Symmetric Property of Equality

Symmetric Property of Equality; If a = b, then b = a

War is the continuation of politics ( state policy) by other means”. Carl Von Clausewitz

“Politics is the continuation of war by other means”. The Ton mother fucker! Damn near everything in this life is a continuation of war by other means.

Anyone who cannot tell the difference between violence in defense of your person, property, patrimony, individual sovereignty ie God given rights as a free White man, the land, tradtions, religion and culture of your forefathers and the violence committed to destroy those good things is stupid, evil or so well indoctrinated with progressive thought they are part of the stupid and/or evil.

β€œSic semper tyrannis! John Wilks Booth

11 thoughts on “Symmetric Property of Equality

  1. Roman Lance

    Since most people can’t even tell the difference between Butter and Margarine. I’m thinking most are just stupid; of course using stupid in the defense of evil is still evil.

    We shouldn’t be surprised that the NPC’s are going to NPC.

      1. Kentucky Headhunter

        Anybody who is against letting people defend themselves against attack is obviously an enemy. The Left keeps screaming, “We’re coming to get you!” and when you move to protect yourself they yell, “Fascists! Racists!”. Fuck ’em.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        To my mind the overt left is less dangerous to us then the fake right. You know the 90% of Republican voters who are so thoroughly progressive but so well trained they some how think they are on the side of liberty etc etc

      3. theasdgamer

        Yeah, there was an article in the NY Times about how the UMC rinos are thinking about staying home in the midterms. (Good to see you writing!) In the Weird-Ass-Events Column: A 23 y.o. broad hit me up for my no. and a date at Panera’s today. A thin, white PR girl. Lol, must be a blue moon. By the way, granddaughter Gamer is as white as you or me. (Well, at least as white as me. hehe) Hazel eyes and auburn hair, just like me. You’d never know her granny was a filipina. My dominance extends to my genes, hehe.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL congrats!
        And yeah I see that semi regularly. Half orential kids often don’t look Asian at all too

        Grandkids are pretty damn cool. Enjoy !

  2. Bee

    SFC Ton,

    Happy New Year to you and your clan. Thanks for the shout out over at Red Pill Girl. I am doing better, recovering and much better. I have noticed I have been singing around the house and occasionally laughing out loud at somethings.


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