The Ton on MGTOW

As I have stated before, The Ton supports the sovereignty of men. In this case it means allowing men to pick their own path through these mine fields called…. well shit. There are a metric fuck ton of mine fields and a man has to get through them all on the natural talent, skills, desire and drive the Almight God has blessed them with but what I want to talk about here is the reasons why men walk away from women. Not why they walk away from individual women but why we walk away from women in general.

Over at Spawny’s, Cill implies he is going his own way over the legal risks involved in dealing with women. Legit. There is no need to rehash the legal downfalls for men regarding divorce laws, domestic violence, child custody etc etc. This #metoo bullshit is another demonstration of why men don’t ask out girls at work…. or be alone wiith a chick from work etc all. For Cill, regert rape seems to be a primary driver, which I get. I have seen 4 guys get sides ways with women and regret rape. Two men were banging married ladies, one kept fucking way drunk chicks and I had my own set of issues with a girl who was two drunk to fuck but accused me of raping her. It was a girl I had been talking to but not fucked, way back when my divorce wasn’t final yet and I bought into dumb shit like the 3 date rule. Any rate she showed up at my house at random, way fucked up on booze and what I assume were pills and way to fucked up to drive home. So I put her to bed, fully clothed and when I woke her up she was naked and accusing me of rape. I called her a cunt, threw her cellphone at her…. well bounced it off her head and told her to call the cops because I wanted a rape kit used her her wretched cunt right the fuck now. She flipped her script and started to apologize to me. I kept it up until she left the house. Then she texted me a bunch of apologizes, which I did the screen capture deal and forward the texts messages to my lawyer and emailed them to myself and bail bailbondsmen.

The Ton don’t fucking play but that ain’t the point.

Way I reckon things most men have not ghosted from the SMP due to regert rape worries. I doubt most men ghost over a single event. My guess is, most men hit some straw that broke the camel’s back deal and while that last straw might look like the sole reason, I am fair certain it is not.

Men leave the SMP for one reason…. The likely return on their investment isn’t there. That’s it. LOL no building up to the grand reveal there. I dont think most men worry about regert rape because they don’t get that close to getting laid. They are much more worried about getting hit with a sexual harassment case because they fucked up their approach on the cute chick 3 cubicles over. Men don’t want to marry because of the huge amount of bullshit that comes with it… ie wives who nag and don’t put out not to mention the joys of divorce rape coming their way after years of nagging and not getting laid. Men don’t ask girls out because the cute girl 3 cubicles over comes with a possible sexual harassment claim, they don’t ask the waitress out because she is 30 pounds overweight, they don’t ask their sister’s bestie out because that bitch has more nuts and bolts in her face then my 55 T-bird. The girl at the gym glares daggers at him when he held the door for her, the girl at the grocery store has 3 half orc kids and no idea which orc spawned them and the girl at the library is on more brain meds then he can count without taking off his boots. He finally gets a date with a 7 but after laying down $400 for 5 nights out, he has blue balls and less money but what the hell? The “its not you, it’s me” speech and a request to remain life long friends is a great consolation prize. He gets a date with a 6 and she spends the whole night bitching about her ex and fiddle fucking with her iphone. Then she melts down about where are all the real men when he wants to split the tab on an evening that had no joy for him. 10 months later he tries to arrange a coffee date with another 6 but she flakes because she doesn’t want to go out with some cheap ass motherfucker who want drop $100 on a 1st date with her glorious self.

And there you go, the pyramid of MGTOW. For most men. * Just about every man I know is going his own way. By that I mean, I know 2 dudes who want to get married. The rest of the men I know, young and old are not out there deliberately looking for a wife. A few are damn determined not to marry/ remarry as the case may be but most not planning on marriage one way or the other. It’s simply a non issue for them. Now granted I don’t know any dude in meat space who uses the term MGTOW, but every dude I know but 2 are MGTOW as their default setting regarding marriage. They all want pussy but none but 2 own up to wanting a wife. I reckon a few dudes will end up married, most will end up with a string of ltr’s of varying length.

Welcome to the new normal

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    1. Sam J.

      I’m right there with Kevin. I’m not ruide to them and wouldn’t turn it down if fell in my lap but I’m making close to zero effort to find one. Any of the ones I could get, I wouldn’t want, and those I want I couldn’t get without some major ultra strategic super play that I’m to tired to do.

