The Ton on how society creates PTSD

1st a warning. No vagina driven replies in the comment section. Any damn thing that sounds like blubbering will be deleted and the commentor blocked. Same goes for the lame racist counter argument.

It is my uneducated opinion that PTSD is a mostly manufactured problem. It’s a gold mine for the VA which any more is nothing but a job program for black chicks and a giant welfare/ transfer payment scheme for black veterans. When you walk into a VA hospital every ground and mid level flunky you meet is a black chick and they are horrible to White vets. You can watch a healthy black dude walk to the front of a line while White men missing body parts wait to get the privilege of being shitted on by the 1st layer of VA staff flunkies.

Did you know fire alarms have the magical ability to make men walk again? Sure as sure gets they do. While back I took a friend, AB, to one of his VA appointments. AB is fucked in the head. An IED rattled his CPU so hard he was seeing shit that wasn’t there for weeks. Medically retried, 100% disabled, they made his old lady turn in his firearms before they let him go home type of brain damage. Any rate we’re in the waiting room, shooting the shit when someone pulled a fire alarm. That fire alarmed cured about 80 black dudes as they left their canes, walkers, chairs etc behind and took off for the parking lot. AB looked over at the only fella still there, a legless White guy in his middle 30’s, says to him “reckon you ain’t faking so we’ll get you out of here”.

That’s an extrem example but you can sit in the VA hospital parking lot and watch guys hobble out to their truck, then quickly toss their cane into the truck bed and hop up into the cab. One VA doctor I was bullshiting with told me he got in trouble for looking out his window to see how well men moved around when no one was watching. See the black VA admin boss said he was being racist and denying too many claims from blacks. Being Hindu he didn’t initially understand how the game is played but apparently it is mostly blacks who get jammed up with faking disability claims and dats racist and shit.

And it is a game. Spend enough time around black folk for them to get comfortable around you and you will hear them brag about how they faked this, that or the other thing to get money out of the government. It’s a skill they take pride in and they are quick to ridicule anyone who doesn’t want to take advantage of the system. Failing to fake a disability and get dat free money makes you a sucker

The fraud is unfucking real and PTSD is th perfect tool to exploit the system and reallocate resources to black veterans as it doesn’t come with measurable results like how bad your lungs maybe be, nor does it carry much in the way of social stigma. Say the right couple of lines and here’s your PTSD VA money. How bad is the PTSD scam? I know two lady marines ( i repete myself i kmow) getting 80% because the scary stories of deployments scared them before they ever fucking deployed. Neither deployed, both had office type jobs, both 80% disabled according to the VA. To be fair, blacks are more fragile then Whites, with way more systematic health problems but it’s time to go to an all White military if blacks are so fragile office work gets them an 80% disability rating…. $1556.13 tax free money a month…. more if they have kids and are married…… for life

Let’s be honest too. The VA loves this scam. It keeps their budget high and tons of low skilled workers employed. Not to mention how many low skilled college educated folks like sociology and psychology majors rely on the scam. Hell the VA is so fired up for the PTSD scam they told me I was fucked in the head because I ain’t fucked in the head. And there ain’t no higher VA disability rating then the one given to me for the measurable physical damage but tagging me with that label means more money for the VA and more money for those in on the scam.

There are deeper social trends driving the PTSD train as well. We all know modern society practically worships victims. PTSD is how you make strong men into victims. Hell half of what is now called PTSD was just old school masculine WASP behaviour not long ago so yes part of the PTSD party is a contuination of the anti WASP progoganda. A nice thank you gift from all the non WASP’s we let in. Huge fucking mistake on our part

The main way society creates PTSD is by producing pussy ass dudes. Most Vets aren’t the biggest pussies around but most men entering the military aren’t particularly mentally rugged and healthy these days because most people in the USA aren’t. The military is nothing but a cross section of America and whatever is fucked up in the civilian world bleeds over into military life. Most young people are pretty well scared up before they hit the military from all the various soical is we bitch about like divorce, single moms, families with a fuck ton of dysfunction like pills and various forms of child neglect. I know two men who fit this pattern. They were abused pretty good by single moms and step fathers yet their head space and timing problems are labled as PTSD from military service. Kind of sets up a chicken vs egg deal.

