Dumbest shit on the interwebz

These sort of things might damn well be the dumbest shit on the interwebz

That Red Dot On Your Chest Means My Daddy Is Watching — Ladies V-neck, Tee, Long Sleeve

Like the fuckers pimping that shirt or those buying it have actual trigger time, in actual no shit situations dropping once breathing tangos

How the fuck am I supposed to take dipshits like that serious? So I show up on my Harley to pick up their daughter and they are going to do what? Scare me with a t shirt? That stupid shit didn’t scare me when I was 17. Are they going to pull a gun? How do they think that shit will play out for them?

I am all about men Rangering the fuck up, but you don’t do that by thumping your weak ass chest as you buy a t shirt. These types of things are pure beta tells and a man can proceed without caution from that point forward.

39 thoughts on “Dumbest shit on the interwebz

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL no idea. I see it as fake masculinity. Fake because if they were masculine in the 1st place they wouldn’t need a t-shirt to make a younger man nervous about dating their dsughter.

      Personally I always felt a little sorry for the young men dating my daughter on the being afraid of the father front.

  1. White Guy

    Ton, you hit the nail on the head, fake masculinity. I asked my girls last night (13 & 11) about these shirts, they got a good laugh and said they would wear them. The ‘gleam’ in their eye told me everything I needed to know, no way would I let them go out in these.
    The homeschooling circle we travel in the boys are absolutely TERRIFIED of me, and I’ve never tried to intimidate,scare, or AMOG around anyone in the group. All their dad’s are the churchian/cuck/low beta types of course and don’t know what to do with me.

    Ugh I’m going to have a hell of time finding men for my girls.

    1. theshadowedknight

      Try looking online for some of the higher class commenters. Might want to start looking soon, as they grow up faster than you think. Meet with other parents online and try to build a community. You can also give some of the boys mancraft lessons; firearms, tool use, cooking, etc. If the quality is not there, you have to find it or make it.

      The Shadowed Knight

  2. Stephanie

    “So I show up on my Harley to pick up their daughter and they are going to do what? Scare me with a t shirt?”

    LOL I’m sorry I’ve said things like that too…. And you’ve called it out….

    This line was just really funny, and so true!

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Its not a very well thought out plan and it’s the type of theatrics that will only scare off the budding nice guy betas but mostly this is false amog games to help betas dads feel better about themselves after they scare some kid.

      What happens when they pull a gun out on some 17 year old kid? His parents will have the law on him. If not his parents, someone else will. Maybe a teacher when the story gets out.

      Lets face it, the hard core bad boy aint showing up at your house to meet your daughter. Thats not how real life plays out? But lets pretend he does and a gun comes out on an actual hard core bad boy? A dude who has guns pulled on him semi regularly? How’s that likely to play out? Maybe he backs off. Maybe he backs off and and jumps the beta dad latter. Maybe he laughs because it’s the 3rd time that week some serious shit crossed his path vs basically the beta dad’s 1st day on the job

      Beta dad’s calls the law on her date? His bad boy cred is now established and she is wetter then a river while her Romeo and Juliet fantasy runs rampant

      Much better to be like White Guy describes

      I never intentionally scared a of my daughter’s dates but her very 1st caller showed up early while I was flipping a 900 pound tire down my drive. That was pretty funny but he was a good kid

      I worried more about unscrupulous women and my son then I did about my daughter

      1. theshadowedknight

        I had someone pull a gun on me once and the first thing I thought was “If he shoots me I am going to fucking kill him.” If some idiot pulled a gun on me to scare me, it would just piss me off. A little fear, sure, but overwhelmed by the desire to bury my teeth in his throat.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL one of the guys I was in 1st Batt with got shot in a bar brawl. Then my friend pulled out a knife and killed the other guy. Guns arent magic death rays. Which is something professionals understand

      3. theshadowedknight

        Most “kills” are psychosomatic reactions to being shot. Men see movies where someone is shot and dies, so they think that is how things work. Coroners find dead men without fatal injuries because they thought they were going to die, so they did.

        Tough men do not need to say it, unless it is to remind someone to step back. If you go throwing your weight around, you are probably fronting.

        The Shadowed Knight

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        Shoot a man in the heart and he has about 30 seconds worth of air and blood in his system to kill you. Which is why cops etc are trained to fire until slide lock

      5. SFC Ton Post author

        I saw that video of the pigs killing that drink guy in Arizona

        If that was my son and justice was denied like that I would be murdering cops in their fucking sleep. Judges and the jury members too

      6. theshadowedknight

        That, too. Even if you manage to inflict a fatal wound, that does not mean someone drops instantly. I was always trained to fire until the target stops moving. If he is moving, he is alive and dangerous, and he can still kill you. Plus, the more bullets, the more likely you are to incapacitate someone, especially when using a pistol.

        You hear about the man the cops shot here in AZ? Begging for his life, crawling on the ground, and some asshole cop shot him because he thought he was threatening him. Left behind two little girls. That is the one thing I agree with blacks on; fuck the police.

        The Shadowed Knight

  3. Stephanie

    And, it’s nice that the men who CAN do things like that and pull it off, are the kind who would never wear a t-shirt like that.

    Early this morning we had an incident where a man with a gun tried to rob a place and made the mistake of pointing the gun at an Ex-Marine’s children who was carrying (concealed of course).

    The Ex-Marine shot him dead on the spot, but this was after awhile of that man trying to rob the restaurant at gun point, etc.

    I guess he didn’t need a t-shirt! 🙂

    1. Anonymous Reader

      Prediction: no-bill from the DA.

      That reminds me of a news item from the 90’s. No URL because it’s too old.

      Multiple armed robbers enter a restaurant in the South, empty the till, start taking wallets and watches. There’s a man with a permit towards the back of the place who says and does nothing.