  1. LawDog

    Honestly this post really captures the reality — at some point you just run out of gas. As we get older, you begin to realize that you have to make surer bets with your time. I know I’m going to enjoy a drink and a cigar on the back patio. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to enjoy whatever inane thing I have to pretend to care about on a “date”. You’re exactly right in that the return on your time investment just isn’t there. Why bother? I haven’t yet come up with a good answer to that question.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL I do love cigars and bourbon on my back deck. Especially these days but I also enjoy the company of women. Of course I don’t let them prattle on either. I make fun of them, I fuck them, they do something useful or they remain quite while I drink and smoke etc all

  2. Kentucky Headhunter

    It just seems strange that I’m hoping my young sons will see that MGTOW will probably the best option open for them. That’s what I’ll be telling them anyway. I mean, aren’t I supposed to be hoping they’ll get married and give me grandkids? Sure they could each meet a unicorn, and that would be great. Chances are VERY much against it though. Hell, I’ve met one (1!) female under 25 in the last 10-15 years that I’d would have considered a decent prospect, as in I would have wifed her up myself even knowing what I do know.

    Nope, MGTOW is the rational response to the situation as it is. Anybody who says otherwise is not to be trusted.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      When dealing with females, even the ones you think might play out, you always have to wonder are they good or are they afraid. To a large degree a woman who is afraid of you is a well behaved woman but then she won’t be well behaved when you aren’t around

      The only thing I have ever come up with in the way of recommendations is for men not to do the ltr game until they have banged about 300 bitches. At that point a man has the experience, skill set and wisdom to get the job done. However that ain’t no part Bibical sooo ….. The whole thing can suck

      I told my daughter marry or I will fuck you up. I told my son marry and I will fuck you up. He has a baby momma, they love together and I don’t think he knocks back any strange, which is about all the legal protection a man is going to get. Plus the Bible doesn’t require a contract with the state to make it a marriage

  3. Gunner Q

    Right on. Risks have never been greater, rewards have never been fewer, why play that game? No need to evangelize guys to go MGTOW, just welcome them when they arrive.

    1. Take The Red Pill

      The ironic (and amusing) thing about MGTOW is that there’s absolutely NO need whatsoever for MGTOWs to do any ‘evangelizing’ or ‘recruiting’ — feminists, their institutions, and their Useful Idiots of the general population (male and female) are doing that already; they are probably MGTOW’s BEST argument!
      And they do it so much better than MGTOW probably could (shades of “anything you can do, I can do better…”!), just by being the way that they naturally are.

  4. thedeti

    All correct. Especially in that fifth paragraph Ton put up there.

    But the kicker is that this isn’t going to change any time soon. And it isn’t going to be remedied by any kind of a “movement” like feminism did for the real, exaggerated, or imagined “injustices” women complained about from the 50s and 60s. The way men remedy unfairnesses and injustices done to them is not by complaining, or banding together for legislative or public policy changes, or by protesting. It’s done by adapting and changing.

    It means a lot of men are never going to marry. A lot of men will never have kids. They will never have robust sex lives with any woman. They will be mistreated, used, discarded, or never acknowledged in the first place. Because let’s face it – no one gives a shit about men or their problems.

    When you get all the way down to it, the only person I can count on is me. The only person who is going to help me with my problems is me. Every man is truly alone. No one is going to help me. No one is coming to help me with things, give advice, or give me free stuff. No one is going to just give me money or a job. No one is going to help me get well when I’m sick. No one will give me water when I’m thirsty or food when I’m hungry. No one will give me a roof over my head when I need it, or clothes for my naked body. Whatever it is that I need, I am going to have to work for. Whatever I want, I will have to seek it out, look for it, and secure it for myself. I can’t count even on a wife to do those things. On the contrary, she looks to me for those things (while usually giving me precious little in return and having almost no sense of what it takes for me to do those things). For a woman, it is almost as if they are expected. She takes them for granted. A woman’s expectation that the things she wants and needs will be provided for her is almost childlike. As for me – I must work and scrape and hustle for every last thing I need and want. No one gives it to me. And no one ever will. And the only person who will ever get those things for me, is me.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Legit but I think ecconmic collapse will reset a lot of things within 30 years. Won’t be the 1950s idealism but it will probably make things better for most men regarding sex and what not.

