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answering critics and some humor

Answering critics
Woman hater? A frequent blue pill claim about me and the RedPill world at large is we hate women. It’s fucking stupid. Most men have women in their life to varying degrees. Are we to believe RedPill men hate them? Recently I was called a woman hater by a Christian girl on the interwebz….#1 worst kind of women are Christian women. They get all the normal men bad women good message and then get a second helping of it on Sunday with, what they believe to be, a stamp of approval from God Himself.

The idea men hate women is ridiculous, me even more so. The women in my life are, my  daughter,  the Girls who are dear to me, one who is pregnant with my child, a sister, sister in laws, nieces, cousins of all sorts and an elderly lady who chose to live with me vs her kids. Are we to believe I hate these girls and women? My own flesh and blood? A woman who is to be the mother of my 3rd child? Well it’s a lot easier to say “you hate women” then to take an honest look at the unpleasant reality of women.


I was also told by the same girl I am not religious which is sort of true. I have faith not religion. I am not tied to some man-made denomination and their made up rules. For whatever reason, catholics are quick to make this charge, maybe because they have the largest number of made up rules? I do not talk about God, faith and religion much because most men are not qualified to have the decision. They are to low on the masculinity quotient to understand God and His ways. The more I talk to a man about such things, the more I have confirmed his place in the hierarchy of men. The Almighty God is a God for men, not these eunuchs who try to pass themselves off believers. The Almighty God is the God of war, the commander of the host, the Divine warrior and the God of Justice. Eye for an eye. That is Justice and mercy as it makes the punishment fit the crime but doesn’t go overboard. In the Old Testament He slaughters His enemies and demands terrible prices for crimes against His way. Most men what to turn Him into some kind of dope smoking flower child / magical wish granting Santa Claus hybrid. To understand God, a man must have balls (eunuchs not allowed in His assembly). Coming to an understanding of the Almighty and His ways is not possible without a working set of masculine genital.  One of the Almighty’s 1st commands is to go out into the world, fill it with children and take dominion over the earth. That’s man’s work baby, driven by testosterone. The Patriarchs of the Old Testament were men among men. When Abraham had some kin folk stolen he didn’t go running for the police; he rounded up his crew and pulled off a commando raid. Hillbilly style right there. David got his bride by bringing back the foreskin of his enemy. Moses was right there in the thick of battle. They had more then one wife. Joshua was a warlord, and mighty man of God, eager for battle and committing genocide on the command of his God…. Long story short, I don’t talk about faith with men who have a feminized version of God. Women are to hold their tongue in church, womanish men should do the same


Check this link out( would have reblogged it but I haven’t figured that shit out yet)
This guy writes some funny stuff and I follow his blog. His manliness checklist is pretty damn good but I don’t get the max score…. Now go read it and get back to me. Here’s where I fall on the check list

But anyway, here is the checklist to see how you stack up in manliness. There are also five bonus points that can be earned.

