The Ton on why guitars are the superior instrument…

Clan Ton is a musical clan and the guitar is the instrument of choice. My mother’s people are Vrigina aristocrats and if they play an instrument it’s the piano. Which I think is less common for that social class these days but I remember by maternal grandfather and great grandfather fondly. They came from a time where men of their social class were expected to be modern day kights. Well mannered naval officers, well read in the classics, athletic after their fashion and with some appreciation for the high arts. My maternal great-grandfather play the piano but he picked up the guitar becuase there was no piano on the destroyer he commanded in the ww1. My maternal grandfather was a genius, phd in physics kind of smart but really was lacking in the athletic and artistic department. His against type play was he loved to weld and work on cars and what not but that’s a story for another day.

Most of the folks in my family are not accomplished musicians. My father is insanely good with a guitar or anything that can be played like a guitar. He’s also a fair hand with a piano. Turth be told my father is an amazingly talented man. With a rifle, with a pencil, with a guitar or a bat and ball or with a hammer and saw. One of his brothers retired and went on tour as a drummer and bass player. House bands playing in places that like classic rock and country. The other can play a mandolin. Which is what their father favored, but my uncle didn’t pick up the mandolin until after my grandfather was called home.

My cousins and what have you play as well, typically some version of a guitar. Bluegrass is the music of my people and we have more then our share of banjo pickers and mandolin players. Hell we even have a fiddler and a dude who plays the upright bass is probably gonna marrying the gal who plays the fiddle. I have one nephew who is an outstanding singer, voice lessons and all that but he went to college on a marching band scholarship….. some weird shit right there so feel free to judge. My mother’s sister is a music teacher by trade, my father’s sister plays the piano at church but by far the guitar reigns supreme.

Can’t think of anyone in the family who hasn’t picked one up on occasions but it hasn’t stuck with everyone. My daughter can pick a couple of songs, my older son knows a dozen or so more and I have been playing off and on for 40+ years. I’ve never played very well and from a longevity stand point, I have made some terrible life choices. These days my hands hurt pretty damn bad after 20 mins or so and it’s unlikely I’ll get any better but lately I have been kicking around the strangest idea ever, that being getting a music degree. Mostly to fuck with the world. And becuase I am the least educated man in my sept

Said all that to say this; I am not unfamiliar with the topic of music and I will always maintain the guitar is their superior instrument option.

Now I am not saying guitar players are the superior musician, though we are, and I am not saying guitar players are the superior man, which is also true, but I am saying the guitar is the superior instrument for adult life for a host of reasons

Price. You can pick up a decent used electric twanger for $200 or so in a pawn shop

I think guitar center frequently has cheap intro axes and amps for sale for around 200 bones. I recommend starting off with an electric guitar. They are easier on the hands to fret and finger. Which is a big advantage when you’re new and your hands are tender. The less pain, the more practice…..and training is the key to vicotry. It will give you more options when it comes to styles, licks and songs to mess around with which will make the experince more enjoyable (this is about enjoying life) and lessons are readily aviabale. The money you save by buying a used one can go to lessons. Which you’ll want for a month or three. You can pick up a lot of lessons for free on YouTube but you’ll be a head of the power curve if you get some live lessons once a week for 3 months 1st.

the 1st song I ever learned

The guitar is portable in a way other instruments are not and not all of them require electricity. This is a key point for a busy man or an outdoorsman….. and as always I have to wonder what kind of man ain’t busy and ain’t an outdoorsman…… Last week I was in Ohio. Cold as fuck, snow on the ground, shitty food Ohio. So I packed food for the week, threw 3 kettlebells in the truck tool box, wrapped my Martin up in a blanket and drove up there with her and my favorite dog. I have another acoustic I travel with a fair amount because she is cheap and a little rough but she’s been strapped to my Harely, taken on family camping trips to the beach, done a couple of off roading weekends, made Lord only knows how many trips to the deer camp and been out on the boat a fair amount to.

I’ve taken a guitar on most of my deployments. Something that was always supported by my comand even when I had no rank to speak of. Or just lost some rank.

Mobility is key to victory on the modern battlefield and guitars are mobil

Firepower is also key to victory and guitars are firepower

you can fast forward to the 1:27 mark but that kid is bad ass and starts at the 3 min mark; The Mighty Ton can not shred….. but a man who can rip up an axe like that will make every young vagina in hearing distances drip

Guitars are social in ways other instruments are not. The Girls like their movie nights. I can’t stand movies unless it’s Shrek or Kung Fu Panda but I can sit in a chair and strum my unplugged electric guitar while The Girls and my younger sons enjoy their weekly movie night. Girl#2 plays the piano some but by nature it’s not familia like a six string. As in she can”t play and be an active participant of anything else. With a little experince you can play guitar and talk some and pulling out a guitar will draw a crowd. Pull your acoustic out around a campfire and people wander your way to listen and talk story while they enjoy the music. Often they bring booze and food with them. Imagine the family bliss of all y’all sitting on your porch, smoker rolling, beer flowing, kids play, adults talking shit while a couple of y’all are picking out old school country tunes just so as to not offend your grandma

Is there a more social/ and or socially acceptable instrument? Culturally, here in the South, the guitar is king. Hell America wide really. Maybe world wide. When Hollywood needs to make someone look cooler they put them on a Harely or put a guitar in their hands. Maybe with some wrap around shades. Being good with an axe brings a man status across all SES lines. You can talked guitar with hillbillies in West Virginia, poor’ ish black folks in your neighbourhood outside the worlds largest military base, with middle class folks from coast to coast, the well heeled in rural America or anywhere in between.

