Never spend money on them

One of the primary rules of engagement for this here culture of combat dating we live in is…… never spend money on woman. Most men will end up regretting the money spent when he doesn’t get the bang or when they as a couple go their own way. It’s natural to regret the loss of resources invested in a failed venture; money and time are the resources men invest to get laid and have a main bitch. Make the investment as minimal as possible because odds are your deal with her is going to come to an end. That’s the times we are living in and we are less bummed about being out $30 then $300.

One of my employees and his LTR went their own way last night. He is probaly a greater beta/ lesser alpha. Never had much trouble getting a 6 or a 7 ( age adjusted) for an LTR, not really out there smashing ass left and right either. Any rate, he had been seeing this one girl for about a year now. Fucked her the 1st week they meet, settled into couplehood pretty quickly and they were doing all right together. No fighting, good sex, couple of long weekends together, lots of Netflix and chill cheap dates on his Harley etc etc.

In every life there is some trouble. My employee has it stacked up right now. His weldimg shop folded, leaving him with buiness debt, potential lawsuits and tax troubles. His girl stood firm. Then his pregnant daughter moved in to his place cutting into the time he can spend with his main bitch and now this week he found out his ex wife is taking him to court over back alimony.

It all got to be to much for the girl and she broke things off via text message. No drama, no hard feelings, is what it is kind of deal. What my friend regerts is the money spent on her. Which wasn’t a lot. He paid for the road trips, he paid for most meals out and the last few months he had been paying her cellphone bill. She never demanded those things, he never minded and she never bitched when he couldn’t afford to take them out or what have you. More then anything she wanted his time…… The kind of girl folks say you should vet for

But now she is gone and my employee could really use the 2-3 grand he spent on her/ their relationship. The money wasn’t a hard ship and he makes close to double her income. He enjoyed the road trips, he enjoyed the meals out and the occasional movie and he wanted to help her out by paying her cellphone bill. None of that is wrong per say but it all demonstrates a lack of wisdom

As a man, it’s your job to understand romantic relationships are transitory things. When shit goes sideways what I hear men regert is lost opportunities to bang another chick, loss of time and money spent. Personally I think my employee paid about as little money possible to have a decent looking, kind hearted girl in his bed for a year. He never acted like a bitch, never played the simp but he regrets the money spent.

Romantic relationships are transitory things. Don’t do shit, don’t spend money or time you will later regert. Don’t skip that fishing trip with your buddies, don’t skip that ride, don’t lead with your wallet,don’t make major changes or accommodations to suit her, dont give yourself a laundry list of shit to regert latter.

My friend didn’t have anything to regret expect the most recent weekend he paid for. That ain’t bad

Rumor is at one point Girl#1 sent me an its over text. I don’t recall it but like the girl from up above, my then legal troubles were getting to her but apparently I responded with a see you at 0800 Saturday for our ride and come Saturday there she was, in her drive way waiting for me to show up so we could ride. Kind of funny but maybe something to try if some chick tries to soft next you.

9 thoughts on “Never spend money on them

  1. Kentucky Headhunter

    Exactly. Once you realize the transactional nature of your relationships with women, it becomes your responsibility to minimize your inputs down to least amount that will elicit the desired responses. This is why marriage is a huge mistake for men, as it removes your ability to renegotiate what you are willing to commit to the relationship while leaving women free to do whatever they please.

    1. BuenaVista

      I stopped at a friend’s house last night to show off the new arsenal. The host is a disabled vet, poor as hell; his friend is farmer who got one arm wrapped up in an augur. The latter was talking about his second marriage and how within months his new wife was complaining about not having 50% of the money *and* complaining that her husband wanted too much sex. She actually said to him, “All this sex stuff makes me feel like a prostitute.” Of course, in her transactional, ledger keeping, dead bedroom machinations, she *was* acting just like a pro.

      After six months of marriage she went back to an old boyfriend. The farmer with one arm lamented the $17K he spent on her.

      Last week a friend hinted around that she wanted to have lunch. For the first time in my life, I said, “Sure, if you’re paying. I think it’s your turn.” (It is.) She just immediately complied. It was surprisingly easy.

      The notion that men are piggy banks can extend to adult children. I’m wrestling with that now.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL you da man BV
        Men should always value their time and money over women. If nothing else it helps rookies keep Frame but damn man 17k is a lot of scratch

      2. BuenaVista

        Maybe $17K is a lot of money, but he’s a farmer with one arm and gray hair and he just wanted to get married again and have supper and sleep with someone again. Buys a new 3/4 ton every five years and wears t-shirts to supper.

        Turns out she wanted half the farm. Farms are expensive out here. He probably gave her a credit card and bought a new Acadia. The guy’s in pain because he’s Blue Pill and he doesn’t know the new rules. At least she had the decency to go back to her broke bad boy once she realized her beta bucks millionaire row-cropper wasn’t selling his farm to settle a divorce. I’m sympathetic because I was so Blue Pill 10 years ago I got creamed.

        He was going on and on about how black guns are unnecessary, then he saw a new Hi-Point 9mm carbine with a bipod and he said, “Hell, I can shoot that with one arm!” So all was not lost. But he’s definitely a revolver man, that’s for sure. I think they only rack semi-autos on one’s belt, with one hand, in the movies.

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        You can put an M4 style charging handle on almost any semi auto pistol. Makes chambering a round easier. Not ideal but something to think about.

        I know the type of man. The guy who got me into the used car business is much like that

      4. BuenaVista

        I didn’t know that (M4 charging handle). Thing is I’m not sure it will help. The augur severed his left forearm so his hand is really for show. I may need one in a few years though. My left hand is dying slowly.

        These guys are distressing. They work hard, do what their dads did (with their moms), whammo. They’re not prepared for living alone.

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