    2. Sam J.

      There’s actually a way to legislate this into a more favorable case for Men. Get a new marriage law passed. It would in no way change marriage 2.0, the present beast. It would ignore it entirely. Charge a fortune for it compared to a regular marriage certificate say 3 or 4 grand. Call the Forever Diamond wedding or the Forever Platinum wedding wedding. Something chicks would dig and print it up on a fancy placard. There would be NO divorce unless both agreed and the kids would go with the father by law, or the primary bread winner, and the only way there could be a divorce without both approving would be by proving fault in a regular court. No feminized Family court. The laws would go back to the old ways. Best of all no one would force anyone to do anything. You want a cheap marriage with no-fault divorce. Have at it. I bet Men would would refuse the cheap and I bet Women would too. The Feminist would bitch up a blue streak but no one would take them seriously because you could choose whatever you wanted. it would make them look even sillier than they do now.

  5. redpillgirlnotes

    Most single guys I know irl (guys dating my friends etc.) are as you describe, they may not know what mtgow is but they are one. They may date gals but they aren’t looking to marry. Maybe live together at most but the majority don’t even seem to want to do that. It truly is fast becoming the new normal. The gals all seem to think still that “he’ll come around eventually” so I don’t think women are anywhere close to realizing this is the new reality yet.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL what women don’t realize is a frequent topic of man o sphere discussion. Same for how most women think they’ll magically beat the odds.

      It will be interesting to see how things play out but we can be assured the longer it takes for women to fix their collective shit the longer it will take men to return to the marriage etc all plantation. And that ain’t a 1:1. It’s more like a geometrically expanding ratio. Near on a generation or more if women fix their shit today given how natural MGTOW is for the most of men and how well ingrained the mistreatment of men have become.

      1. theshadowedknight

        Without something to drive a change, nothing is going to happen. It is too easy to be the big man in the room by treating the rest of the men like shit. Women like the shit they have and want more, thanks. Something has to happen that will force a realignment or reassessment, or the culture will continue through sheer inertia.

        My mother was belittling me for being unwilling to deal with women because of the danger of false rape accusations. This was today, mind you, while the #metoo movement is still bitching about every poor soul that asked a woman on a date being sexual harassment. It is such an unreasonable concern, naturally. She does not care that this is the result of the feminism that she supports, or the way she raised me.

        Women will never realize they cause their own problems until it is far to late to solve them. Women date assholes and end up alone because they cannot find a man they want to marry that wants to marry them. Women support expelling men from their families and are shocked to find their sons are not interested in marriage and their daughters cannot find anyone who wants to marry them. In a year or so, I bet we will be hearing the wails of women–what a surprise!–complaining that men are not willing to make a move and ask them out, and they will never make the connection.

        The Shadowed Knight

    2. BuenaVista

      The “gals” are in the dark because the culture tells them that it’s funny and normal to hold the sword of Damocles over the head of any doofus they can manipulate into marriage. Problem is, the male “doofus” that dominates popular culture doesn’t exist. 10% of married men inhabit a respectful, emotionally healthy relationship. The other 90% know they can’t afford to look for something better — as do their wives. This has nothing to do with the men, per se; it has everything to do with the external legal environment that women have demanded, and achieved, since 1970. For the “gals”, it’s just normal to assume that they will eventually capture their loveable doofus, and then hold the power of the State over them until they’re widowed.

  6. BuenaVista

    I think there’s a measurable shift in female behavior since the #metoo thing started; women understand that making out on first date could be recast as sexual assault now, and that in most places the police would like nothing better than to white knight and virtue signal their deep, deep concern for fragile femininity. I’ve changed my behavior accordingly.

    I was out with one woman a couple of weeks ago, and she was driving and not having much luck at that, so I offered to drive in a bantering, teasing fashion: nothing mean, but I did want to get behind the wheel before she tried to turn left again from the right hand lane — and hit someone. All of a sudden she said, “You can’t say that, it makes me feel uncomfortable.” She was reading off a new script. Women know that if they are “uncomfortable” at the office now they can have a guy written up or fired. They’re trying on this attitude of aggrieved victimization as though it were a new hat.

    Older women seem to be better equipped to understand that men aren’t going to yell and protest, but will just go ghost. I have one friend back in NYC whose husband died last year; she’s trying to date again and not enjoying it. She just says things like, “Great, now things will be even more fucked up and unpleasant between men and women” which is obviously true.

