Learning to fight

To be good at being a man requires the ability and willingness to commit violence in your own self-interest. Being a man means being able to fight. Violence is how you keep your shit your shit, how you keep your bitch your bitch and how you keep your get from having their heads smashed in or sold into slavery. This is no less true today then it has always been, even though police and professional militaries disguises this truth to a heavy degree, allowing soft, mostly useless men to hide behind harder, more violent men, but cops and the like aren’t there to protect you as an individual. If you are incapable of committing violence on your own behalf then you are at the mercy of others. No man should be in that position and when ever a man finds himself reliant on the mercy of others he needs to fight like hell to fix that shit.

On the upside, most men do not need an elite level skill set to get the job done. There is no reason on God’s green earth for every man to be tier one, and a whole shit ton of reasons why most men shouldn’t.

All you need to be is proficient enough to swing the risk reward ratio into it not being worth the risk for the other guy.

The next thing to understand is keeping your shit your shit, your bitch your bitch and your get safe and healthy is not a sport. There is no silver medal for second place and no such thing as loosing with honor.

No one is going to step up and say give me your wallet or face me in a bout of fisticuffs.

Odds are good you won’t know you’re in the real deep shit until you feel an impact in your stomach or low back, look down and see a knife sticking out of you and your blood ruining your clothes.

Real fights for your life are brutal and dynamic. They are not choreographed. You don’t bow, you don’t score points and often enough the winner is subjective as hell .


Is this

If what you are learning is scripted…. well the end result won’t be pretty. All rookies start off with a script. It’s how you stay safe in the early days of your training but you also have to progress to actual combat like fighting. This rules out just about everything but boxing, kick boxing and MMA.

This shit ain’t how fights work in the real world

This is what comes after you

I have literally 0 respect for traditional Asian martial arts when it comes to training someone to surrive being attacked or turning one into a proficient fighter. Mostly because I cut my teeth in the early days of MMA and we stomped those bitches flat. Multi degree black belts got their asses stomped by guys who 18 months of training. Each and every time that happened, those punk ass bitches would make some vauge claim of super secert skillz that would kill us in an instant in a “real fight”… but they never won those bar brawls either.

You need to learn to fight. Personally I think MMA has the most complex/ largest skill set but that ain’t excatly what you need. New school MMA fighters are amazing athletes but it’s pretty churched up these days and doesn’t get the two Ton Thumbs up it use to but you are good to go as long as you can punch, kick, elbow, knee, headbutt take someone down and know a couple of submissions. Of course this also means you can defend against those things and remember you don’t stop when the other guy taps when the fight counts. Keep putting pressure on that arm until it breaks. And you will know when it breaks an because you will feel it vibrate through your body. And of course you hold those chokes until the other guy goes limp. But the big take away here is you will see a large variety attacks, be use to a variety of ways you can be hurt and know a lot of ways to hurt the other guy. Being hurt and how to hurt is the key.

Fighting while hurt is the most important lesson to learn. Game dog game. The next is when to just put your finger through the other guys eye. That’s going to vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but you have to have the willingness to take shit to a higher level then the other guy can comperhend.

Many years ago, that usless tit John Mcian called UFC a human cock fight. If you can’t find a stable of actual fighters to train with, do your best to find a guy who doesn’t recoil at the idea of human cock fight. The only reason you are training in the sport is for that God awful day shit gets real and you draw aces and eights

26 thoughts on “Learning to fight

  1. theasdgamer

    All you need to be is proficient enough to swing the risk reward ratio into it not being worth the risk for the other guy.

    Gamer Maxim: When you fight, aim to maim.

    I’ve said it before, my preference is to avoid fighting. I’ll run if that’s an option. But if I have to fight, I really like to win. I really agree with this post that men should know how to take care of themselves if someone threatens them or their shit. That means knowing how to maim the opponent so that he will no longer be able to fight.

    And it means having a plan in place to dispose of a body should you need to.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      You probably can’t imagine how stupid a plan to dispose of a body sounds. Killing a man in self defense is one thing. Dumb shit like that gets you a long time inside. And maiming someone who isn’t a serious threat is a good way to spend some time in jail.

