How the fu……….

We were at a party, kicking it with some local friends when an older couple asked me about staying in shape. Basically wondering how a half dead mid 50’s dude remains “fit “….. I think…. I’m never really sure what folks are asking me on questions like that. Typically I have to be half drunk to talk to folks who I don’t really care about, questions like that from semi strangers almost always put someone in the don’t care pile, and partly because it’s a conversation without definition or meaning. Mostly folks mean musculairty. I think. Reality is, if your an older dude who hasn’t been pushing heavy iron for decades you’ll never hit a high level of musculairty just like I’ll never be able to learn high level math or become a concert piano’est. Some things have to start early in life. You can still develop a better body and better health but you’re never gonna look like a guy who spent 43 years or so pushing iron. #2 you probably aren’t gonna work your diet or run gear, diets suck, gear is illegal…. right now I am coasting on 20 mcgs of hgh, 1000 mgs of tes E and 400 mgs of deca to offset some serious joint pain, weekly….. decca is why I am running 250-300 mgs more tes then normal for me. A healthy middle age guy can seriously improve his physical strength, which will help you look good nekkid but have some realsitc goals on the how you’ll look. Diet is a mother fucker and you’ll have to 0 that in to maximise how you look. I go pretty low carb 5-6 days a week, and I do some version of fasting but I also rely on the hgh and tes to keep pick up my slack. Dropping 20 pounds will help most guys LGN more then weight training. Quicker results too.

Sometimes I think folks mean work capacity though they don’t know enough to get that in the proper perepctive. Anaerobic conditioning is superior to aerobic. Don’t run miles on end if you want to to be able to do physical labor around your house effectively. There isn’t much carryover with long distance running but that is something healthy middle age guys can improve. Greatly. You should be able to improve how efficiently your body mechanics work. That will help you get by in life. I helped my neighbor build a handicap ramp for his beloved. He’s a really efficient carpenter but he also moves through physical space, uses tools, lifts 4×4’s etc efficiently. 62 years old and still a machine. To get strong you want to squat, deadlift, do bent over rows, bench press and overhead press….. traps and arms for looking better….. These will also help you become mechanically more efficient….. push presses will help you learn to efficiently time your body’s interactions and so will power clean…. power cleans to push press are a must after a year or so of training …. Add to this throwing something semi weighted and in different plans of motion, some weight swinging and some jumping….. don’t start jumping for 3-6 months if you’re comeplelty new. And add some walking. It’s what your body was desgined for…. learn how to do new shit to keep your body in that striving for mechnical efficiency groove…. I worry less about that physically and more about that mentally. TBI’s are a mother fucker but I will say my CPU seems to be working better now that I am taking it serious.

Sometimes folks say that meaning healthy sex life. I have no real answers. Being stronger etc will up your testosterone which should up sex drive, running 1000 mgs of tes E will most def help but there is a lot more going on then that. Chemically I try to stay in my 20’s/ 30’s. Yay ster-roids! but The Girls are way younger then me, work at staying fit and shapely…. as in lost all the baby weight etc, almost never piss me off…… probably been more then a year since we had any cross words…. could be more like 3….. and frankly I think that counts for more then the rest of the other stuff. Most men don’t need Viagra, they need something better looking and less cranky. I can remember not wanting to bang my ex wife because she was being a cunt even when we were both young and what not. I also don’t live with them or the kids full time and that keeps things lit

There is some genetics at play. My people are high energy. None of us spend much time sitting down or screwing off and our idea of down time is usually some kind of being active. Hobby vs TV. If that makes sense to y’all and 30 years ago I remember my grandparents really being into each other. Blood line counts and I hope they are as proud of me as I am of them and their family name

But the other night we were socialising with some folks and the question was asked about working out. I told the guy, a little younger then me, that I mostly did 20-30 min workouts at home, couple times a day, even when I was flipping a house….. nothing fundamentally different then the last time I wrote about this…. and some fat chick said “that’s all you really need”

Apparently it’s impolite to say say “How the fuck would your fat ass know?”

11 thoughts on “How the fu……….

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  2. Sumo

    Apparently it’s impolite to say say “How the fuck would your fat ass know?”

    Now, how could a reasonable person possibly have known that?

  3. Cheque d'Out

    How long ago was your DD from the Diplomatic Corps again? I forget.

    Some people need reminding of the olden days, where people saying stupid shit got consequences for it. Mostly they learnt to keep their mouths closed when they had nothing to add to the conversation. Olden days when people with knowledge could discuss stuff without being talked over by muh-opinionz and muh-feelz.

    Did you ever do anything on how to make Apple Pie? And other related beverages?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL well I never worked for those assholes I just keep them safe from other assholes

      I’ll do the apple pie moon shine deal next

      What got me the most was just what you wrote…. every now and again my son in law sends me stuff to read, work through etc about the mechnical enginering world….. I would never open my mouth like I know my shit if he was talking to his peers

      1. Cheque d'Out

        Egos can be really useful to men in order to push further and harder, I reckon. But if ego, e.g. butting into conversations to add nothing positive, is running your life then perhaps a career in politics is for you?

        I seriously doubt that either of us ever considered that path – just for the record.

        Happy Easter to Camp Ton.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Thank you!

        I’ve thought about running. I have the cash to make a pretty good run at it, but I’m to obstinate to recoup that investment if I win and too old to make that money back if I loose

        This is the best my life has ever been and I am trying to stay in this groove until I cross Jordon

  4. Ame

    I worry less about that physically and more about that mentally.

    things like this are a mental game … changing the way one thinks about life. people want a 3 step plan to execute and achieve their goals. but changing the way they think? making a choice to change the way you think for life, not for a short-term goal, changing one’s behavior for life … that’s not something most are willing to do.

    (btw – did you edit a little piece out of the original posted?!!! 🙂 )

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I did. For a couple of reaons but mostly to make it shorter.

      I don’t hide the fact I have TBI’s or what I do to keep the Swiss cheese of a CPU running

  5. Cheque d'Out

    A lot of years ago I read that half of men with ED had it go away when they got a hotter party.

    A chap goes to the doctor about his erection, and the kindly doctor prescribes him some Viagra. He explains to him that he needs to take it an hour before the act, so the next night the chap gets home early and prepares a romantic dinner for his wife.

    He then calls her in the office where she works, about 45 minutes away from their home and, as she says she is just about to leave, he pops a blue pill, and waits.

    After 60 minutes when she hasn’t arrived home, he calls her to see where she is.

    She apologises and says “I was just about to leave when I bumped into Joe the CFO, and he desperately needed a report running for a meeting tomorrow morning, so I’m halfway through running it, and won’t be home for another couple of hours”

    Our phallically challenged chap wonders what this means and telephones the doctor, who says:

    “Look, the effect of the Viagra only lasts a couple of hours so it will have run out by the time she gets home, and I don’t want you taking another one with your heart. You might as well make good use of the one you’ve taken though – what about the au pair?”

    He replies: “Doctor, I don’t need Viagra with the au pair”


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