What I think fucks up most guys is the anti war stuff. Let’s face it, most men down range aren’t in any particular danger. Most men down range aren’t in kill or be killed situations so having a presidential candidate tell you we’re the real terrorists ain’t a big deal. Ain’t a big deal when the majority of citizens agree with it and elected him President. Living conditions can be tough, hours are long, a lot of its boring as hell and occisonaly a rocket or mortar round comes in. Then it’s funny as hell to watch people over react but the guys on the line face an entirely different life and react to things in an entirely different way. One that has to be lived to understand and there is much joy and satisfaction in it but you also do some morally questionable shit. That’s what war is. It’s life and death, blood and shit and fear and adrenaline rushes and exhaustion beyond belief and it’s a whole lot of shit you shouldn’t ask men to do, but needs to be done any damn way.

And that’s where the anti war shit starts fucking with dudes heads. One of the things I have noticed is my boys from places like Washington state and Michigan seem to have more PTSD type bullshit then my boys from the rural South. Men I never saw back down, never heard much bitching from go home and hear more bullshit like we are the real terrorists and I think it fucks with their head, and I think my boys from leftist strongholds like that hear a lot more from CNN then is healthy. Moral ambiguity might be just fine for usless fucks who vote for Oabma, Hillary Sanders etc all and never pulled the trigger on a tango but once a man has crossed that line, he doesn’t need the mind fuck. He doesn’t need Mrs Obamas bullshit about how mean America is, he doesn’t need Tim Wise the jew bullshit about how inherently evil we are, he doesn’t need the chirping chior of college educated cock suckers joing in and going on about how we did the Indians wrong on thanksgiving. They aint asking for a prade 4 times a year either…. Usless fucks stateside can engage in their endless debates. Don’t cost them a damn thing, but hearing how we’re the bad guy probably takes a toll on the man who did the dirty work down range just so pussies state side can talk up how wonderful and peace loving hajjis are.

Think about it this way; an infantryman is a killer but not a murderer; shit on the legitimacy of killing and you turn him into one.

I say probably because I don’t really know. Nothing I have done down range has caused me to loose sleep. A big failing we have is how we view morality. A friend of mine killed some non combatants because hajjis were using them as a human shield while they brought in more fighters in an attempt to over run a group of Americans. He was giving the persmsion to engage the convoy despite the human shields. It fucked with him despite most likely saving the lives of 12 men. Being a part of the situation has never bothered me because the civilian deaths were on the hajjis for making them part of the battle field. They made the decision to use human shields. Those deaths are on them. Instead of saying that, the leftist world wanted to push the responsibility of their deaths on to us, which has really fucked with my friend

Tldr/ #1 The VA is another version of welfare fraud for black verterans; #2 it’s fucked up to ask a man to go kill and destroy on your behalf then shit on the reasons why you sent him to kill.

51 thoughts on “The Ton on how society creates PTSD

  1. Bee

    Ton, thanks for sharing your experiences, insights, and observations. I have never been inside a VA facility so this was good to learn.

    You make a lot of sense regarding the anti-war and bleeding heart stuff messing with returning veterans heads. The Bible makes a clear distinction between murder and war killing, and between murder and punishment killing — but we don’t discuss that much anymore.

    Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan have not been wars declared as wars by our Government. Could that lack of legitimacy have also caused a lot of unnecessary guilt on the war fighters that are told to go fight an enemy without the cover of our Government proclaiming it as a just war?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Hey Bee! 1st point of order

      How’s the lady Bee?

      As for these undeclared wars and it’s impact on the mental/ emotional health of Vets….. damn fine point and not something I had considered. I am going to say it does have a negative effect simply because these undeclared don’t carry the weight of national survival or rally the home front.

      Also the new age deal of humanizing our enemies has to take a toll as well. In the ww2, we had a lot of official and unofficial propaganda about us being the good guys, them being the bad guys. That has go shore up a goodly number of men. Same with being overly concerned about collateral damage to non combatants. At one point we understood that shit is regrettable but going to happen and that the lives of our boys matter more. That is no longer the case

      Thanks Bee that was a hell of a good point

      1. Bee

        Thanks for asking about Lady Bee. Very kind and considerate of you to remember her and ask about her. I have some sad news. She fought cancer for four years but 6 or 7 surgeries, chemo, radiation, lots, and lots of internal bleeding, chronic pain, and lots of other bad stuff wore her down and killed her immune system. She had another surgery early in July, she never fully recovered and died a few weeks later. I brought her ashes home from Mexico.

        She was a great wife; she never sex denied me, she tried to be submissive, she spoke respectfully about me to my face and to others. She bragged about me so much to her parents and her brother that they think I walk on water! I am very fortunate and thankful to have had a good marriage, we had a lot of good years together. I am slowly getting better. My biggest comfort is knowing she is no longer in pain.

        Thanks for your thoughts on the undeclared war thing. I have thought about it for awhile, but it is good to get a Vet’s opinion.

