Land of the free? Only if you can bribe the state

This has been rattling around for while now. I think the real life events are far enough in the past where it won’t matter none…..

A friend of mine has left America. For good. Never to return. His people fought the British in 1776, distantly related to one of America’s Revolutionary War SpecOps commanders…. towns carry his forefathers last name but they”‘ll produce no more generations is this evil and corrput land.

My friend is one of those lesser alphas/ greater betas that makes the world work. He did time in the Navy where he learned a high tech trade and did two years at sea on an aircraft carrier. Got married, raised some kids, divorced a pill popper wife, started a buiness that crashed. He did some time in the national guard where he went Iraq once and Afghanistan once. Nothing overtly high risk mind you but most def a skill set you want down range so your side can stay on top of the technology battle.

His big sin, his unforgivable sin was hitting hard eccnmoic times. Lost his job due to a bad ecconmy. Couldn’t find work for 10 months, but he had money saved so he kept up with his bills, including alimony. Had to do something so he started a buiness. Stump grinding and what not. Buiness crashed but he kept paying the blood money while it crashed, Did about a year of under employment, when he couldn’t afford to pay alimony, had to sell his guns and what not to keep the lights on, before finding a good paying high risk blue collar job…. good paying but still 35k less then when alimony was established. Basically his 1st his 1st 60 hours worked on his new job had to go to his ex wife, essentially robbing him of 40’ish percent of his take home pay. He got futher behind in payments, Way behind. At one point a judge gave him 180 days to catch up or go to jail…… So he worked out a payment plan, got work in an oil rich state that was short on skilled employees…. He made bank, made small paymenets to his ex wife etc, and worked on getting a passport and then citizenship. That took a combination of buying property and establishing an income stream…. About three years timeframe once he got overseas. At which point he changed jobs so the courts coouldnt garnish his wages any more, burned his American passport and got on with his new life as a free man.

The Ton salutes him!

Government is a tool. A tool to secure our God given rights, among them the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Loyalty to a government is stupid. Would you be loyal to a broken hammer? God,family,blood and soil, kith and kin…. these are the things worth being loyal to. Government is a tool to protect those things. When it no longer does its no longer worthy of any loyalty

16 thoughts on “Land of the free? Only if you can bribe the state

    1. Sumo

      Fear. Some folks are so afraid of taking responsibility for their own lives or well being that they’ll flock to any idiot who claims to know all the answers or promises to “look after” them.

      I believe you Southern barbarians call such people “Democrats”.

  1. ‘Reality’ Doug

    Cliffhanger: Where did he go? More exactly, did he go somewhere with a better government or somewhere with a similar government that did not have him as a registered quota slave? The difference is important. We can just leave be the vag everywhere. Ownership is everything.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL I am not disclosing his new location becuase it’s my bolt hole too 😉

      He’s in a place with pretty decent gun laws, almost no income tax( though lots of various consumption taxes so things like gas is crazy) no alimony etc etc and believe it or not…. anti low grade immigration, 100 plus years since it’s last war

  2. whiteguy1

    Ton another important question:

    When I get clear of this nonsense with Crazy, I want to get a bagger/tourer to add to my fleet so I can load a split tail on the back for a weekend.

    I ain’t got a lot of scratch but I wanted to get something under $10K. Since I’m a meat eater I actually need something that can take a load (the metric sport touring bikes can barely haul my ass, forget adding a pillion) I’ve been looking at the Harley’s touring bikes as well as the big metrics, including some of the older gold wings. Thoughts on the bigger bikes? Anything in bigger Harleys that I need to steer clear of?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I would get an older Electra glide or street guide. Road glides looking like pecker heads….

      Buy a used bike from a middle age or older White guy. Non Whites do a shit ton of dumb stuff to their bikes that fuck up handling and what not. No big wheels, any set of pipes desgined just for sound is going to cause your plugs and what not to foul, extra speakers throw off the balance etc etc

      If you recon the eBay you will find older HD baggers for 8k or less all day long. I’m not a fan of touring packs and they seem to an expensive option when pricing out bikes. I would also be way cool with a road king with bags and a removable windscreen. I think that’s a great option since it gives you one kind of bike on long trips, another kind of bike end town/
      Engine size would be like. 96 or 103 in that price range.

      If your stock 96 feels under powered you can almost always fix that with a well matched set up pipes and power commander. Or go all in with a thundermax and thunderheaders

      If your stock 103 feels under powered do cams, a thundermax and thunderheaders.

      Any decent mechanic should be able to match those three things for a good balance on power and longevity

      If you stick with just those two upgrades and keep your bike well maintained you’ll get 100k miles of engine worry free riding

      Gold wings just suck ass. They are desgined to separate you from the road/ environment/ ride and I can’t stand that shit

      I typically say good things about Hondo and Yamaha cruisers but their fit and finish on their baggers just seems to suck. The add on all seem to rattle like crazy, feel cheap and flimsy etc

      Will also say this…. Unless you are a pretty good wrench……get one close to stock as you can find. It’s a real pain in the ass to find a good mechanic to deal with heavily customised bikes/ problems on the road and sooner or later you will have some sort of mechanical issue on the road

      1. ‘Reality’ Doug

        Supplemental to great answer. Decades ago I bought a sporty rice burner (and I don’t apologize). I can confirm buying from someone older, but in person and it works better if you are at least 25 or at least look ‘responsible’. Imagine you have a bike that you maintained for years, lots of memories. If you are the kind of owner that does not beat the crap out of your bike, it’s like asking someone to pay you to adopt his favorite pet. You need that chemistry of the same perspective. If the owner wants it to go to a good home, he won’t price gouge you. (Return the favor.) He wants to be comfortable with the sale. Maybe one day that’s you selling. I had to sell under duress and wasn’t too happy. People suck. If you can make a good impression on someone who doesn’t suck, it’s your great deal to loose. If the owner sucks as a human being, would you trust the condition of the bike? It takes time. Got to move on an ad quickly, yet be patient and discriminating. With market experience, you’ll probably just know when that chemistry deal comes around. Saving money will cost some delayed gratification. Of course, maybe things have changed. No Internet back then. The market is what it is where and when you are.

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