    I used to know men who were divorced but still willing and able to play the mating game. Perhaps it’s confirmation bias on my part, or my older age, but I don’t know any single men at the moment who would even contemplate coupling up and living with someone. My married male friends are basically suborned and submissive to their spouses. I think the #metoo mania will be seen, in the future, as a major inflection point, a major tipping point. I would expect to see an explosion of marital rape (“I didn’t consent!”) and “abuse” complaints next. Feminist intersectionality makes being female a special, higher order victim class.

      1. BuenaVista

        The tavern was 50 meters farther and I exited there!

        If we think back and reconsider how this situation came to be, every time there is a manufactured crisis and another female power grab, the men adjust. But then the women find new ground to take, new grievances to prosecute. So I just see #metoo as the penultimate front. The next one will be either a) “you have to go out with me and make me feel good and talk to me at work if I want you to, or else it’s harassment” or b) “my husband raped me nightly in the marriage bed” (straight Mackinnon/Dvorkin all-men-are-rapists feminist theory from the 1980s).

        So I don’t think men really have any way to adjust any more. The idea that nawalt and so choose well, is being moronic, given that any woman is going to exploit the legal and criminal justice system if she’s disappointed and burned by love.

      2. BuenaVista

        Because I live in a village and I walk everywhere, in hopes of keeping my damaged legs functional, which is a huge challenge when it’s -20F in the morning, and we met downtown at a bar because I don’t want strangers to know where my house is. But thanks for amog’ing.

      3. Love

        Sorry Buena. I had no way to know your circumstance. I usually prefer a guy to drive. They normally are better drivers. Not sure what ‘amoging’ means.

      4. BuenaVista

        Redacted for your privacy BV but you are the mother fucking man

        The Ton salutes you. All hail BV and his cast iron balls

      5. thedeti

        Buena Vista:

        So I just see #metoo as the penultimate front. The next one will be either a) “you have to go out with me and make me feel good and talk to me at work if I want you to, or else it’s harassment” or b) “my husband raped me nightly in the marriage bed”

        I don’t know. I think where we’re heading is polyamory at least for married couples. I think more and more married women are going to just open up the marriages. I think they’ll just say words to the effect of “I want to have sex with other men but I want to stay married to you. I guess we can get divorced, but we both know i’ll be getting a lot more sex, married or single. And we both know if you divorce me, I’ll take you to the cleaners.”

        That’s where we’re headed.

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        I dont see it playing out that way in any sort of numbers. Most men will not go for being cuckold in open

        I predict more women openly being in soft harems with the predictable hamster driven rationalizations about its what they want vs what they will settle for

      7. theshadowedknight

        Wherever we are headed, it is chaos. You cannot knock that many men out of the sexual marketplace and expect them to accept it. That is going to create legions of men with no pussy, and that is asking for trouble. I predict that infrastructure will continue to crumble as the men who would be able to fix it lack the incentive to bother. Things will get less safe, as more angry men are opposed by fewer men as more check out of society.

        How long it takes, I have no idea. America has far to fall still. It is going to be a hell of a ride. Buckle up.

        The Shadowed Knight

      8. SFC Ton Post author

        We shall see. I think the breaks are being slowly pumped on some things and the throttle is full open on others. It’s going to be difficult to predict much but I still think it will be mostly driven by ecconmic factors. Which is in the throttle is full open category

  7. Morpheus

    Well, hello gentlemen, finally found my way over here, deti clued me in and provided me the link so glad to join the discussions over here.

    As some may know from over at Rational Male, I am now recently divorced for the second time. I have to say I never considered MGTOW after my first divorce, but it is in the back of my mind right now. Over at Rollo’s, I think there are too many commenters who instinctively look down their noses at guys that choose MGTOW like they are losers who just don’t want to compete. I think that it is a flawed view. I think in the modern age women are more like stocks in the stock market, and you’ve got to understand you are dealing with a risk-reward proposition. I’m not going to hate on the guy who says fuck this stock market, I’m not going to risk my hard earned money, and goes to the bank for a 5-year 2% CD.

