Field report

A friend of mine is unemployed right now. So he’s crashing at a house I’m in the process of flipping, helping me out, learning some stuff and earning some side cash. Nothing major, and we’re having a good time. It’s nice to have the help and almost every night ends up with something on the grill/ smoker and us sitting around a fire drinking and shit talking

This morning he told me, since the lock down tons of bitches who flaked on him etc in the past have been hitting him up via text message and social media. Do they want the D? Nope, they want to be entertained. He quickly stumbled onto that becuase one  chick called him out for not being very entertaining. His reply was he was busy with mundane things but she could entertain him…. result? She blocked him. So he took to telling them all the same thing, sorry for not being very entertaining but I am busy with mundane shit, maybe you could entertain me?

Full stop, no more trifling messages from bitches who don’t want to put out


9 thoughts on “Field report

  1. Jack

    Entertainment = A pleasurable alternative which avoids the opportunity to introspect and hone their skills. The solipsistic entitlement is disgraceful. It’s good that he found a quick and easy method to filter them out.

  2. redpillgirlnotes

    Not sure if you and yours have looked at the sea programs available yet, but I posted some info at Spawny’s that may be helpful, if not! Stay well everyone! And yes, agreed w the post, those gals aren’t worth his time. If they had been, they would be sitting around the fire now! Ha.

  3. Ame

    heard a woman (well kept, but past-wall) say she slept with a man she’s trying to get rid of. she doesn’t want him, but she’ll sleep with him.

  4. theshadowedknight

    I told a girl at school that we were only friends so long as she benefited me. Then she made some noise about sexual harassment and such, probably to impress me with how much men wanted her, and I froze her out. No idea if she ever made the connection, but I didn’t have to deal with an accusation so I call it a win, considering some of the shit I said to her.

    If she isn’t a positive addition to your life, then why keep her around. If she isn’t fucking you, isn’t fucking one of your friends, or isn’t making life easier some other way, why keep her around? What’s the point?


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