      You fuck someone up, you call 911, then you call your lawyer and don’t say a fucking thing to law

  2. Fnu Mnu Lnu

    this is a necessary skill, that our leftist/fascist public school systems are trying to do away with. in many schools, a person who defends themselves is as guilty as the person who assaulted them.

    and it’s not just in schools. there are states where defending yourself can lead to being charged the same way as the person assaulting you.

    a few years ago a female cop I had been fond of, was assaulted by her boyfriend while they were both off duty. Pretty sure both of them had been drinking, duh.

    anyway, she ended up being pushed to the ground a few times and having her arm broken by that turd. during the “encounter” she did almost nothing to defend herself, because she knew that she would have been charged with a crime, if she had done so.

    imagine that? a cop who is afraid to defend herself because “she knew” she would be charged too!

    and stuff like this is continuing to happen even with on-duty officers who use an appropriate level of force, because people get all wrapped up in how it “looks”, instead of how it is allowable by law.

    this country is circling the drain, and pretty soon will only be filled with feminists and soy boys. the men will have been bred out of our society…

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I’m not a fan of police. They get away with way to much bullshit. Like how many cops do you know who should have been hammered over drinking and driving but got the blue protects blue pass?

      Or that video where the swat guy killed some drunk dude because he count comply with their silly ass demands of crawling toward them a certain way? Drunk and scared shitless and gunned down. All tottaly legal.

      1. Fnu Mnu Lnu

        yeah, well I have a bad habit of falling for female cops. lol

        I think I know the video you were talking about. it was the one in a hotel where there had been calls about someone pointing a rifle out of the window at people. IIRC the cops told him several times not to reach near his waist, and he did so anyway. seem to remember the cop was found not guilty at trial.

        very sad event, and looked horrible. but the judge said it was legal.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Judges also say murdering unrbon childern is legal. That killing Vicky Weaver while holding an infant was legal and you know as well as I do those cops could have given that drunk guy easier to follow commands. Odds are they didn’t think about changing their commands to soemthing easier to comply with because their training is flawed and they know they are above the law

        They legally murdered a scared drunk dude who couldn’t crawl on his knees and keep his hands above his head.

        Our brave brave boys in blue.

  3. Gunner Q

    “Multi degree black belts got their asses stomped by guys who 18 months of training.”

    I remember it was quite the psychological transition when I switched from cardio kickboxing to a sparring art. Any martial art is better than none, at least you’re fit with some muscle memory, but nobody dances in a street fight.

    People who’ve never Been There don’t realize how quick a fight is. Fifteen seconds is eternity. The Dindus make fighting seem civilized because they keep posturing for da wimminz but it kills me to watch those wide, s..l..o..w.. haymakers they love so much.

    “You fuck someone up, you call 911, then you call your lawyer and don’t say a fucking thing to law”

    This. Either knock them down and run away, or go all-in and lawyer up for the aftermath.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL the urban diversity favors a show vs a brawl. Which is why it’s easy to cow a troop of them

      They also have a one way version of fight with honor. They jump you 5 on one or sucker punch a Whitey, all is good. Whitey shin kicks a shit talker with one good lag and some how you cheated. BUT almost no one conditions their shin so you are mind of king of the world with that one trick right there

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      Ps knocking them down and running away is easy for your lawyer to explain in court

      You stopped the initial attack, then you removed yourself from the threat. Perfectly rational response to a legitimate threat. Fucking around with a crime scene is how you catch a case after a legitimate use of force

  4. thedeti

    I’ve always heard this. Rules of street fighting:

    1) If you can avoid it, do so by getting the hell out of there.

    2) If you must fight, do so in self defense and keep going until the other guy is distracted or incapacitated

    3) When it’s over, get the hell out of there

    I am not up to speed fully on the laws regarding defense of one’s self or home. Most states are “stand your ground” jurisdictions, meaning if you are in your own home you don’t have a duty to retreat and can use deadly force to protect yourself and your property. (I AM NOT YOUR LAWYER. this is NOT legal advice. If you want legal advice, get it from a lawyer you hire and pay him.)