    FWIW, I’m a 43 year old guy who is 6’3″ with a muscular build. I’m no male model, but I think I’m OK, I’ve heard handsome more than once, and not just from my Mom…lol. So that context kind of informs my current view. I haven’t ventured much into the real world YET (I know it needs to happen) but I am on POF and Bumble. I’ve been surprised how shitty online has been. On POF, I’ve gotten about 45 want to meet me so far since August but these are all unequivocally PIGS, 2-4s, maybe a single 5 in all 45. I joked to a friend, that I should reply to one with “How much will you pay to meet me”? None of these women are remotely dateable/fuckable. I’ve been on Bumble a much shorter time, but I’ve gotten about 10 matches and 1 message from hundreds of swipes. So it has mostly been a waste of time. I actually can see the potential appeal of just saying fuck it and paying to occasionally fuck a super hot 20-30 year old whore. These days most of the top pornstars all turn tricks as their main income.

    So I don’t know, I need to get back out there “sarging” lol and kind of see how things go, but when you add it all up, the waste of time, the waste of money, the risks of bogus “rape” and “harassment” I can definitely see why many guys decide MGTOW is the way to go vs actively “dating”

      1. theshadowedknight

        Same shit. “I am the bigger man. My life choices are better. I have a bigger dick.” Until they get hit and they see how the other half lives. Everyone is not going to get divorced until they do. Internet tough guys who can handle a keyboard but not much else.

        The Shadowed Knight

    1. Sam J.

      “…see the potential appeal of just saying fuck it and paying to occasionally fuck a super hot 20-30 year old whore…”

      I don’t have the money to do this but if I did finding a couple of young girls that need extra cash to have them each come over a couple times a week. Well that’s probably cheaper than a wife and you know you’re going to get laid.

      1. theshadowedknight

        You can pay someone to get anything a wife would get done, but done better, cheaper, less complaining, and with more services on offer. With YouTube and blogging, you can even learn how to do it all yourself. Men make better friends than women do, and they will have your back a lot more often. I am better at being a woman than any woman my age I have ever met, and not a one comes close to being as manly as I am.

        Then you have porn. If a woman is competing with porn, then she was never really an option. If all a woman has to offer is comparable to porn, then porn wins every time because porn has none of the problems real women do. Replace porn with whores and nothing really changes.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        No not the way you are thinking

        No guy expects girls to fuck like pornstars. Most guys I know find that shit annoying but even so a lot of men find it less annoying then typical fully clothed female behaviour

      3. BuenaVista

        In the companionship-for-hire category, a young woman I’ve known for five years or so seemed to be hinting that she was open to a sugar daddy arrangement. Evidently she wants to get a cool apartment in the big city she moved to. I’m fond of her and we’ve had lots of laughs, but I wasn’t prepared for that conversation. We spent all day together, recently, but her focus kept returning to things like rent, car, travel, student loans.

        On the flip side, I was talking to my widowed friend and made some remark about someone I knew being set up as a mistress. This woman is a pretty sophisticated sort: published author, magazine writer, Ivy education. Well, she just gushed over the idea of a man thinking enough of her to pay her property taxes and the like, in exchange for some companionship.

        This is a pretty weird environment. Raw money and power appear to be the foundational elements of the post-feminist relationship.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL I was going through tinder in an attempt to write something here about it and I think about 25% of the girls were looking for a sugar daddy, maybe 40% of the black chicks. Crazy thing was one were particularly attractive but here’s the deal

        All women are engaged in sex work. She might be a good wife and fuck one dude for 100% of his money ( and all of the debt she can come him into and about 50% or more of them wives are fucking some other dude on the side….) or she might be fucking a 100 dudes for 1% of their money but transactional sex is part of their dna

      5. theshadowedknight

        Porn does not need to be a better choice; it can be worse, but not come with any baggage and so come up on top. If what a woman offers is comparable to porn, even though sex with a real, live woman is better, porn is probably the better choice. If she does not cook, clean, support my hobbies and work, back me up, and minimize the problems she causes, then porn can do anything she can do.

        Women have very little value added for the value they extract. It is no longer a symbiotic relationship. It has grown parasitical, and that is a problem for women. When all they offer is sex, you do not keep them around but for a night. That becomes a long-term problem for several reasons, including tax base, infrastructure, and martial collapses as men begin to do the bare minimum necessary.

        The Shadowed Knight

      6. theshadowedknight

        Love, one competes with porn by offering more than porn does. Porn does not cook or clean. Porn does not cuddle up and help you relax. Porn does not help you get ready for the day. There are innumerable other things porn does not do.

        The other men here can give you plenty more ideas for what porn does not do that a woman can. Problem is that women do not do those things. Women cannot take care of themselves. They need men to do that for them. The bargain used to be that women did those things for their men in return for the men caring for them. Now?

