Women don’t ever want to be “Just friends”

I have talked about TR before. He is back on the market and crushing a lot of ass. Well a lot of 6’s and a lot for the minimum effort he is putting into getting laid. Mostly he is focused on making money and this hella cool female American pit bull terrier your always humble Ton was gracious enough to bestow on him. Which is how things should be. Remember brothers you loose money by chasing bitches; you don’t loose bitches by chasing money.

I have been using TR as an experiment of sorts while he half heartily does online dating. One of things that has been just funny as hell is how poorly done the fake/ scammer profiles are on Tinder. One was using photos of an actress from the 80’s. Many have mascuilne names like John with professional model quality photo. One scammer was trying to say she was an 18D for the USMC…. That’s an army SF job…. for a lady who is supposed to be an E5 in the marines…… Just fucking stupid.

We found out the sugar baby ads are fake as hell, unless it’s a fat black chick in their mid 20’s or so. Which I find hilarious because the one thing the world ain’t short on is fat black chicks. Maybe there are wealthy guys with some odd ass fat black chick fetish but I wouldn’t think there would be enough of them to support a fat black chick sugar baby cottage industry. Especially given how rural and poor our area is. Otherwise Tinder was about what we expected. Lots of hits in the 1st 2 weeks, which seems to always be the case when you have a new profile up and he right swiped through the tinder options pretty quickly. Again round about 2 weeks he had swiped right on all the tinder chicks worth swiping right for in our area.. would have done that sooner given how rural the 100 miles around us are but this isn’t a high priority mission set. We do make weekly trips to Raleigh/ Ft Bragg and/ or Wilmington, with Raleigh having a lot more options and a shit ton of clearly fake profiles.

Never much messed with Tinder before. Super easy to use but the options suck. Sucky options ain’t tinder fault. They should try to clean up the obvious fakes more. No real complaints though and tinder did get him laid in Raleigh. Not bad for the minimum investment in time and effort

Also running a profile on a big name online dating site. Now this is where shit gets funny. And shady as fuck. On this one, if you pay for it, you can message whoever, see if or when they read the message, tell if they deleted it without reading it, know when they were on last, know who saw your profile, know who you matched with. etc etc. This last time logging on deal is an eye opener. Most profiles are still up when they haven’t been logged into for 90 plus days. Leaving those profiles up sure seems like a good way to con dudes into thinking there are a lot more aviable women then there is. They will also match you up with chicks who are 2 states away and ignore every other criteria you selected. They are pushing the fst bitches and race mixing hard, Our next move was to create a couple of fake lady accounts, delete the accounts after a week or two and go back to see if they were still up. So we created the accounts, but couldn’t find them when we searched for them with his profile. Not sure what’s up with that… Online dating turns women into bitches. Most messages were deleted…. after they had indicated intrests in TR. Yup, they would check out his profile, indicate he was good to with a “like” feature then delete his inbound messages without reading them. Pay back is a bitch though. My boy TR messaged a girl who hit the like button on his proifle. She was about 12 years younger then him and she replied back with a mini rant about how she was tired of old perverts messaging her etc etc……. the three counties we are operating in have less people living in them then most towns. This girl included a photo of her in a bar and it’s easy to tell which bar it was. Being a cunt and being easy to find is not very smart. TR is going to try and stick her with a bar tab if he runs into in meat space.

Over all impression of that big name dating site is…. They are there to rip you off. No worries on making money, money makes the world go round, but the padding their number of women in your area deal is a fucking rip off. They can’t do much about bitches being bitches but they can respect your no fat chick etc criteria and they can be honest about the number of actively searching hatchet wounds.

Messing around on on of them sites where the chicks have to virtually approach dudes. We set up a profile for TR but in this case we eluded to him having a lot more money then he does AND made it clear he was looking for something platonic. Some blah blah blab about still being heart broken by his ex but wanting to enjoy a woman’s company, no strings, no hassles, no sex, doesn’t care what they look like etc etc because he just wants a woman who will hang out with him, help him pick out clothes, be his plus one for work events….. help him spend his money and keep him from eating out alone type shit.