    If you are involved in a fight where someone gets injured or killed, call 911 immediately and summon medical attention and police. Secure any weapons. Expect to be arrested and taken downtown. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SAY ANYTHING TO POLICE WITHOUT A LAWYER’S ADVICE except for “I was afraid for my life/the lives of my wife and children.” “I was afraid for my life.” “I was afraid for my life.” “I was afraid for my life.”

    “I want a lawyer. I want a lawyer. I am not making any statement until I have talked to a lawyer. I want a lawyer.”

    “But we just want to find out what happened. We want to help you. Just tell us what happened, and it will all be OK. You can go home after you tell us what happened.”

    “I was afraid for my life. I want a lawyer. I need to speak with a lawyer. I cannot make any statement until I talk to a lawyer.”

    “If you don’t help me, I can’t help you.”

    “I was afraid for my life. I want a lawyer. I cannot make any statement until I talk to a lawyer.”


    “I was afraid for my life”.

    “I will not make any statement until I have talked with a lawyer.”

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      That’s the general idea Deti but most likely you will do better calling 911 after you break cotact.

      Someone/ something saw you haul ass. They may or may not have seen what started it. They may be lairs and the other guys friend. Or they may not

      It’s the what you do after the fight that gets you hemmed up….. normally. Fucking with your trigger pull and rolling your own self defense ammo fucks a lot of dudes too.

      So a dude swings on you. You smash his balls into apple sauce and run. Breaking contact his legit.
      Cops show up and get his side of the story only. He lies. You look guilty and the cops are looking for you.

      You break contact and 2 blocks later call 911 and tell them what went down. Don’t go into details. “I was attacked. I struck back and ran. I need the police. Help me. I am at….. whatever the address is. Now your story is on record. Odds are good the 911 disoatcher to go home. You don’t look sketchy. You look like a rational yet scared adult. And odds are good it will be the word of a law abiding citizen vs some Jack ass with a record. Going to be the end of it 8 out of 10 times with no futher police contact for you.

      There is the law, you are a suspect in an assault case. There is reality. It’s his criminal record vs your clean record. Most cops and DA’s have better shit to do. Unless it’s a negro DA.

  5. Sumo

    I have literally 0 respect for traditional Asian martial arts when it comes to training someone to surrive being attacked or turning one into a proficient fighter. Mostly because I cut my teeth in the early days of MMA and we stomped those bitches flat.

    I’m pretty sure we’ve had this discussion before, but here’s my take on it – I think it has a bit less to do with the “system” than it does with the person. Just a bit, mind. If a man has that killer instinct, then any tools he learns are going to be useful. If he’s a spineless bitch, then no amount of black belts will do shit for him.

    I’m biased, of course. Since I’m one of those “traditional” Asian martial artists. 😀

      1. Sumo

        I’m doing all right, Got an exciting potential career opportunity on deck; I find out more about it tomorrow. If it pans out, I’ll be the head chef of a new Japanese style pub/restaurant.

      2. Sumo

        So I met with the owner/GM of the new Jap resto/pub, and it turned out to be a really hawt Asian chick who has been stalking me on social media for a while now. We had a good long talk about how to make the restaurant the most awesome thing ever seen in my town (because that’s what I do), and now we wait to see if she actually gets the loan required to get things moving.

        The downside is, this chick has been texting me a lot since we met, even though she was talking about her “boyfriend” during our initial meeting. While I wouldn’t say no to boning her like a fish, I care more about having a theater to showcase mah skillz. So there’s that. :/

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL thts how life rolls but remmebr little brother

        You loose money by chasing women but you neve loose women by chasing money

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      To be fair, I am using the term traditional in a modern sense. One thing we know is Orientals can fight and organise impressive militaries. There ain’t no way ancient zipperheads created such effective fighting men in such a stagnate, ritualized manner. Not sure what things where like 1000 years ago but I know you don’t make mass groups of bad ass motherfuckers with fake fights and dancing

      1. Sumo

        I figured that was pretty much your point. I just can’t stop being a smartass. Call it a moral failing. 😀

  6. Black Poison Soul

    Sheeit. Reading this gives me flashbacks to the time I got knifed in the lower right back…I’m lucky the asshole didn’t stick a hole in anything really vital.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Lucky in deed! and we’re all greatful for that luck

      Folks here in the land of readily available firearms tend to not understand how lethal a knife is


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