      Then the thugs order everyone their feet, to go to the walk-in cooler. At that point the armed citizen draws and starts shooting. No warning either, just two robbers down right there and a third hit as he’s running for the door and a fourth out another door. It was in Alabama. No-bill by the law.

      I figure that he wasn’t willing to fight for someone else’s wallet or wife’s purse, but the “walk into that little room” upped the ante to “grave bodily harm or death” in his mind. That flipped his switch and he didn’t mess around.

      No idea what he was wearing, but probably not a stupid “Shoot Me First!” T-shirt. Like those gun show bubba “Kill ’em all, let God sort them out” kind of things. In fact he probably was not all that visible until he decided to be. Funny how that can work out.

      1. Ame

        from the video: “you’ll make hell look like chuck-e-cheeses!”


        chuck e cheese IS hell! i hated that place; still do! every.single.time i took my girls there one of them got sick three days later. every.freakin.single.time. hate that place.

        – – –

        I worried more about unscrupulous women and my son then I did about my daughter

        sheesh … we had to help my step-son navigate some of those in high school. thanks to the manosphere, i was prepared (though still a bit shocked to see it up close and personal).

  4. Stephanie

    “That is the one thing I agree with blacks on; fuck the police.” “I am working on a blue lives don’t matter post”

    Definitely don’t agree with that!!!

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Definitely don’t give a fuck. It’s cops who through good men out of their homes on the words of a woman. Or take his kids, or unarm right wing activist in Charlottesville and drive them into masses of armed leftist

      That’s what cops do so fuck them. They are the armed wing of the alien leftist elites who run what use to be the land of my forefathers

      1. Stephanie

        I always hear about the Duluth model, but it doesn’t run that way down here. Most of the men my husband works with are very red pill. There have been several times my husband has taken in the woman after figuring out she was lying. That’s happened a few times, and it always makes me proud of him for doing it.

      2. Stephanie

        “They are the armed wing of the alien leftist elites who run what use to be the land of my forefathers”

        I know it’s been looking like that in other cities with liberal leaders. A lot of it has to do with the leadership of the departments, which is put in place by the leadership of the city. If your city is corrupt, then of course it’s going to trickle down.

        But no, he’s not going to just follow through and become like the Nazis… he’s already said he’ll get out of it before it gets that bad here.

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        Deeds not words

        We can also look at who those cops opened fire on the bikers in Waco. Those cases are falling apart like good bbq yet the cops had no problem gunning them down

      4. theshadowedknight

        When it goes hot, the cops are not going to last long. How many cops are left in Mosul or Aleppo, you think? In the end, he will be forced with a choice. The time is coming, and things are going to get worse and worse. Is he going to arrest the “Nazis,” or will he become LITERALLY HITLER, and join them?

        The Shadowed Knight

      5. Stan

        Ton do you think SWAT is something that attracts a lot of sociopaths?

        Never forget the sniper who shot Vicki Weaver while she was holding her baby was an Asian. In a race war there are no allies outside your race

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        Shit ! New guys with tough questions….

        Yes but not in the way you think. The kind of men who want to do those jobs score high on the varioius tests but so do extreme athletes of all sorts. It’s less about the killing and more about not being put off by what needs to be done.

        My guess is in this case, he had orders and didn’t care as neither Vicky Waever or the child was one of his kind

        What is sick is how the government promoted him and sent him to kill kids in Waco

    2. theshadowedknight

      The only thing wrong with blacks killing cops is that those cops should have been properly executed by their own people. Same with Muslims throwing fags off rooftops or firebombing Jews. It should be handled in-house, by White men. That It is not makes us weak.

      The Shadowed Knight

  5. Ulf

    “Blue Lives Matter” is like “Support Our Troops.” Coming from a man, it might mean a couple different things.

    One is, “I’m a normal civilian, but I’ve got enough decency to know that I shouldn’t shit on the men whose job it is to go shoot hajjis or go deal with the nigger underclass. Black (criminal) lives matter? Horseshit.” Nothing wrong with this one, imo, but it’s basically the attitude a woman should have toward her man — show some respect for, and pride in, her man doing a man’s job.

    Two is, “It’s a damn shame that we’re so lawyered up and feminized down as a society that we handcuff almost all men from laying down righteous violence almost all the time, and even the few men we designate to lay down violence on our behalf, we make do it with a hand tied behind their backs.” That one edges a little closer to fake masculinity — everybody wants to see criminal parasites get beaten up, most are secretly pretty happy that the state has decided it’s not their job to do the beating.

    Three is straight up, “I love Big Brother. Look at me, I’m a good person, I support our heroes and the system they represent. I’m a loyal servant of the regime, not a troublemaker. And really, if you think about it, that makes me as good as they are. I’m a hard, tough guy, I could lay down righteous violence too.” That’s t-shirt-tier fake masculinity.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL black lives don’t matter either. Especially to other blacks

      I get there are some decent cops but you take the kings silver and you shoot the kings dogs. These men have wives to house, babies to feed, mortgages to make… 90+% will open fire on whoever to keep their steady pay check

      I am an army retire with more then my share of trigger time. Most of the military will fire on White civilians when push comes to shove and the US military has a well established track record of firing on it’s own people. Thankfully my families ties to the military are served and good Lord willing, won’t be re-established until we have a more righteous government

      Excellent post, thank you for replying

      1. theshadowedknight

        Most men in the military are civic nationalists. Barely right wing, and more and more leftists are showing up. They will gun down “Nazis” to prove that they are not racist in a heartbeat. I realized it when I was in and I decided that if it came down to it, I would smokecheck my command and kill as many more as I could before they took me out. I never had any doubts that I would be alone when I did so, but I would rather die with honor than live a coward and traitor to my people.

        The Shadowed Knight

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