It’s also and intresting way to play against type in the SMP. Everyone sort of expects the burly biker guy to shred or play Hank Williams. No one expects you to play a little Spanish guitar or some classical. Other end of that is no one expects some guy with a button down white collar gig and no tattoos to shred. That sort of shit always pays dividends in the SMP

Plus chicks think guitarists are hot

ok……. maybe this would offend grandma
this shit will get you laid and make you look wordly and what not
nothing but fun guitar licks and lyrics right there
power house guitar intro
Takes me home

The God of Clan Ton is the God of War and Justice but He is also the God of creation and creating. To play music is to plug into that aspect of the Almighty. It’s good for a man’s soul and it’s good for the people around you and A six string let’s you do that on the go

not usually into the cute kid doing amazing things but she is damn good and it was the shortest classical guitar video I could find without sitting my whiskey class

I’ve never posted that many videos before and I’m not likely to agin but I posted those videos to prove a point….. guitars are hella versatile. Perhaps the most versatile

sorry grandma

11 thoughts on “The Ton on why guitars are the superior instrument…

  1. Kentucky Headhunter

    So Guitar Center is filing for bankruptcy for the second time in 4 years. I’d heard that the first time was more about fewer and fewer people playing guitar as it was no longer the lead instrument in modern music. This most recent filing is claiming it’s due to the pandemic, but you’d think people with a lot of time on their hands might think about taking up an instrument.

    I’ve got both a cheap acoustic and electric and noodle around some, but really don’t have any talent for it. It’s just a fun way to spend some time.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Gonna have to keep an eye out for what they’ll put on clearance…….

      Without researching anything I would guess most kids don’t pick up instruments these days

      Video games are more fun, more social and easier to pick up on your own

  2. Sumo

    I tried to learn guitar about 10 years ago. I guess my hands are too messed up from years of hitting stuff; I didn’t have the finger dexterity to manipulate the strings.

    That’s my story, and I’m not changing it.

  3. Ame

    Ton, i know your clan isn’t perfect, and it isn’t even perfectly ideal, but it is ideal. it’s what i was looking for when i was young and thought i found … till they turned on me.

    it’s what i hope my daughters find if they ever marry someday.

  4. professorGBFMtm2021

    TON!”Why don’t you play that bluegrass music boys?”Heres BLUEMOON of KENTUCKY&heres dee’s”sister” in ’82!Hard roads& endless lines,flow through his veins!Ride to live,live to ride at tons place!
    You not know how varied my musical knowledge is did you!?
    I just saw this!You know for a while back around sept/oct 2020 I thought maybe ”they” had gotten ton!With your ”cops” post up for so long and all!I did’nt know you also had conections to virginia like myself. ton!You know I have also had run-ins with cops too ton?Namely because of extended family over the family land(Who had nothing to do with it other than lusting after its potential cash value!) who were angry about their low-end on the totem pole at the ole’ barely still a farm back in the day!But as usual I get along with them/cops pretty good back in jan,2010,the last time it happened!Also people don’t know I know all about BILL MUNROE&the bluegrassboys&FLATT&SCRUGGS FOGGYMOUNTAINBOYS?P.S.You know one of my dozens of cousins said before, I looked like WAYLON, mainly because of my beard, everybodys fave narrator from hazzard county!?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL no right after that I had some serious health problems and some projects to complete

      Online is the 1st thing I drop when I’m not doing well.

      I love bluegrass, more then the post shows but I wanted to talk about how versatile the guitar is vs banging on about what I enjoy the most

      As a solo picker bluegrass and the blues are the most enjoyable to me. Probably because so much of it was written around one dude and a guitar.

      I enjoy a lot of stuff from the 60’s and 70’s but it seems to take a band to make it sound right to my ears

      Vrigina is the land of my birth. I’m somewhat disappointed I couldn’t make a go of it there like I have down in Carolina, and the only way I could be happier with my home life would be if the girls were from Va and my younger sons born there

      I’ve been given more then my share so that ain’t complaining but I occasionaly wonder if I have let my fore fathers down on that front

  5. Liz

    Mike’s dad played the guitar (and piano, by ear).
    He got through late high school and college playing in a band. He was really good.
    Mike picked it up in Korea (bought his first guitar, and had his first lessons, from a guy who called himself “Mr Potato” in Songtan). He was in a band every assignment until the last two.
    Our boys play also (our oldest requested a banjo a while back, and he’s interested in taking up the fiddle…also plays piano a little, by ear).
    I really like this song:

      1. Liz

        It was (a year remote), but I came anyway.
        No kids yet, so it was (relatively) easy.
        We lived in a little apartment outside the base and I taught English at the local schools/institutes.

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