticketed $400 for letting my grass get too long.

        My family has been here since the town was founded, but I’m working my way out. I had no idea the government worked like this here now. I was away for 30 years.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Yeah man the shit is out of control on so many levels. When I was a kid and deserved the most bullshit from cops I have really got any. They would bust me etc when required but no extra games

      Now it seems like after every major MC event, even when it’s a veteran charity deal, some cop is harassing you, trying to get your cellphone, lying to you about how you need to comply etc etc and acting like they are doing you a favor by not sending you to jail for some random every day event

  2. BuenaVista

    I have oversized cubes — they don’t melt so fast, and you don’t have a bourbon and water 10 minutes after you pour bourbon/rocks.

    1. SFC Ton Post author


      The round cubes kind of class up my joint

      It’s an awkward market. To trashy and no one who spends serious money will show up

      To classy and I can’t compete with the real classy joints and I will lose my regular dudes, group events and the high rollers who show up on the regular

      1. thedeti

        IDK. I don’t mind a bourbon/rocks, and letting the ice melt so it waters down the liquor just a little. Guess I’m a lightweight.

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