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Land of the free? Only if you can bribe the state

This has been rattling around for while now. I think the real life events are far enough in the past where it won’t matter none…..

A friend of mine has left America. For good. Never to return. His people fought the British in 1776, distantly related to one of America’s Revolutionary War SpecOps commanders…. towns carry his forefathers last name but they”‘ll produce no more generations is this evil and corrput land.

My friend is one of those lesser alphas/ greater betas that makes the world work. He did time in the Navy where he learned a high tech trade and did two years at sea on an aircraft carrier. Got married, raised some kids, divorced a pill popper wife, started a buiness that crashed. He did some time in the national guard where he went Iraq once and Afghanistan once. Nothing overtly high risk mind you but most def a skill set you want down range so your side can stay on top of the technology battle.

His big sin, his unforgivable sin was hitting hard eccnmoic times. Lost his job due to a bad ecconmy. Couldn’t find work for 10 months, but he had money saved so he kept up with his bills, including alimony. Had to do something so he started a buiness. Stump grinding and what not. Buiness crashed but he kept paying the blood money while it crashed, Did about a year of under employment, when he couldn’t afford to pay alimony, had to sell his guns and what not to keep the lights on, before finding a good paying high risk blue collar job…. good paying but still 35k less then when alimony was established. Basically his 1st his 1st 60 hours worked on his new job had to go to his ex wife, essentially robbing him of 40’ish percent of his take home pay. He got futher behind in payments, Way behind. At one point a judge gave him 180 days to catch up or go to jail…… So he worked out a payment plan, got work in an oil rich state that was short on skilled employees…. He made bank, made small paymenets to his ex wife etc, and worked on getting a passport and then citizenship. That took a combination of buying property and establishing an income stream…. About three years timeframe once he got overseas. At which point he changed jobs so the courts coouldnt garnish his wages any more, burned his American passport and got on with his new life as a free man.

The Ton salutes him!

Government is a tool. A tool to secure our God given rights, among them the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Loyalty to a government is stupid. Would you be loyal to a broken hammer? God,family,blood and soil, kith and kin…. these are the things worth being loyal to. Government is a tool to protect those things. When it no longer does its no longer worthy of any loyalty