        Now the average woman has the housekeeping and homemaking capabilities of the average porn video. So on a comparison, I am not going to have to listen to a porn video bitch about my hobbies. I am not going to have to argue about something stupid and irrelevant just to feed a porn video’s need for drama. I do not have to pay for a porn video to wear some outfit it bought for to impress its friends. I do not have to worry about a porn video cheating on me or giving me an infection.

        That is why porn wins. That is why women lose. Not because they cannot compete with porn, but because they stopped trying to compete.

        The Shadowed Knight

      7. BuenaVista

        My wife used to bring me a pot of coffee in bed, with the Washington Post, on the weekend, because I woke at 3, 4 or 5 in the morning during the workweek, or I was out of the country operating on 1-2 hours sleep a night. She didn’t work. I’d finish the coffee, toss the paper to the floor, and we’d get busy.

        When she stopped giving a shit about the whole coffee, newspaper, sex stuff, and sued me successfully* for alimony, child support, the house and my children, I wonder why I took an interest in porn for the first time in my life. It’s a mystery.

        *I averaged $300-400K a year. She thought I should be making seven figures. Maybe I should have been, but I was proud of what I did, since I built it from scratch.

      8. SFC Ton Post author

        I want to hit 7 figures this year. Should hit it if all the deliveries go through. Nothing projects power into the future like money and kids

    2. honeycomb

      Morpheus .. good see ya again .. I think we had a few back and forths years ago at Four Guys.

      Sorry to hear about your divorce brother.

      Yes th wimminz all think they are 10’s .. when they are all 360 lbs overweight & 300 of those pounds are attitude.

  8. honeycomb

    Way I reckon things most men have not ghosted from the SMP due to regert rape worries. I doubt most men ghost over a single event. My guess is, most men hit some straw that broke the camel’s back deal and while that last straw might look like the sole reason, I am fair certain it is not.

    Men leave the SMP for one reason…. The likely return on their investment isn’t there. That’s it.

    Yep / Exactly.

    I never knew we were Red-Pill till the matrix. I never knew I was MGTOW until people started using the term.

    Just a Bachelor that never wanted to marry .. but bang broads without kids or legal doc’s (aka state sponsored marriage) .. that eventually realized these whorez ain’t worth spit.

    No regret’s .. no worries .. no stress .. no financial obligations .. no debt .. just good old fashion man-hood to guide me.

    I still don’t call it a marriage strike .. or MGTOW .. or whatever .. I call it the end of slavery for all men. It’s socially acceptable now to live like a King without having a queen.

    Have a great new year T.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Thanks my man, some to you and yours.

      Not sure most dudes out there ghosting are red pill as we would describe it but they all seem happier doing their own thing vs following the blue pill/ tradcon script

  9. BuenaVista

    Of course, women are outraged that they get too much male attention.

    Unless they’re outraged because they’re not getting *enough* male attention. This one is 5’0″, 170 pounds, and she’s preaching on how invisible she is to men (insufficient male gaze). “The burden of being unfuckable”, indeed.

    Now that everyone at NBC is supposed to report any intersexual relations in the office, that they witness or experience, next the women are going to freak out because they’re professionally isolated from the men.

    View at

    1. honeycomb

      BV said .. next the women are going to freak out because they’re professionally isolated from the men.

      Actually they have been flippin-out about it for about a year now .. and way before the #metoo uprising.

      I don’t have meetings with any woman privately .. I always have a trusted number 2 with me.

      It gets a lot of attention at work. And more men are doing it. I’ve been doing this for all my non-military career.

      The articles (before #metoo) were how dare you .. shame on you .. you’re preventing th wimminz ™ from getting ahead (etc.) to more mild treatment.

      Some Poly’ticians have been doing this for 20+ years.

      Those articles have ramped up and th wimminz have gotten scared now that #metoo has been such a media storm.

      Since that happened most of my Nuclear Professionals (i.e. men) have adopted a similiar rule .. ALL OPEN DOOR ALL THE TIME .. infact a few have removed their doors altogether. And never work late without other men there.

      So .. I believe we will see more shaming articles and more articles on yiu can trust us wimminz ™ because we are one of the good guyz too. It will not change the trajectory of men’s concern and dis-trust.

      1. honeycomb

        I couldn’t find the one about shaming us men who do this in a professional setting.

        Frankly I don’t mentor .. coach .. or develop th wimminz ™ at work.