That’s been up for 3 weeks. He had 6 women message him, 3 non date dates and each one of those ended up on his cock. More then that, each one had to make the 1st move as TR did nothing sexual. Whore #1 paid for supper and while walking to her car after supper, she moved in, open mouth kissed him and put her hand on his junk. Whore #2 meet him at a dive bar, they each bought a couple of rounds and decided to hit up a different bar. On the short walk over, she asked if he wanted to see her tattoo, whipped out one of her tits and moved into to kiss him. Whore #3 meet him at his place, they drank 3 bottles of wine eat some pizza hut delivered chicken wings and she took off her shirt and climbed on his lap.

Women don’t ever want to be just friends.

52 thoughts on “Women don’t ever want to be “Just friends”

  1. Love

    I think it is so kind of you to help out your friend. I have adopted my male co-worker and am on the hunt to find him a good wife-material girl. He says he’s ready to settle down. Just not having much luck given how liberal my city is… Feminism is the buzz word here. He’s a nice southern boy.

      1. Love

        I think introductions are a safer way to go than online dating. I asked my hair stylist who is active in her church if she recommends anyone.

  2. Major Styles

    Women, generally speaking, have no friends (female or male). That’s why that crock-of-shit show “Sex in the City” was such a scam. All these gals, pretending that they are lifelong friends. In real life, they would grow to hate one another before Season 2.

  3. BV

    My favorite online dating anecdote (that I remember) was the Ivy-educated pediatric shrink. (A shrink who treats traumatized children.)

    We made a date at a pleasant cafe with an outdoor patio. I’m always early. I was counting minutes though, because I have a 20 minute rule, business or pleasure.

    She arrives in time, we talk for two minutes and she says, “I think I should go home with you.”

    She later mentions that her kink is daddy erotica. Remember, she treats traumatized children. Wants to be spanked, wear tighty-whiteys, call me Daddy. I’ve experienced worse.

    Two months later, she is texting me from a club in Spain. “Sean Penn is eye-fucking me right now.” (Jealousy game.) I text: “Are there eye condoms? You definitely need them with that guy.”

    Ame and Love think centerline oral sex is a big deal.

    1. theshadowedknight

      A woman for whom oral is a big deal is a refreshing change. I, for one, would like to find a woman from that is the case. They do not make them like they used to do.

      The Shadowed Knight

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Girls, especially pretty ones, get to live in the world of how things should be

        Men have to live the tactical reality on the ground

        This causes friction between pretty girls and men

      2. theshadowedknight

        Well, the thing is the girls know exactly how things are. They chose this, after all; this is the world they wanted. They do not much enjoy it, but they want it.

        The tactical reality sucks, but it is in part because the girls are even worse than the men. American women engage in all of the vices of both men and women without any of the virtues of either.

        The Shadowed Knight

      3. theshadowedknight

        I thought college might be a good place to find a girl. Nope. Learned that lesson quickly enough. At least it cost me nothing.

        The Shadowed Knight

    2. theshadowedknight

      She is probably treating those children to get her voyeuristic thrills. Getting herself all slicked up listening to their trauma.

      How old was she? I would lay odds that she just never met a man at that ivy-league school that could possess her and tell her to shut the fuck up until it was too late. Sort of a waste that she turned into a headcase, but not unexpected. Women who go unowned too long go bad, like still water or stale air.

      The Shadowed Knight

      1. theshadowedknight

        I was guessng she was older, not younger. She spent her youth around men that might fuck her but not claim her. By the time she got around to marrying, something was off about her.

        The Shadowed Knight

  4. BV

    I have about 18 other online dating anecdotes that I can’t believe, but I’m still tripping over my privates while comprehending that Ame and Love think normal-course kissing and touching is really crazy crazy sex.

    1. Love

      BV, back with vengeance, aren’t ya? I have no idea what you’re talking about. But I must be of interest to you since you mentioned my name twice. 💋

      1. BV

        I don’t know what “with vengeance” means to you. I’m happy with the dictionary, and I am certainly not “vengeful.” I just push “return” and stuff happens. That’s why I am happily installed on several kill lists.

  5. BV

    Then there’s hospital erotica, and as a man of many hospitals-past — oh, I should go. Ciao!

    (Pro Tip: Don’t you need help in the shower? It doesn’t mean what it appears to mean.)

