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The Ton on MGTOW

As I have stated before, The Ton supports the sovereignty of men. In this case it means allowing men to pick their own path through these mine fields called…. well shit. There are a metric fuck ton of mine fields and a man has to get through them all on the natural talent, skills, desire and drive the Almight God has blessed them with but what I want to talk about here is the reasons why men walk away from women. Not why they walk away from individual women but why we walk away from women in general.

Over at Spawny’s, Cill implies he is going his own way over the legal risks involved in dealing with women. Legit. There is no need to rehash the legal downfalls for men regarding divorce laws, domestic violence, child custody etc etc. This #metoo bullshit is another demonstration of why men don’t ask out girls at work…. or be alone wiith a chick from work etc all. For Cill, regert rape seems to be a primary driver, which I get. I have seen 4 guys get sides ways with women and regret rape. Two men were banging married ladies, one kept fucking way drunk chicks and I had my own set of issues with a girl who was two drunk to fuck but accused me of raping her. It was a girl I had been talking to but not fucked, way back when my divorce wasn’t final yet and I bought into dumb shit like the 3 date rule. Any rate she showed up at my house at random, way fucked up on booze and what I assume were pills and way to fucked up to drive home. So I put her to bed, fully clothed and when I woke her up she was naked and accusing me of rape. I called her a cunt, threw her cellphone at her…. well bounced it off her head and told her to call the cops because I wanted a rape kit used her her wretched cunt right the fuck now. She flipped her script and started to apologize to me. I kept it up until she left the house. Then she texted me a bunch of apologizes, which I did the screen capture deal and forward the texts messages to my lawyer and emailed them to myself and bail bailbondsmen.

The Ton don’t fucking play but that ain’t the point.

Way I reckon things most men have not ghosted from the SMP due to regert rape worries. I doubt most men ghost over a single event. My guess is, most men hit some straw that broke the camel’s back deal and while that last straw might look like the sole reason, I am fair certain it is not.

Men leave the SMP for one reason…. The likely return on their investment isn’t there. That’s it. LOL no building up to the grand reveal there. I dont think most men worry about regert rape because they don’t get that close to getting laid. They are much more worried about getting hit with a sexual harassment case because they fucked up their approach on the cute chick 3 cubicles over. Men don’t want to marry because of the huge amount of bullshit that comes with it… ie wives who nag and don’t put out not to mention the joys of divorce rape coming their way after years of nagging and not getting laid. Men don’t ask girls out because the cute girl 3 cubicles over comes with a possible sexual harassment claim, they don’t ask the waitress out because she is 30 pounds overweight, they don’t ask their sister’s bestie out because that bitch has more nuts and bolts in her face then my 55 T-bird. The girl at the gym glares daggers at him when he held the door for her, the girl at the grocery store has 3 half orc kids and no idea which orc spawned them and the girl at the library is on more brain meds then he can count without taking off his boots. He finally gets a date with a 7 but after laying down $400 for 5 nights out, he has blue balls and less money but what the hell? The “its not you, it’s me” speech and a request to remain life long friends is a great consolation prize. He gets a date with a 6 and she spends the whole night bitching about her ex and fiddle fucking with her iphone. Then she melts down about where are all the real men when he wants to split the tab on an evening that had no joy for him. 10 months later he tries to arrange a coffee date with another 6 but she flakes because she doesn’t want to go out with some cheap ass motherfucker who want drop $100 on a 1st date with her glorious self.

And there you go, the pyramid of MGTOW. For most men. * Just about every man I know is going his own way. By that I mean, I know 2 dudes who want to get married. The rest of the men I know, young and old are not out there deliberately looking for a wife. A few are damn determined not to marry/ remarry as the case may be but most not planning on marriage one way or the other. It’s simply a non issue for them. Now granted I don’t know any dude in meat space who uses the term MGTOW, but every dude I know but 2 are MGTOW as their default setting regarding marriage. They all want pussy but none but 2 own up to wanting a wife. I reckon a few dudes will end up married, most will end up with a string of ltr’s of varying length.

Welcome to the new normal

Quoted for truth and being zeroed out

By Looking Glass

We’re at a pivot point within all Western cultures. We’re clearly headed for interior wars before 2050. They are going to be ugly and you’re likely to still be around when they start. You have been warned. So, what are you going to do about it? This is the “Question” every Man is going to need to answer for himself.

You were robbed of your grandparents ability to enjoy their twilight years because those same grandparents refused to kill the people that were necessary. Our Institutions have been badly corrupted and you’ve been sold out. So, what will you do? That’s what this is really about. “What will you do?”.

Whatever you chose, plan then start building.

I got jack and shit to add to that. Hell I don’t have a crystal ball so I won’t argue with the date. One of the best statements ever written about the times we are living in. Shit storms come in various sizes, personal size shit storm, local level shit storm, nation wide shit storms and damn near global. All of history is either a shit storm in progress or waiting for the next shit storm to hit. Wise man deal with this fact head on.

There has been a fair amount of talk lately about men hitting rock bottom then zero’ing themselves out. Hell one dipshit advocates divorced men kill their ex wife, the judge and themselves. I have noticed the jerkoffs who advocate this going out in a berseker rage lack 1st hand experience with death and killing and ain’t big on putting their own precious selves in harm’s way.

Death is never far from my mind. A very real professional hazard of mine for most of my adult life and my hobbies arent exactly the safe kind either but that’s not what I think about. I have burried 24 brothers over the years. That’s a lot of tears. A lot of broken families, broken lives, missing sons, brothers, husabnds and fathers. Thats what I think about. Good men gone for shitty causes. Life is to valuable to toss away on some sort of hissyfit.

