Thoughts on TSHTF

This is a good read about life in a failed nation state. A lot of info to glean but notice what is the biggest trend for trading on the black market

Recently The Girls have been impressed with my ability to pick shit up. Not like back when I was healthy and pulling 7hondo plus but with some rather simple tools. Any rate got me to thinking….. dangerous past time I know….. that I don’t recall any posts about mechincaly lifting heavy stuff. Really we are talking about dirt simple tools, tools practicality every farmer and general mechanic knows about, tools so common a lot of us never think twice about them, tools which would make a huge difference in your ability to eat the shit sandwich of life when things are at their semi worst.

In no real order…..

Block and tackle. Huge fan, I am pretty sucky with explaining it and mehcinal advantage but here is a decent video on the topic. Remember these are the basic lifting tools/ technology men used to build all that old school ancient shit that’s still around and impressing us in the here and now

Come alongs and hand lever chain hoists. Damn near interchangeable but not completely. I tend to see come alongs/ cable pullers as linear pulling tools, like winches and hand lever hoists as over head lifting tools. Either can do either but it’s easier to pull with a come along and it’s easier to lift and lower loads with a lever hoist….. and I don’t really like lever hoists. I prefer chain falls, or chain hoists. Same same just depends on what they call them in your area. If I was on a tight budget, I would get the hand lever hoist because of its slight advantage in lifting . If I had a better budget I would buy a come along and a chain fall. Thats just me. You wont fuck yourself if you only get a come along, and really 3, 3 ton come alongs and some basic rigging skills/ tools and you can move some heavy fucking shit. Tldr; get what fits your budget, get at least 2 lifting/ pulling devices. And the shit to go with them like snatch blocks and lifting straps, chains, wire ropes etc etc. What ever you get, get 3 ton or better. Problem with better is, then it becomes hard to find chains, lifting straps, snatch blocks etc etc to fit your lifting/ pulling capacity….. yeah recap of an older post. You get what you pay for you cheap fuckers but 3 tons seems to be a very workable working range

Don’t know this guy but I thought this video was an excellent introduction. Video quality sucks but the dude seems to know what he is doing. Knows more then me at any rate

If you play around on the YouTube you will find guys using come alongs for all sorts of clever work short cuts. Watch them and keep in mind how versatile they are.

A bed mounted cherry picker on your truck. Get one. Mine is a 1/2 ton. This is what got all of this started. Most of the time The Girls humor me as some kind of sex machine/ adorable crazy ass redneck. Then they act semi dumbfounded when I actually use whatever bit of redneckery effectively. In this case I picked up a rather hefty chunk of petrified wood with one of these and set it down on my trailer. I could have used the winch too but I will leave that for another day when I feel like toying with them some more. The Girls thought the cherry picker was stupid when we left the house and 40 mintues later they were changing their minds. Loved it. Couldn’t find any decent videos of one in use but there are a lot of them for sale.

I have a wheeled gantry crane at the farm. Something like the video bellow but mine is more robust and a bit less mobile. Always a trade off. The one at the farm is rated for 3 tons and is from fastenal, it has a 3 ton chain fail hoist with a trolley so you can move the hoist to any position on the rail. It’s a fairly useful tool. Hand chain hoists are slow going, as you will see in the video, but they don’t really break and the whole damn thing is fairly mobile. I don’t use it very often but it is damn handy to have a round and I could use it for a lot more things if I didn’t have more modern tools available… tools that rely on gas, diesel and or electricity…….

Remember 2 things. #1) I ain’t endorsing any products on this post. I picked the videos because I thought they were good demonstrations of how these work. #2) zombie apocalypse or no, work has to be done and heavy shit has to be moved. These are the tools you can use to move all sorts of heavy shit when you don’t have a forklift, help or electricity.

16 thoughts on “Thoughts on TSHTF

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        Maybe the bleach was for water sanitizing? That was all I could think of. It seems like one could prepare best they could but in the end one would have to roll w it as it comes. Hopefully it never goes there. :/

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Being clean is a big deal. Bleach cleans all sorts of shit including not the worse way to clean cuts and wounds, make used clothes clean enough for you to wear, get rid of rashes, deal with mildew, keep bugs away etc etc

      3. redpillgirlnotes

        True, bleach would be super useful in a world wo ready medical care or sanitation service. Why the disposable diapers being like gold? I don’t get that. I do get formula if absolutely necessary by breastfeeding would be a far safer choice. Sanitary, on tap, and immune support.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        I reckon because no one likes to wash shit filled cloth diapers making them a luxury many women don’t want to go without.

        Lots of women don’t produce much milk when times are good. Add being stressed beyond most folks imaginations and short on calories to the equation and I can see a larger need for formula.

      5. redpillgirlnotes

        Yeah but food or disposable diapers? But again that assumes these women are thinking rationally. So there’s that.

        Lots of women give up on nursing too quick. Once things get going demand creates supply. Even in a lack of food situation. Not that it’s ideal but if the choice was my baby was eating bc I was nursing or my baby was eating when and if there was formula, to me that choice is a no brainer. But yeah it takes its toll on mom, even w good nutrition and conditions. I don’t regret going that path till toddlerhood 2x. But lots of folks disagreed blah blah. My kids are strong are rarely sick and love their momma fierce. 🙂 bonded!

      6. redpillgirlnotes

        I guess I am just wondering if disposable diapers have some special secret second use…. But true, the market determines what’s valuable and if diapers it is then by golly be trading in diapers!

  1. Sam J.

    Here’s some seriously primitive stuff that is way efficient for picking up HUGE loads. A Chinese Windlass.

    Now if you look at this it’s the difference between the two cylinders that gives the multiplying force. So in a pinch two different size pipes or a tree section (log) where one section is trimmed down would work fine. You could take a log, trim half of it a little. Drill two holes and thread the rope through and knot it to stay. It’s ghetto but very strong and cheap. I believe that the efficiency would be higher than a lot of pulleys because there’s only friction on the one pulley.

    Don’t forget the Spanish windlass.

    I’ve seen people pick up really heavy stuff with this of you have a strong enough rope or chain. These are slow but if you just need to move something real heavy every so often you can get buy.

    One more the flip flop winch.

    Off topic but maybe some guys would like to hear this Vietnam vets oral history. He was a Lurp.

  2. Sam J.

    Another trick about water purification. If you us pool shock it’s cheaper than bleach but the taste can be strong if you really want to kill off everything in the water. A trick to neutralize the bleach is to put a pinch of vitamin C in a five gallon bucket and stir real well. Let it settle for 30 minutes or so and there will be a little grain in the bottom of the bucket. Use a white bucket and you can see it. About the size of a large salt grain. That’s the removed chlorine combined with the vitamin C. From the San Fransisco Water Board


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