  6. theasdgamer

    Women don’t want to be friends with men in the same sense that men are friends with men…women likely don’t really understand male friendship. Women want male friends to provide them attention, fix shit for them, etc.

  7. Anonymous Reader

    OT but not OT this just showed up on Drudge:

    Oral sex is causing an oral cancer epidemic in men by outwitting natural defenses

    Used to be oral cancer was a result of too much tobacco / alcohol. That’s history. Now it’s HPV.
    For some reason, men’s immune system doesn’t clear HPV infection as well as women’s. Nobody knows why yet, but there it is.

    Michael Douglas wasn’t making stuff up 5 years back.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Who’s Michael Douglas?

      What kind of dumb ass goes down on a woman? They piss out of those things. They bleed out of those things. Their shit hole ain’t far away and dicks get crammed into them.

      Licking a woman’s snatch is like being a cock sucker by proxy. Plus it gives you cancer.

      No thanks but I am sure some guys need the warning

      1. Anonymous Reader

        Who’s Michael Douglas?

        Hollywood actor, son of Kirk Douglas who was diagnosed with cancer in his mouth (throat, or tongue, story changes). In one interview he talked about HPV.

        I am sure some guys need the warning

        The increasing number of cases reported makes that pretty obvious.

      2. thedeti

        I’ve got two friends who have had throat cancer before age 50. ONe’s a cigar smoker and heavy drinker; the other’s a nonsmoker. One got esophageal cancer at 56. Heavy drinker.

        I have no doubt the wives of the younger two men had HPV as both were sexually active before marriage.

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        Crazy shit. Still don’t understand why I man would want to stick his face in something people stick dicks in but the cancer thing males it gay and stupid

      4. Anonymous Reader

        Here’s something as stupid or even stupider. Man catches antibiotic-resistant clap on a trip to Thailand.


        He was started on a course of ceftriaxone and spectinomycin – but tests showed the STI remained in his throat, suggesting one failed to work.


        On Topic:
        Generally this form of STD is becoming immune to most antibiotics:
        A WHO analysis of STI data around the world previously revealed 97 per cent of countries have reported strains of gonorrhoea that are resistant to ciprofloxacin.

        A further 81 per cent stated there was increasing resistance to just azithromycin. And more than 50 countries warned strains were showing some form of resistance to ceftraixone – another last-resort treatment.

      5. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL when I was in Korea some dude got the clap…. I’m his cock and his mouth…. he went down on hookers…. and they still try to tell me diversity is our strength

      6. Oscar C.

        They do indeed. I have read about men who perform oral on hookers, which is pretty baffling. I guess they are the same types that tip more if the waitress is pretty or give freebies to random hotties for no reason. Thankfully I have never sunk to such levels of betatude.

      7. SFC Ton Post author

        Yeah when I was in Korea some dumb ass went down on a hooker and got the clap in his throat. Fucked with him so hard the Chaplain asked me to lay off him.

  8. White Guy

    It’s been 12 weeks post surgery, Doc says I can start strengthening things now, no 1 RPM’s until 6 months post op (so no big iron quickly).
    Skipping Couples Therapy this weekend, and I’m leaning towards forever (really is a waste of time) to take the MSF course, she’s coming of course, not without lots drama, but still is coming along. They are ALL NUTS.
    Still trying to find a bike, but first the safety course.
    Ton need some suggestions to learn how to fight. (Still got 3 months to go before contact sports, though)

      1. White Guy

        Passed my course, now looking for a ride. Ton who do you recommend for motorcycle insurance? What kind of coverage do you have, (liability, uninsured, comp, etc?)

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Sorry about the delay on the training post

        I broke my foot and it’s slowed my roll more then it should

        I like state farm. They cover all my upgrades with no significant increase in cost

  9. Lost Patrol

    Braking foot, or shifter?

    Ton, when you get to the training/fighting post, let us know what kinds of things you would look for and watch out for in a gym or trainer. By that I mean that these days there is a martial arts or cross fit type store front on every third strip mall. Some of those places mix men and women in a class, and some of them will have a woman instructor (both an automatic disqualification).

