9 thoughts on “All hail Max

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL cool idea and I hope he makes money at it.

      Personally I wouldn’t take the pay cut. I’ve sold everything but the farm and my stake in the plant. Which is where I want to be bidness/ money wise

      1. Ame

        that’s great that you’re where you want to be. setting yourself up to be in places to have choices, being able and willing to adapt over time – priceless ๐Ÿ™‚

        how are your littles?!

  1. redpillgirlnotes

    What a good dog! And so touching. I mean he was 14 when she was born, that had to cramp his style! But he took on the job anyway, and did what needed done when the time came. Hopefully the little girl shares lots of absentmindedly forgotten sandwiches and other goodies w him in return! (Maybe she had a half eaten sandwich in hand when she took off? Lol.) In any case, good dog!

    1. redpillgirlnotes

      When I came home from the hospital w my youngest, our lab who was 7 at the time hopped up on the bed as soon as we got home and literally bowed to the baby, as if swearing allegiance and saying that she would guard her with her life. And I believe she would have. The lab passed away this past fall, a loyal gal to the very end. Sheโ€™ll be waiting for us at the pearly gate, I have no doubt! Sniff!

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Girl, the last of my Hell Hounds is amazing with kids. She’ll let the grandbabies and Ton Spwan nap on her for as long as they won’t.

        My Pit Bulls are annoying as hell with the babies. They all have this weird thing where they won’t stop licking the babies until they get to the walking stages. At which point they are either knocking kids over like bowling pins or running away from toddlers

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