 _ You own at least ten flannel shirts *(bonus point for twenty or more). own none. I think that is more of a yankee thing vs Southron thing. I own 3 long-sleeved shirts that aren’t dress shirts or camo. Not much call for them here. It was 60 degrees yesterday and I rode my bike for hours… and owning 20 shirts…. WTF?
_ You can hike a minimum of six miles on moderate terrain. LOL I use to walk for a living back in my infantry/SOCOM days
_ You’ve made something useful out of wood. I’m a fair hand at many carpentry tasks.
_ You get daily compliments on your facial foliage. LOL damn near daily and had an Afghan general stop to talk beards with me
_ You own more than one bottle of whiskey. and then some
_ You have never seen an episode of “American Idol”. I have not, nor Oprah or any of that shit. I have not had cable etc in 15 years and would tell the ex to turn it off/ change the channel when I walked into the room
_ You have used a bone as a toothpick. I have
_ Your diet is 75% red meat and/or bacon. And then some
_ You own a legit survival knife that actually does its job. I do, but I have never needed more them my buck knife despite 3+ decades of hunting, fishing, camping etc and 24 years of infantry/ SOCOM service. Those things are over kill if you ask me and a pocket knife and hatchet are better options
_ You can construct a tent without instructions. There are folks who cannot do this?
_ You need at least a six pack to get any kind of buzz. There are folks over the age of 8 who can get buzzed off beer?
_ You can’t tell the difference between kale and the stuff used to decorate Easter baskets.LOL We grew kale when I was a kid so I know what it looks like.
_ You have at least one friend that is a wild animal *(bonus point for an eagle). Sort of.I have a large mouth bass in a fish tank vs pet store fish and a Barn Owl lives on my property who I check up on
_ You find a legit reason to use your multi-tool multiple times per day. Multi-tools are beta
_ You own snake-proof boots and actually have a use for them. Nope. Snake proof boots are beta. I have been an outdoors men for as long as I can remember, have killed more snakes then I can count on 4 continents(including South America/ the Amazon rain forest) and never worried about having snake proof boots.
_ You’ve worked out with a log *(bonus point for throwing it after the workout). I have a caber to toss and two steel logs to press.
_ You’ve made a fire without using a lighter or matches. Yep
_ You’ve eaten a fish that you caught yourself. LOL a good amount of what I eat is what I have caught, killed or grew ( well sort of. I don’t do much of the gardening stuff)
_ You can diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle *(bonus point if you fixed it).Yep and yep, bike and truck too.
_ You can cook a stellar ribeye in a cast iron skillet. LOL I can but prefer to grill them. Its rarely to cold to cook outdoors here but I only owned cast iron cookware until the Majordomo moved in
_ You have chopped your own wood. Every year.
_ You have read at least five Louis L’Amour novels *(bonus point for ten or more). yep and yep
_ You have good accuracy with a tomahawk. I can hit a man@ 20 feet with one and make it stick…. Only have done it to wooden targets though. My 1st trip to Afghanistan we didn’t have interwebz etc so to settle all the dumb debates/ bar type arguments  folks state side would goggle we use a throwing ace and target. 1st one to stick the axe won. Apparently the sky is blue because of the lucky charm’s Leprechaun. Who knew?
_ You make ribs that aren’t just mediocre. People have told me, my ribs and BBQ have ruined all other ribs/ sauce for them
_ You can make at least five manly cocktails? Booze on ice, booze with no ice. Done on the manly cocktail front.
Here’s how you measure up:
25+ points = You are a mastodon of manliness.
20-24 points = You’re still a beast and on the verge of greatness.
15-19 points = You need some work but every grizzly starts as a cub.
10-14 points = C’mon, dude. Turn off “Bridezillas” and go put a gorilla in a headlock.
5-9 points = Stop buying Justin Beiber CDs.
0-4 points = Deduct whatever points you have because you don’t deserve them. You’re a zero.

Pretty damn funny list.

Deployment game

Deployment game is like being in high school. Folks in authority are damned determined to keep folks from hooking up; approaching chicks can be awkward as there can be heavy penalties for having sex; social circles are small here so bombing out carries a higher penalty; most of us don’t have a place of our own; alcohol is hard to come by and almost no one has a car and despite it, a whole lot of fornicating is getting done

Logistics wins wars and the modern SMP/ MMP is a war. Before I left, I mailed myself 10 boxes, each with 10 pints of cheap booze. The kind that comes in plastic bottles. No need to be picky. Everybody makes bank over here; money doesn’t equal weight. Booze is the currency of choice. Men who would refuse a cash bribe will jump through hoops for a couple pints of cheap vodka. 1st priority is work, in this case meeting my crew, running through drills, learning my area of operation etc. Next on my list was linking up with the other crews and various special op’s units. It’s a small world and between me and the guys on the crew, we pretty much know someone in each outfit. Friend of a friend in the worst case. Through them, we’ve worked out a couple of deals, trading booze for beef, chicken, pork etc. While that was going on, I made a complete ass out of myself about having my crew housed together. The girl who manages the living quarters gave in to shut me up. This hurt some feelings; no one likes to move, including some of the guys on my crew. My guys got over it quickly once they realized what we’re creating. I sent some of my boys to liberate grills and picnic tables, had some additional 14 foot tall concrete barriers moved in to wall my crew’s living area off from everyone else’s (booze for favors), and assigned some men to establish our entertainment system… they acquired dartboards, a sound system, some high-tech movie projector you plug into a laptop, two refrigerators and one freezer (cost 10 pints) from one camp over. Ice is a big deal and that’s an important additional duty. I’ve assigned two groups of two men to get the maximum number of bags of ice form the ice point. Each day. Cokes and the like are available through the PX and chow hall. We’ve ordered food from online. I fell into a well stocked humidor. Major plus right there.

Girl#1 and #2 will send me 2-3 new boxes every few days for the rest of the time I’m here. My goal is to keep half for personal consumption, 25% for trading and sell another 25% of the pints. I was on a much bigger camp last trip and averaged 2K a month in liquor sales. I reckon this trip will be around the 1k range. The guys on my crew drink for free, but it’s rationed. Mostly to make sure no one gets out of hand. It would be all our asses if things get to wild. We’ll have to keep things low key for our long term party survival. Every one of us are mature men and professional. I’m not expecting any problems.