        Your point about humanizing our enemy is very good. I thought it was ridiculous when President Bush and the media condemned those 3 Marines for pissing on the dead bodies of some Taliban. Piss away boys!

  2. redpillgirlnotes

    A friend of mine worked for the VA and she would agree. (And she was raised in a liberal hippie commune!) She finally could not take it and quit. She said it was hella messed up, and she felt for the legit folks who had to try to navigate it.

    Bee, my condolences. She sounds lovely!

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  4. Stephanie

    Awww… The Ton blog linked from Ame’s ❤

    This is a really thoughtful post, Ton…. Very honest about what the real issues are.

    And so sad to hear about Bee's wife. I've seen your comments around the sphere a little (Bee), and I'm so sorry. Cancer is too painful… 😦 I'm glad her suffering is over and she is in a better place.

  5. Stephanie

    “And it is a game. Spend enough time around black folk for them to get comfortable around you and you will hear them brag about how they faked this, that or the other thing to get money out of the government.”

    There’s one woman we know who seemed to have done this… and tried to get away with doing it TWICE.

    First she got a disability in the military… she didn’t *seem* disabled, but we knew nothing about that process and thought maybe it was something slightly off. But she then became a police officer with my husband – imagine that… all the difficult training and boot camp academy 7 months long… it was weird to know she was still deemed “disabled.”

    Yes she’s part black :/

    So then she gets out, lots of the people at the academy didn’t like her, especially her peers – she was just hard to work with and very entitled in attitude. She does 3 years on the job then hurts her back lifting a bag into her patrol vehicle. We run a very tight ship and actually CHECK on people in our department… we send out detectives even to watch their every move to see what they are really doing if they’re claiming disability. Turns out they discovered she was faking it and turned her down and fired her.

    I think she probably faked the first one, then collected the money (still collecting the money) and then moved on and thought she’d do the same to our police department and move on again being “set” for life basically.


  6. BuenaVista

    I was diagnosed with PTSD and treated for it using the EMDR protocol. In the middle of the process my ex- sued for divorce and referenced the condition. Oddly, I felt had. The ex- had sourced the shrink, who turned out to be relaying our conversations.

    I don’t know if PTSD is a real thing or not. It could be just word salad. I know I do better these days just saying, “I don’t talk about that.” Everybody has, or should have, something they don’t talk about. The problem with so-called mental health professionals is that they seem to get off on the more lurid experiences their patients might have, and they love to hear more and more and more about it; it’s illness porn, in my opinion. I told a shrink once: “It ruins me for three days to talk about this shit; why are we doing it? I still have to work tomorrow and take care of my children and call my parents etc. etc. etc.”


    I think the VA could make remarkable progress if they started sourcing and funding their doctors as they go through medical school. The Army is currently paying for a buddy’s son’s med school and I think it’s a good deal all around.


    Godspeed to Mrs. Bee. I’m glad she’s out of pain.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I tend to think the best solution for all this is to Ranger the fuck up and cotuine mission but I am old school like that

      Women are expert manipulators and it does seem like you got set up

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Yeah man even the Mighty Ton is a work in progress. Only difference is I am learning the more everyday shit that most men learn a lot earlier in life

    2. theshadowedknight

      Trump had the best idea for the VA. Dismantle the system they have, and turn it into an office vets visit before they hit up a doctor. Go to a normal hospital with normal doctors, but stop by the VA office and check in as a vet to get them to pay for it.

      PTSD is a real thing. It used to be called shell shock, war fatigue, stuff like that. Part of the reason it has been so bad lately is that some of the medicines they give you in country fuck up your head. They cause brain damage in the same areas that PTSD affects, so it looks like the same issue, but it is really the drugs carving up your brain. That malaria drug that makes you have really trippy dreams is the one, I think. Bad shit and they recently stopped using it because it is such bad shit that someone finally got them to pay attention. I found that out after I got rated, and I need to go back and see if it did anything to me, because I have some of the same symptoms.

      The Shadowed Knight

      1. theshadowedknight

        Found that shit:

        I was taking that stuff in country, and they sent me home because they thought I was becoming dangerously unstable and possibly violent. Then I started falling over and having other problems. Headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, emotional control issues, etc. Bad shit, and thank you for that, military medicine!

