The Ton on pigs….. I mean cops

The Ton dislikes the police. No matter how you church shit up they are armed thugs, enforcing the will of a horribly corrupt and evil goverment. That has been on full display lately when they stand down and let people burn, loot and riot in our cities all so they can keep their paycheck and pensions

I can not respect men who will arrest a jobless man for failing to pay child support or alimony. I can not respect a man who will boot old folks out of their home for failing to pay taxes. Don’t forget all the horrific shit they do like no knock raids, shooting family pets, destroying someone’s house while executing a search warrant but not being responsible for the damage they do when they come up empty handed.

And none of that includes all the day to day dick moves they pull off.

Physiologically speaking none one should support the goverment or it’s minions, but that’s a whole other thing.

The cops need to fix their shit but in certian ways they can not. Yeah they can and should change their rules of engagement. Hell they get to do shit to American citizens I couldn’t do to hajis down range and some how all cops think they are being hunted in the streets when the last I looked they weren’t even in the top 10 most deadly professions.

But at the same time a lot of their bullshit can’t be fixed until we as a society fix some things.

Folks, men in particular need decent paying jobs that bring a sense of dignity. Giving men of less then average intelligence something to do besides drugs and petty crimes wil fix some shit and has to be step #1. Cops can’t fix that shit but that shit forces the cops to have a lot of contacts with men and the more contact the more likely something will go wrong.

#2 & the most difficult, is ending single motherhood. Being a widow is one thing, being a whore or divorcing just because is another. By in large single moms produce shitty kids who end up having a lot of contact with cops. Cops can’t fix that shit but the more contact with cops the more likely something will go wrong. This is the hardest thing to fix

#3 we need to fix our shit when it comes to dealing with the mentally ill. We need to have compassion for these people and that compassion has to be the tough love kind. We have a cultural that wrecks young lives. We need to fix that shit and deal with those kids before they end up with a fucked up life that puts them on a one way trip to the wrong end of a gun. We have folks who’s heads are just fucked up. We need to care for them folks. They need to he somewhere getting treatment vs out in the streets, homeless and self medicating. And lastly often these two groups are one in the same. Cops cant fix that shit but they do make a lot of contact with these sort of fucked in the head people. Really these not so bright guys with no real ecconmic options or hope are frequently in these other groups as well

#4 we need to fight the drug war. I mean really fight it. As in our tier one guys hunt down these cartel shot callers all the time. As in we destroy their houses, take their money, shoot down their plans etc etc overseas but here state side we need to be better at those 1st 3 things

I really dislike cops. I don’t consider a one of them trustworthy or a friend. I cut contact with all my old troopers who become pigs but this bullshit isn’t all on them

19 thoughts on “The Ton on pigs….. I mean cops

  1. h0neyc0mb

    Good list ..

    BUT ..

    It’s a mentality problem mostly ..

    When they use the word .. “civilian” -v- “citizen” .. they (i.e. th lil piggies) put themselves in a bad place mentally.

    That chit has to change first .. we are not “civilians” .. and until they get their minds right about that .. nothing changes .. I nevva let’em call me anything but a “cilvilian” .. to do otherwise is unwise for amyone encountering them.

    They are the in the same league as the MSM .. they are our enemy!

    1. h0neyc0mb

      I nevva let’em call me anything but a “cilvilian“citizen”.. to do otherwise is unwise for amyone encountering them.

      Fixed It .. Dang posting after a night shift .. almost as bad as drinking and posting .. almost .. 😉

      1. h0neyc0mb

        You did .. i notoced it right away ..

        I feel like that is in their wheel-house and need to get a grip on dat chit .. and own it as job number one.

        Just my idea of emph-eye-sis.

  2. Kentucky Headhunter

    Cops seem to practice and”us vs. them” mentality in basically all their policies and practices when dealing with anyone who isn’t a member of the badge gang.

    The “Do anything to come home alive” paranoid mindset means they will shoot anyone or anything. That harmless 20 lb fluff-ball gets transformed into a neck-rending mastiff.

    Cops can’t fix societal issues, like when Kennedy closed all the big mental hospitals, putting a bunch of psychotics on the street. These people can’t be treated on an outpatient basis. They need 24 hour supervision and care and the vast majority of them will need it for the rests of their lives.