        They get all the special treatment they need .. that no man will ever receive.

        So .. fawk’em .. and their equal but special advancement .. men are slowly turning to only help men advance.

  10. BuenaVista

    My company in 1992 got hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit, and I got to manage the litigation. As soon as we settled, the outside lawyer tried to round up every other woman in the business (about 10 in total). So we went on a draconian kick to limit any interaction with any female, except two I had known for a long time and trusted.

    At the same time a close friend was teaching at the U. of Minnesota, and he made a show of dropping a concrete block on the floor, as a doorstop, whenever one of the snowflakes came for office hours.

    The fat girl who complained about not being fuckable is just a game to shame and control and punish men no matter what the men do, obviously. She’s demanding the male gaze, attempting to re-engineer what men find attractive — and then demanding that the dastardly men keep their hands off her. The only solution with that is isolation and quarantine. I suppose she’ll team up, whenever possible, with gay boys and betas.

  11. Morpheus

    Thanks Ton! Glad to be here.

    FWIW, I saw the crazy post somewhere else that basically said “MAN UP, you pussy losers, get married and have kids, an if it doesn’t work out, then just go into a berserker rage and kill the judge and ex-wife”. I don’t even know how to respond to such pure insanity. I can see the virtue and nobility in deciding to sacrifice your life for something ala a “300 type situation” where you are dying for something noble that will last for all history. In our current society, I think each man has to carefully weigh the risk-reward of marrying any woman produced by this society and having children with her, and I am not going to look down my nose at ANY MAN who decides “Nah, too much risk or too little reward, I’ll pass”

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL somewhere around here I commented on that dumb shit about killing the judge and your ex wife. As I have stated before, the guys saying this shit all seem to have one thing in common

      A lack of trigger time at the 2 way rifle range. Which doesn’t make a man a pussy but saying dumb shit about killing folks when you ain’t dropped a tango yourself does make you a pussy

  12. Morpheus

    They get all the special treatment they need .. that no man will ever receive.

    At a former employer (Fortune 500 company) I was part of a department doing financial analysis work. There were 3 tiers of analyst level. During my tenure there, there were 2 black women both promoted to the highest tier of analyst. Mind you, each tier had a very specific set of criteria that was supposed to be met to get promoted to that tier. These 2 were not even close, they probably barely even met the criteria for the 2nd tier of analyst. It was clear to all and only spoken amongst trusted that they only received the promotions because they were black females and would make for nice photos in the annual report proclaiming the company’s “Diversity”.

    1. BuenaVista

      Vox Day has been amog’ing anyone with the mgtow persuasion lately, and has stopped linking to longtime associate Dalrock because Dalrock pointed out some of his strange, illogical complaints about mgtow.

      However, one aphorism that Vox repeats, which I do believe is accurate, is “Diversity plus proximity = conflict.”

      That idea applies in most professional instances now to men working with women. The women have the power to destroy men with a phone call now, and they’re loving it like pigs in a cornfield. Men do not, obviously, have any sort of reciprocal authority or power. Women, therefore, have created a very, very dangerous situation — for them. Romantic, spiritual, emotional, professional investments can never be made in anyone who can destroy you with a phone call.

  13. Black Poison Soul

    51, divorced 7-odd years ago now. Been “dating” and messing around for the last 6 years, finally hung up the shingle earlier this year. Nothing out there that interests me enough to go for it – though if it did all the work (yeah right!) and didn’t come across as batshit insane (yeah right!) I would probably tap it if it was really interested in me.

    It is not just one event. It’s a whole series of garbage that gets piled on you, over and over, ad infinitum. The straw and the camel indeed – Aaron Clarey did a post about 5 years ago on this very thing, likening it to the sinking of the Yamato (Japanese warship) in WWII.

    Of far more value than any of the local women is the fact that is currently 2115 on New Years Eve in New Zealand. I am about to go sit on my deck with a glass of Grand Marnier and enjoy the silence. Far more pleasant than being constantly earbashed by someone who has clue zero.


    1. BuenaVista

      The repetitiveness, the predictability, of female dating behavior is what gets to me. The problem with red pill instruction is that it really is explanatory. It would be cool to meet a red pill woman who didn’t blow herself up (reveal her pretensions and self-deceptions) within 90 minutes of first contact.

      There is a bit of challenge in decoding female behavior as they become every-more aggressive about what they want, expect, say they deserve.