    We’ve got “experts” all over the place and most of them are nothing to write home about. Real, no shit boxing gyms are more rare, especially outside big cities. Legitimate MMA gyms maybe even more rare than that?

    How do you find a decent place to learn and train, what is the best kind of place, and how can you figure out if the top man is legit? I’ve got some men in their early 20’s that are looking for something like White Guy is.

    White Guy. Welcome to better living. Here’s to finding a good machine and keeping it between the ditches. Unless you go dirt bike, then ride in the ditches whenever you feel like it.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Brake foot. Hurts like hell to hold up my Electra glide so I have been on my dyna and chopper lately but damn everything takes 4 times longer then it use to which on a good day takes me twice as long as it use to

      Set up a reasonable driving limit. I live pretty far out in the sticks, less then 17k in the county with my farm, and we have a boxing and wrestling clubs within an hour. ( 45 mins and 13 mins away)

      Find a club that makes fighters. Even if it isnt ideal. Be extra careful with the who flung dung bullshit. Odds are you’d be better off making a back yard fight club yourself then any of that bullshit. Do boxing, kick boxing ( Thai kick boxing reigns supreme) or mma. Find a place that puts men in the ring and see how they stack up at fight time.

      That approach isn’t perfect but ring time is where shit gets semi real.

      Next on my list would be the less hype the less bullshit the better. If some dude says he can beat 5 fighters in 5 seconds with his dim Mac touch of death and never get hit….. well just go ahead and take his lunch money. Same for anyone who advertises a lot. Look for a guy who works the basics. No matter how “advanced” a fighter gets its mastering the fundamentals that counts. Look for someoone who understands game dog game and dead dog game and tries to create that in his fighters. Because that’s how you win. Even when all you can do is “win”

      There is a lot of nasty shit you can do to win a fight when your life is on the line. That shit doesn’t take skill. It takes balls. Above all else look for a guy who stresses the fundamentals and growing balls


      1. Lost Patrol

        Thanks. I remember game dog post. I’ve never really seen it explained any better than that. Everybody should refresh with that one annually.

        This made an impression on me as a kid.

      2. White Guy

        Thanks Ton, I’ll start looking around for boxing places, being in a LARGE CITY on the gulf coast should make it a little easier to find something like this.

        Busted foot! Man that sucks, being down an limb is rough.

        But I’ve got you beat, I’ve got a twisted nut! Had it repaired (b/c it would turn purple!) back in July, then tore the repair about 6 weeks ago, and it’s twisting up again, SHIT! (The doc says if this repair doesn’t fix the pain, he might have to take it.) It’s like having your nut in a pair of vice grips 24×7, it is so bad that having 3 cavities drilled on Monday was less pain that what I’m dealing with on the regular.
        I’m hoping to get it repaired again next week, cause this shit it distracting and is really putting a hurt on ALL activities as well lifting recovery.

  10. White Guy

    And the hits keep on coming!
    Went to church, but before I go wife is giving me major shit about me not loving her, (she was on the hunt for my dick Saturday night and didn’t get any), I hurt too damn much to ‘play’, had to remind her I’m broken, took her a bit to ‘remember that’. Then gives me some shit about not telling her I’m looking for a bike, and does all this in front of my 13 yr old girl. Ugh.
    I did wind up with a deep red Sportster 1200 for a song (05 with 5800 miles), but right after I bought it the header pipe (V&H) cracked all the way through on the rear cyclinder, so now it’s pistol range loud and doesn’t want to run without back pressure. Ugh.

    Showing the bike to my friend we hear a trunk motor running about 5K in one spot near the park, we go investigate. Turns out one of the neighbor’s thug of a son (with outstanding warrants) decides he needs to do donuts with his truck in the park (with kids <10 yrs old playing in it no less). Friend tries to stop him, which of course enrages this drunk little prick and he tries to start fighting with everyone including some of the moms. Shirt off the whole ape'ing out thing(kid is white). I drive over there and jump out of my truck (2×4 colorado no less), land on my heel and my foot goes floppy, (shit that hurts!) I push forward anyway, and go confront this little shit and try to deescalate. Using a calm voice and the body language that I will break his little neck, he decides he doesn't want to brawl a 40+ yr old (I had about 2 inches and 60lbs on this prick). Nothing like a drunk 19 yr old getting up in your grill, he was stupid close, like 3 inches, once again, not knowing how to fight I just stood firm, hoping I didn't have to remember my wrestling days in high school. Cause my left leg HURT. But I don't know if he thought I was crazy or just a danger, it was enough, he did back off. I really need to start carrying again.