Logistics are set. We have steak and chicken for the grill, baked beans, and tatter salad to eat. We have tunes, two dartboards, movies, ice and booze. Tomorrow night will be our recon party, if all goes well, next week will bring in chicks. We’ll bbq, smoke cigars, talk shit and drink a few rounds every night we don’t have work. Friday nights will be the big nights where we break out the best chow and more booze. Fuck fest Friday. I’m stocking up extra chow for Sluto-ween. We’ll get a pair of turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Now on to girls. The main target will be other contractor chicks. These chicks come with attitudes. They are generally young, educated, making 6 figures plus, making it in a man’s world all on their own(LOL well protected by men with guns….). Poster girls for sex positive you go career girls. The male to female ratio adds an extra level of attitude. Mostly these chicks are bedding down with men in the various SpecOps outfits, or guys on their security detail (former SpecOps). Violence is sexy and violence is our specialty (or so the image goes). The blonde chick from the gym is going out of her way to chat with me. She was pissy about how much noise I was making when we 1st “meet”. From bitch to following me like a puppy. Apologizing to a woman leads to nowhere good, but a loud “who gives a fuck” won the day. Bad boy game, DHV etc etc. She’s an officer. This is good news. Past experience tells me it’s easier to trigger those party girl college memories. Officer have more to lose and more discretion. Blondie has this cute burnet side kick. I’ve been doing well with a girl from the crossfit gym, she told me I’m the manliest man she’s ever seen (said after watching me carry around big chunks of natural stones). I hear this pretty often. She approached me in our chow hall, trying out her own neg…. something about me eating so many tiny pears. I accused her of stalking me and things went from there. The “are you stalking me” line has worked well over the years. Course it’s in the delivery. I am killing time with this Native American chick from North Dakota. She is a little older then I prefer but has an amazing body (crossfit and yoga everyday) with a decent enough face. She will be coming over tonight. She’s cool and has a very pleasing disposition. Not the best looking girl but the lack of attitude is a major positive. Any rate, country girls who have moved to the big city for schooling and jobs has been a good demographic group for me. It’s hard for city dudes to live up to their accustom level of masculinity.

I’ve also pulled a number with good old fashion day game. We were walking across the compound, trailing behind these two girls. One of the two kept looking back at me, smiling, then turning to her friend and excitedly talking to her. The third time she did that I said, “hey darling, you can talk out loud, we all know my friend here is the sexist motherfucker on the compound”. This led to some laughs and her texting me so I could capture her number. The goal isn’t to bang all these broads, but to get them to show up at our bbq’s so someone on my crew can bang them. Setting up our own mini-compound has pissed off some folks (which I’ve ignored) but it has brought my crew closer. That’s the way things work. Set a higher standard, help men stand apart from the crowd and they will follow you.

Status is key. Everybody in this compound is special in some form or fashion. Almost everyone is young and in shape with advance degrees or very specialized training most likely equivalent to an advanced degree and high level security clearances. Everyone is making bank so money means next to nothing. Men who would normally have some higher status simply based on lifestyle and profession don’t because all the men here have the same basic status that comes with making your cash doing dangerous work. Attitude is all a man has. I have carved a niche for myself and the men on my crew. We will set ourselves apart from the crowd by being the party crew, the guys who bend the rules and who can get things. Grown up version of frat boy game I reckon. Experience says this will pay huge dividends in the SMP and the underground economy. Both go hand in hand. Build it and they will cum. Chicks will show up because we have music, good food and booze. Men will want invites because there will be girls. To get an invite requires a door charge; booze, food, favors or the ability to bring more girls. My ability to pull off the social scene has improved the moral of my crew.

I drive my crew hard. We drill every day. We have an allotment of training ammo and will burn through it every month. Everyone will practice various high speed driving maneuvers, most especially the drivers, and so on. I demand a lot more than the other team leads. I offset that by taking care of them. Not in the same way a woman would, but in the manner that counts among men; booze, bitches and flamed charred animal flesh. Yes ladies we are that simple

how to spend a rainy Saturday

How to spend a Saturday

Ride 128 miles, little under half of that in the rain. Smile the whole damn time because nothing much is finer then being on a bike in the rural South. Even when it rains.


prep the beef ribs. the apple pie is for drinking while you work

prep the beef ribs. the apple pie is for drinking while you work

put the beef ribs on the smoker

put the beef ribs on the smoker


make the sauce

make the sauce, that’s old sauce in the tupperware. I added the old batch to the new. Sort of like making shine.

Drink apple pie, watch John Wayne movies and tend the smoker for the next 6-7 hours