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. Ame

        my daughter reacts strongly to various meds – otc and script; from violent to hyper-off-the-walls to anaphylaxis. have had to watch her closely. scary when a drug is in her system and we can’t do anything but wait till it works its way out.

        she used an otc nose spray once … throat started closing up. i freaked and took her to the ER b/c she also has an adverse reaction to benedryl (which is a staple in our house b/c other daughter has anaphylaxis allergy to fire ants) and didn’t want some weird double something reaction when i gave it to her. turned out benedryl worked and she was just wired for awhile. scary stuff.

      3. theshadowedknight

        Ton, let’s be honest, spiders are fucking terrifying, and don’t even get me started in mice. No thank you. I signed up to kill people, not spiders. If I wanted to kill spiders I would be a damn exterminator.

        They sent me home because the meds were making me crazy angry and frustrated. They also burned a hole in my esophagus one time and I had to eat in agony for weeks, so that was fun. Not having to take it might be why you are so mentally healthy. You got a pass on decades of brain damage courtesy of Uncle Sam, the prick.

        The Shadowed Knight

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL well played my friend!

        I have some rather severe TBI’s. Something to do with being blown upm7 times. Or so the docs say

      5. theshadowedknight

        Oh, TBI is fucking bad, no doubt, but it is the difference between being given literal crazy pills and getting your brain beat into jelly and just getting your brain beaten into jelly. Every little bit counts. Besides, you were in the Army, so you obviously weren’t using it to begin with. Anyone who knows anything knows the Marines are the best.

        The Shadowed Knight

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL well played but Rangers aren’t know for being all that smart;)

        No I don’t think it really matters, it’s just different shit. My friend has psychotic breaks and that’s bad for a couple of weeks a year. I never know when I will be a functionable retard for awhile. We are both likely to be non-functioning for the same number of minutes a year

        If that makes sense

    3. Ame

      Everybody has, or should have, something they don’t talk about.

      wisdom. discretion. much needed in this culture and society.

      The problem with so-called mental health professionals is that they seem to get off on the more lurid experiences their patients might have, and they love to hear more and more and more about it; it’s illness porn, in my opinion.


      the more stories i hear about therapists, the more rare i discover the one i had all those years ago was. i remember one time asking him if i was going to have to dig to remember more bad stuff, and he quickly replied NO. he said that i only need to deal with stuff that God brings to my memory. if i don’t remember it, then leave it.

      one time, a few years later, i decided i wanted to look at his files to see how far i’d come working thru all that. he called me back and said that although i had every right to look at them, he strongly encouraged me not to … he said to leave it alone and move forward … that i didn’t need to go thru all that again. wisdom.

      I told a shrink once: “It ruins me for three days to talk about this shit; why are we doing it? I still have to work tomorrow and take care of my children and call my parents etc. etc. etc.”

      i totally get this. it happens every.single.time i have to see either of my parents and/or talk to them. so i don’t unless i have to. totally sucks.

      the knowledge is in knowing what stuff does this to you; the wisdom is in tactfully avoiding it. like avoiding something you’re allergic to. i’m seriously allergic to shell fish, and when people hear that they almost always say, “I’m so sorry you can’t eat that!” and i’m thinking … i’m not! it closes my throat and could lead to cardiac arrest! just cause something is good for you does not mean it’s good for me.

  7. Ame

    you men make me laugh and cry and angry for what they did to you and love you and grateful for all you’ve done for us. thank you for your service; it’s not enough, but it’s all i’ve got.

  8. Black Poison Soul

    I have often wondered if PTSD was something dreamed-up, along the lines of the ADD/ADHD demonization of normal young male rambunctiousness. Not having been involved in anything combat-wise, I was never not in a position to comment on it. It is not surprising at all that a huge industry of leeches has formed around it – just another means of parasites sucking off the system.

    With the comments about undeclared wars, unpopular wars, being hated once you get back stateside – I can see how that would really screw with someone’s head. Especially, as is stated, when they’ve been fed the “their lives mean more than yours” all through your life. That man having to order the death of human shields. Brutal, necessary, good man for doing that. Hope he is doing well.

    It’s good to hear the real stuff from those on the ground. A breath of fresh air, an antidote to the sanitized garbage from the media. Please continue.