There are times a man, or more accurately, men, should give up their lives. History is full of these stories, The 300 Spartans being the most famous but such paragons are easy to find in military history. History is also full of single men stepping forward to fight and die so the men in their crew can live. There are times men tried to make these last stands and their lives bought their people not a damn thing. The Ton salutes them all. The Ton always salutes courage. Here’s what the uninitiated don’t understand. Those men choose life. They choose life through damn near eternal glory in the hearts and minds of future generations of fighting men. They choose the lives of their brothers in arms and the lives of their kin over themselves. Fighting men choose life. Yeah I know, you don’t get that but something’s have to be lived to understand

The Ton advocates life lived to the fullest but that can’t always be so. A life of hardship can still be a life of joy but only if the hardships are the sort that build you up as a man. I have had friends kill thenselves. I had a young trooper kill himself over the phone. No idea what he wanted to prove but he was arguing with his cheating whore… I mean wife, said fuck you, put his 9mm to his head and zeroed out his cpu. Yeah she was messed up for awhile but she was back to fucking other men in a few months and now his young son is being raised by another man while his father has no one else to carry the family name into the future. What a fucking waste. To die and accomplish nothing is a horror all men should avoid.

I have had friends kill themselves because their was no other way out. They choose life on their terms then the end game of cancer. A man can respect that. One day, at band camp we were doing our normal training deal. At the end of the day we were worn the fuck out, feeling completely energized and right before our last run, our team chief looked at us with this shit eating grin, said I love you guys and went out the door and to his death. Happy as hell as far as we could tell. What we didn’t know until a few days later was cancer had already killed him. There is no way we can ever know for sure but odds are good he died on active duty because the death benefits were better for his family. That’s the kind of man he was. He choose to spend the last moments of his life with his boys, doing what he loved. He choose the best possible life for the ones he left behind. He choose life and we still respect him.

So a man gets hammered in divorce courts. Looses his house, his ass and his kids. He goes to what was once his house, shoots his old lady in the head at 0200, bang bang bang. 3 .45 size holes with blood and brains leaking out. By 0300 he is shooting the judge in the head while he sleeps. Bang bang bang. 3 .45 size holes in the judges head. He puts the gun to his own head and bang. It’s done. Now what? Do all the other divorced men rise up and over throw the courts and government? LOL nope. Do family court judges change their ways? Nope. They get sheriff deputies posted on their door steps. Do the kids get to live in the memory of their father the revolutionary hero or do they live through the hell of foster care and what not?

No one respects that bullshit. No one respects butt sore betaness and that killing your ex, the judge and then yourself is pure butt hurt. Everyone respects the 300 Spartans because they chose something bigger then themselves. They choose eternal glory(in their minds), they choose to up hold the highest virute of their forefathers and they choose to buy their homeland more time. The Spartans had Dead Game butt sore betas who do the murder suicide don’t.

If there is ever a time you have to trade for life for something else, make damn sure that something else is worth the price

The Ton answers 10 1st date questions from a feminist

By now moat of y’all habe read this shit.

Well let’s make the run down….

1. Do you believe that Black Lives Matter? fuck no snake. Black lives don’t matter to black folks either. If they did negroes wouldn’t be killing each other like it’s their national pastime

2. Do you believe that Black Lives Matter? Bitches be tripping.

3. How do you work to dismantle sexism and misogyny in your life? Dismantle it? I fucking excel at that shit

4. What are your thoughts on sex work? All bitches are whores. She might be fucking one dude for 100% of his money, or fucking 100 dudes for 1% of their money but they are all engaged in some version whoring. I mean sex work.

5. . Are you a supporter of the BDS movement? What they fuck is that? “BDS stands for “Boycott, Divest, Sanctions” — an effort to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians”…… fuck no. I don’t give a shit about what jews do to hajjis. Fuckemboth. I do support boycotting, divesting, sanctioning and deporting the jews living in the West.

6. What is your understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous rights? If they wanted rights their forefathers should have won the wars. Dont be pissed at my people because we did a better job of killing your people then you did of killing mine.

7. Do you think capitalism is exploitative? Yup. And so is everything else. That’s the way the world works you dumb bitch.

8. Can any human be illegal? Yup they sure as shit can be. Go sneak into Mexico and get caught. Or get caught sneaking into any non White nation and see what kind of warm welcome you get

9. Do you support Muslim Americans and non-Muslim people from Islamic countries? I support their deportation from all Western nations. I support z 1000 to one exchange rate as in for everyone one White man woman or child ( or house hold pet etc ) a moslem kills or injures we should kill 1000 of them

10. Does your allyship include disabled folks? What the fuck is allyship?

Dumbest shit on the interwebz

These sort of things might damn well be the dumbest shit on the interwebz

That Red Dot On Your Chest Means My Daddy Is Watching — Ladies V-neck, Tee, Long Sleeve

Like the fuckers pimping that shirt or those buying it have actual trigger time, in actual no shit situations dropping once breathing tangos

How the fuck am I supposed to take dipshits like that serious? So I show up on my Harley to pick up their daughter and they are going to do what? Scare me with a t shirt? That stupid shit didn’t scare me when I was 17. Are they going to pull a gun? How do they think that shit will play out for them?

I am all about men Rangering the fuck up, but you don’t do that by thumping your weak ass chest as you buy a t shirt. These types of things are pure beta tells and a man can proceed without caution from that point forward.