    Once he backs off of me he notices one of the neighbors has come out with an AR15, and then the little shit leaves the scene before the cops show up.

    Damn I hate being on the HOA board sometimes.

    So get back into the house and shit is starting to hurt, I feel around, my left Achilles feels like a noodle instead of a steel cable. Wife (an RN) does an assessment, looks like total rupture of the tendon. FUCK ME. I had some good lifts on Friday too. Talk to doc, ice, elevation, IB, narco, and a some serious pain (he look my balls don't hurt so bad!) Just got finished with an MRI, waiting to hear back from Doc. Shit now I have 2 real surgeries that I can't 'skip'.

    So much for riding my new bike anytime soon.

    Life has got me by the balls right now.

      1. White Guy

        Don’t think it is, only ran it a few minutes, it was ‘ringing like a church bell’ and I killed it. I’m going to get something on there before I run it again.

  11. Lost Patrol

    White Guy

    Your case load of current injuries is usually one man’s allotment for a lifetime. Torn pec, ruptured Achilles, twisted nut, WTF. Are you juicing? I feel like I’ve seen more men hurt than helped by that stuff. Anyhow, a wrestling background is totally “legit” as Ton might say. You didn’t mention that before did you? Lots of real life fights tend towards the ground and wrestling moves. Something to build on that you already have stored away in muscle memory, I would think.

    My first foray into Harleys was a Sporty. It was an 883 that I threw boatloads of money at, including a 1200 kit with Branch heads, Mikuni, Supertrapp, cams, progressive springs, you name it. It was practically flat track ready. It would really fly. Added it all up one day and felt like a moron. Could have just bought a brand new Dyna for the same money, and often wished I had.

    When you get well just ride that thing and resist the urge to buy farkles. Get good on it, then buy a bigger, nicer machine. One man’s advice that you didn’t ask for.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      That’s good advice….. And a lot of cash to drop on a sporty

      Lot of guys juice to soon and injur themselves. There is a reason why folks say have 3-5 years of strength training before using gear

  12. White Guy

    Well that sucked! Doc spent an extra hour in there because I also destroyed one of those little muscles on the back of the knee. Just pulled the nerve blocker this morning, kinda wish it hadn’t run out.
    LP yeah I’m on the juice, but hardley any at all. Just trying to keep my T levels above 700.

    My wrestling experience is half a season in high school, I quit midway through because I got tired of getting my ass handed to me daily by the heavyweight guys. I looked like a 170 lb wrestler but weighed 185 because of my bone and muscle density, plus I was an uncoordinated goof as well. It’s a place to start from.

    When I unplugged Feb of 16 I had my T levels checked in march cause I just started lifting, ready for this, total T 216 free at 0.2. Well I lifted like my life dependend on it. By November 2016 I had it all the way up to 300 with free at 4.0. So went to see hormone doc to get some help.

    So I’m taking t-cyp hcg and arimedex, just to get normal, but something else is wrong because my reverse t3 is almost 50% higher than normal, its all stress I believe, and I can’t loose these last 20lbs which makes everything else suck.

    I don’t care what y’all think about my bike plans. 😉 1. It’s a harley, 2. Its quicker than my truck, 3, I can ride it without taking a single woman with me, 4. I can take it off-road.

    I’m almost giddy with excitement to start wrenching on my bike. Is there a better way to deal with stress if you can’t have sex or lift?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Probably to little t3. Most docs way under dose the thyroid stuff but that isn’t enough tes to cause the typical injury cycle…. which the short version is muscles get a lot stronger a lot faster the the rest of you so you tear shit up.

      It’s a good bike WG. You’ll enjoy it but before long you’ll be on a dyna. I am a huge fan dynas. They are like a semi hidden Harley gem. Most folks are hung up on softails but you can get a lot of power to the pavement on a dyna and still throw one around like it weighs nothing

      Enjoy my friend


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