    People having decent jobs and real sense of self-worth will do more to stop the drug problem, especially things like hill-billy heroin than a 10,000,000 man army ever could.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      That’s probably the only thing the left has gotten correct in their entire history but was it a Kennedy who shut the hospitals down? I can’t recall any of the details but I remember when they did it

      1. Kentucky Headhunter

        Started with JFK:
        On Feb. 5, 1963, 50 years ago this week, President John F. Kennedy addressed Congress on “Mental Illness and Mental Retardation.” He proposed a new program under which the federal government would fund community mental-health centers, or CMHCs, to take the place of state mental hospitals. As Kennedy envisioned it, “reliance on the cold mercy of custodial isolations will be supplanted by the open warmth of community concern and capability.”

        failing_mentally_illPresident Kennedy’s proposal was historic because the public care of mentally ill individuals had been exclusively a state responsibility for more than a century. The federal initiative encouraged the closing of state hospitals and aborted the development of state-funded outpatient clinics in process at that time.

        Over the following 17 years, the feds funded 789 CMHCs with a total of $2.7 billion ($20.3 billion in today’s dollars). During those same years, the number of patients in state mental hospitals fell by three quarters””to 132,164 from 504,604″”and those beds were closed down.

        From the beginning, it was clear that CMHCs were not interested in taking care of the patients being discharged from the state hospitals. Instead, they focused on individuals with less severe problems sometimes called “the worried well.” Federal studies reported individuals discharged from state hospitals initially made up between 4% and 7% of the CMHCs patient load, and the longer the CMHC was in existence the lower this percentage became.

        It has now become politically correct to claim that this federal program failed because not enough centers were funded and not enough money was spent. In fact, it failed because it did not provide care for the sickest patients released from the state hospitals. When President Ronald Reagan finally block-granted federal CMHC funds to the states in 1981, he was not killing the program. He was disposing of the corpse.

      2. Anonymous Reader

        Fast forward from 1963 to now and: there’s tent compounds of men from Seattle to San Diego. Thousands of them. Some most definitely mentally unwell, sure, but not all. The thing is, once a man goes tenting under the freeway it gets easier and easier to check out of reality by checking into meth, pot, pills, whatever.

        So the experience of being on the street can drive a man into mental states that are essentially whack.

        Not to mention the unmentioned: some number of homeless men are frivorced with large and growing back child support, and they would rather be an urban camper under a freeway offramp in Frisco than go to jail. Can’t say I’d blame anyone for that.

        With all the excess real estate capacity it would not be impossible to set up something better than the old SRO hotels and divvy men up by mental state, however it would require the authority to kick men out of the place for cause.

  3. BuenaVista

    I’ve been living in a village, far from the last place, and the cops are genuine (GIN-U-EYEIN) peace officers. It’s the most peaceful place I’ve been in decades. I can sit outside and smoke a cigar and not see a cruiser for an hour. Going back to DC in a couple of months, though.

    1. Anonymous Reader

      I’ve lived somewhere like that. It’s relaxing when the ossifer rolls slowly up on the road, you go out to see what’s up…and he just wants to talk because he’s bored. Then it turns out that he’s an IDPA shooter. Or the neighbor’s dog gets out off of the property, the ossifer sees him half a mile down the road & just calls the dog into the back seat of the cruiser to take home … because he knows the dog, he knows where the dog belongs, so it’s no big deal. Odds are the dog knows him. It’s relaxing, but getting rarer.

      BV you may be in for an unpleasant surprise the way DC looks now, it’s like some banana republic with the fences and barricades and stuff.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Had some cops in Texas do that for us. Couldn’t have been more then 2k people in that town and everyone knew we had Great Danes

  4. Lexet Blog

    Most cops are paid dirt, and have to fund their gear themselves. Only large departments or departments that get co opted by fed programs fry adequate funding- hence the war on drugs. They have to do massive drug busts for basic funding. The advice of my own local department is that for non emergency issues, if you don’t say “heroin, pills, or dealer,” they don’t care.

    Re recruits, only a certain type signs up for a high risk job for low pay. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Then they go to a few weeks of training, then to the streets.

    Their skills are perishable, and they normally have to practice them off the clock to maintain them, as departments are stretched thin. That’s why so many resort to the gun- lack of confidence in skill + immunity + union = lazy result of resorting to violence.

    How powerful are unions? Here are cops I know:

    – a department with a swingers club in it.
    – 1 created the situation of being in danger by jumping on the hood of a car going 3mph, and mag dumping into the guys face.

    – 1 was fired, threatened to kill everyone in the department, among other city officials, and then reinstated under a court order.

    – dumbasses tazed a guy in a river, with everyone in the water.

    – cops turning a blind eye to a baby in a trap house because local policy was in favor of marijuana.


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