  9. Sam J.

    “…uneducated opinion that PTSD is a mostly manufactured problem…”

    While I think you’re absolutely right about all the faking going on I think you’re wrong that there’s no such thing as PTSD. I get panic attacks sometimes. I don’t know why and neither does anyone else. If you get one you feel like you’re having a heart attack, you can’t breathe well and you get a feeling of doom like you’re going to die right that second. I bet it’s the same as PTSD as the symptoms seem to be similar. I’m guessing that for soldiers their nervous system gets whacked and sometimes the flight or fight response won’t turn off. Even of there’s no threat. Now I know this sounds like silly assed bullishit but if you ever had one…you’d know. It really sucks. I can immediately tell if people have had one by the look in their face if it’s mentioned. Stress can make mine worse but I’ve had them for no reason at all. Even woken up from a dead sleep with attacks. I think PTSD or panic attacks are like high blood pressure. Some people just have a shitty nervous system.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      You are correct and that is not the best crafted statement. Something is going on, mostly I think it’s manufactured by the anti war industry and the make everyone a victim industry

      Last week I saw an oddly well ordered pile of trash on the road side. I saw it and in an instant I thought that looked like an IED tell. The very next instant I laughed at myself and pointed it out to the Vet I was traveling with. We both had the same inital reaction. The victim industry would say that PTSD. I say its our well trained lizard/ survival brain taking over the short bus for just a second to alert us. The more developed monkey brain gets to chuckle about it. The grounds crew at my plant set up some garbage pins in a manner which made my lizard brain say ideal spot for an ambush. A warning that was also dismissed and laughed over with some other Vets.

      That’s not a sign of anything but a well developed sense of individual survival. Those reactions are healthy

      My daughter gets panic attacks. She deals with them in a similar manner as described above. Because we feelmcertian things doesn’t mean we have to act on or take those things serious

      Dissenting opinions are welcomed so thank you and welcome to my place

      1. Sam J.

        This is your daughters lucky day, I hope. You need to tell your daughter about this vitamin I found. It’s like a miracle. It won’t stop them but it will massively take the edge off a bad one and make it tolerable. I read about calcium magnesium making panic-attacks better from the CDC. This is the brand I found works. I’ve tried others but didn’t seem to work. I have no financial interest in any of these.

        Nature’s Plus – Animal Parade Calcium Children’s Chewable – Vanilla Sundae Flavor

        Here’s an Amazon link of the brand

        I get mine at the health food store. Lately they haven’t had those above they’ve had this and it works too.

        I can generally tell when these things are coming on. Usually 2-3 of the first vanilla ones chewed up and then let one dissolve under the tongue will do but I have eaten 7 or 8 of them in bad times. I’m telling you these really work for me. If you get some of these for your daughter and they work for her like me you have no idea how happy it will make her.

        Nobody has any idea why panic attacks happen. I think it’s a faulty feedback loop. In just about every single hormone or any function in the body there’s a feedback loop. One hormone gets made to do something and another gets made to break down the first or to strengthen it. Lots of these. I think some kind of hormone that normally is dampened by the body loses it’s anti-hormone or loses it’s ability to be dampened when it’s not needed so…panic. For no reason at all or maybe light stress that spirals out of control like someone is trying kill you, when nothing is going on.

        I read your post on how you said anyone could be broken down after waterboarding or some other treatment. It’s like that. You just lose control of your nervous system…so go easy on your Daughter. It really sucks when these happen. It can also make you way less outgoing because the triggers for these things are so random that it tends to make you not want to get out.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Faulty feed back loop makes sense. My daughter isn’t the panicky type so it’s odd that she gets them. I most def appreciate the information and will pass it along

  10. BuenaVista

    To your point about the cost of telling soldiers that their jobs are morally suspect. This is from professional military journal (US Naval Institute), and is titled: “Can’t Kill Enough to Win? Think Again”.

    “When individual warriors are adjudged to have killed the “wrong” target, they face conviction and imprisonment rather than being given the benefit of the doubt, as so many were given during World War II. It is no wonder that post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide levels are so high. Instead of praising its victors, the United States browbeats them about civilian casualty numbers. 5 How does this strengthen the U.S. military’s moral agency?”

      1. BuenaVista

        To be fair, one of the writers is retired Army.

        Anyway I don’t support any more foreign adventures until we decide to play to win.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Makes two of us but we have to fix our forgiven policy 1zt….. Which would require fixing a lot of shit before we can fix that

  11. BuenaVista

    I have nights where I get the cold sweats: shiver nonstop while sweating through two or three sets of pajamas, mind racing off to the wrong subjects. I try to always have a diverting book on the bedside table. I do not take meds, though I’ve come close. Get two nights in a row of that stuff (which also means very, very little sleep) and I’m a zombie, way too emotional, not very smart (Semi-Functional Retard Syndrome). (SFRS.)

      1. BuenaVista

        I’m not saying that I don’t ‘self-medicate.’ In some ways, I think there is some merit in separate bedrooms. (George C. Marshall lived in my Virginia town and they did!) Anyway, I always tell my friends that I may be changing rooms in the middle of the night.

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