  14. LawDog

    One of the things that struck me reading everyone’s comments is that most people is that most people associate men going their own way with men being angry at women. The general line of thinking is that, “Oh, that guy is bitter, so he doesn’t date women.”

    I know for me, and most of the guys I know in real life, it’s not that at all. I love women generally as a group. I feel sorry for women today. Women are either ill-equipped, or down right not suitable for, independence. Our cultural milieu is cruel to women, because it deprives them of positive male influence women can respect. I see women literally everywhere crying out, through their words and actions, for positive male leadership.

    The real problem today is not women. Let’s be honest — women do not have the capacity or wherewithal to shape their surroundings absent male action. Our current culture exists because men allow it. The problem with a woman in your home, for example, is not the woman. As a man, you are both physically and mentally superior to that individual woman. The problem is the men who’d pick up the phone, and come to your house with arms, if the woman had a problem with you. A woman in our society can always play “Let’s you and him fight”. And she knows it.

    And so we are deprived of relations among the sexes that actually work, not because women are terrible at making decisions, but because there will always be a man, or collection of men, ready to ensure that woman never deals with the consequences of her poor decisions. As long as other men stand wiling to enforce whatever decision women make, “dating” is quite literally a game you cannot win. Why play it?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Great observation and comment

      Also my observation. The men I know who have checked out found other things to have a better ROI but the common internet version of MGTOW does seem to be buttsore. Which is a huge turnoff for everyone

    2. BuenaVista

      Most of the mgtow men I know just don’t take women seriously. They’re just guys who work, shoot pool at night, grill steaks for supper. Nor do they take the white knights, the promise-keepers, the groveling-for-social-approval cops, seriously. They do take action to avoid the latter.

      I don’t know any mgtows who are professional class; they are unable to conceive of life without a wife, while also being extremely cynical about having a wife. Ten percent are in love with their wives, and have a healthy relationship (i.e., they still bang) with them.

      Most of the mgtows I know are younger guys who have witnessed, but not experienced, the legal/financial/criminal/social meatgrinder that takes your children, property and freedom. The guys who have experienced it are either desperate, supplicating, born-again churchians, or they are silent loners.

      I’m going to start running an experiment: I’m going to start flirting with attractive young women by suggesting that they be my sugar baby. I want to find out what percentage of them become my special friend in exchange for a “cool” apartment and making me dinner once a week. I don’t think the percentage will be below 20%. If I profile and filter properly, I don’t think it will be below 50%. But we’ll have to find out. I am a scientist, after all. Procedures must be followed.

      But a condition of the arrangement, if realized, will be total confidentiality/opsec. Except for Ton’s Place, where (as at Edwards in the 1950’s) no one knows my name.

      1. Love

        BuenaVista, I think your science experiment will be very successful. If a woman is signing up to be a sugar baby, she knows she’s exchanging services for money/accommodations. You might have a hard time finding a young woman who knows how to cook but there is always YouTube to teach them.
        I look forward to reading your findings.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Nor do they take the white knights, the promise-keepers, the groveling-for-social-approval cops, seriously.
        Also legit

      3. Gunner Q

        “I don’t know any mgtows who are professional class”

        For what it’s worth, I’m professional class and MGTOW. Noticing how many of my colleagues/supervisors were frivorced was one of my first clues warning me off women.

        Thank God I was a nerdy twit in college.

      4. honeycomb

        GQ .. For what it’s worth, I’m professional class and MGTOW.

        Same here .. Ex- Airline Pilot .. Commercial Nuclear Operations & Maintenance.

    3. evilwhitemalempire

      “because there will always be a man, or collection of men, ready to ensure that woman never deals with the consequences of her poor decisions”
      It’s a collection of men. Always.
      Weaker, effeminate men (kept alive by technology) teaming up against the stronger (and fewer) men.

  15. jg1

    In this dangerous environment for men, MGTOW is the only logical choice. The #metoo campaign has now evolved into the #timesup manifesto where their plans are out for all to see. It is a pure and simple power/resource grab to replace all males at the top of corporate pyramid with women and under represented minority women. The trickle down effect is chilling as their manifesto clearly states their plans of action and support systems to help women victims. With this siege mentality in mind, I wonder if men will have to form small trade associations and do business among themselves as more men are deprived of their livelihood? Will this result in a underground economy based on trust and cash only transactions?


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