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Dumbest shit on the interwebz

These sort of things might damn well be the dumbest shit on the interwebz

That Red Dot On Your Chest Means My Daddy Is Watching — Ladies V-neck, Tee, Long Sleeve

Like the fuckers pimping that shirt or those buying it have actual trigger time, in actual no shit situations dropping once breathing tangos

How the fuck am I supposed to take dipshits like that serious? So I show up on my Harley to pick up their daughter and they are going to do what? Scare me with a t shirt? That stupid shit didn’t scare me when I was 17. Are they going to pull a gun? How do they think that shit will play out for them?

I am all about men Rangering the fuck up, but you don’t do that by thumping your weak ass chest as you buy a t shirt. These types of things are pure beta tells and a man can proceed without caution from that point forward.

Going fishing

I am leaving for Dubai 1 Dec and should be home with my darling girls by 3 Dec. They have already given me a to do list consisting of sex acts (one literally says jack hammer her into a stupor) and meals to cook. Life is good. Girl#2 is done with her master’s and Girl #3 is having a shindig for her at this bar on the ocean. Girl#2 doesn’t know when I am coming home so my presence at the party will be a surprise. She’ll cry.LOL So much for her strong independent woman cred. Which she is all about in her public persona but not at all in private or within our family. It will be good to see the Girls and the Hell Hounds.

I hear Boy has been out of control since I left, stepping up and being the man of the house… until he crosses Odin. Testing Odin is pure stupidity. Hopefully he settles down once I am home without having to make a big deal out of it

My Cobra won’t start. Gives me something to work on when I get home and it’s too cold to ride. My Fat Boy won’t start…… see above. Road King is good to go and my winter bike any which way

I am tired. Normally on the plane ride back I drink my ass off and try to get the air waitress pregnant. Right now all I see myself doing is sleeping. Getting sick really whipped my ass

Apparently there is some sort of news waiting on me when I get home. Supposed to be good news. LOL girls withholding intell…. That’s always dicey

Word always gets around. In this case it’s about me coming homing and various girls who use to be in my rotation. They are coming out of the wood work, most haven’t seen me in over a year. I’m ignoring them. I will spend New Years with Girl#1 and Black Beauty. She’ll be bringing Red Man and Little Beauty and I’ll have my nieces for part of Christmas. This will be the 1st time I have seen them since I ejected my sister in law, but my time off will have a lot of kids in it. Will be good to be Uncle Ton for awhile

Pre-selection and status. I run the whole crew here which in theory adds to my status but I think pre selection carries more weight. I have been chit chatting with this lovely Thai girl but not really getting anywhere until like two days ago. What changed that was her seeing me kiss a couple of girls at our party. Pre-selection seems like a subset of status to me but it’s the one that counts. Status is good it is extremely important to me to be held in the high regard of men and I know it helps a man generate the tingles but pre-selection is better for tingle production…. The Thai girl actually said I make her tingle

Butt sore betas trying to White Knight becomes a Troll

One of my posts over at RedPillGirlsNotes upset a beta. Shocker right? The comments are over there. en/#comments
Basically I said being pleasant toward a girl would not get a man a woman or keep her as the popularity of the man-o-sphere and Red Pill wisdom prove. Me and my darling Bloom got to chatting and I mentioned this story where a woman was giving me some guff but eventually asked me what did I like seeing in a woman. My reply was “I like seeing them nekkid” or some such, she called me a douche and a typical before spreading her legs for me and admitting to always wanting but never finding a sexually aggressive and dominate man. Think on that for a moment fellas. When we were bullshit she said she like nice guys, kind, funny etc and then she sleeps with me. That is the man-o-sphere in a nut shell. To this the butt sore blue pill beta called me a douche and an asshole… which I laughed at because as I have said before I have banged pretty much every chick who has called me a douche bag or asshole. I asked the butt sore beta to travel over here where he was shocked Bloomed agreed ( to whatever extent) about challenges, risks and hardship coupled with masculine mentor-ship builds men. In fact it is the only way to build a man worthy of that glorious title. What would really shock him is how many likes I get from various lady bloggers who I don’t shoot the shit with. To the unaware that what I write here has a female readership who does not troll me will seem odd. Reality is women crave masculinity and it’s a world they are excluded from, so my place is a way for them to peer into the locker room. Chicks dig that stuff and I have great lady readers/ commenters. The butt sore blue bill beta is unable to understand this because he thinks men and women are the same.

When I asked Wilson for an actual counter argument to anything I said he wrote
Yeah you sound like a fucking moron. Women are people, yes they are people with vaginas and vaginas are awesome but they’re still people. There’s no code or system on relating to them, grow the fuck up.

Powerful counter statement that but I will endeavor to counter his counter statement

This friend is an excellent example of the butt sore blue pill beta in action. Notice the personal animosity toward me for simply having a different world view. He is pissed because he knows douche bags like me bang more chicks. Probably as we speak some douche bag is banging the chick he is orbiting but being a beta he lacks the balls to punch that dude in the face so he woman’s up and hits the internet. Lots of attempt at shamming language too. This is always a good sign as he has nothing to actually argue from.

I know fuck all about my readership but you who comment are Red Pill aware and not new to what all goes into backing up Red Pill wisdom. From that point of view saying there is no system to developing attraction sounds nutty. Why? Because there are universals in the SMP, a system if you will for men and women. Does that mean 100% of men and women want the same things in the opposite sex? Of course not but it means the overwhelming majority of folks want the same, though each person will see those traits differently.

The easy example is women liking tall men. This cannot be denied. The research is too extensive. Does this mean women will not date short men? Nope but the short man has to bring more to the table then the taller man. Nor does it mean all women prefer tall men. I have dated women taller than me where height wasn’t an issue and I have been shut down by women who were 6 inches shorter than me because I wasn’t tall enough. Such is life but women’s preference for taller men is too well researched and to expansive to be considered a fluke and it’s damn near universals.

Men like slender women with tits and ass. Does that mean an average girl is doomed? Of course not. She just needs to bring more to the table then the girl with a flat belly, pretty face and double D’s. Sure some guys like to go hogging buts a weird fetish or driven by extreme thirst and not the norm.

This carries over into masculine attitudes women find sexually attractive. The research is stout when it comes to women preferring confidence and the Dark Tirade of personality traits. Done deal. Not all women but most. We also know her preference will change depending on where she is in her fertility cycle. Research again is stout.

Game is merely an extension of these sorts of theme. Game lays out the broad spectrum of human attraction which is damn near universal. Where it is not is application and how a woman will view your words and actions. For example girls like displays of dominance but that doesn’t mean she will view any one guys display as dominant. You can do X and crash and burn; some other dude can do X to the same chick and make her damp in the pants. Such is life. Or so I think that’s how Game is explained. I am not an expert on Game and don’t consider myself a Pick UP Artist etc.

Now here’s the deal…. I don’t see how women’s preference makes them bitches etc. It simply is what it is. And I say that as a guy who is about 7 inches shorter than the ideal ( I think it is 6’2”). I love women and adore spending time with properly behaved women. My work and hobbies are all male and masculine. I do think women are very limited in their capabilities, but this is a feature not a bug. It’s only a bug when men and society see women as the same as men. Equal before God? Hells yes. Equal in abilities, talents and drive? Hell no, but that inequality is important. Let me use justice as an example. Women have a different view of justice then men. The ancients knew this and we see it play out in the here and now when they will rationalize criminal behavior like he needed the money to buy shoes for his mom so he shouldn’t do jail time( bad boy with a heart of gold game?). Men typical have a much more black and white concept of justice. A woman’s sense of justice is valuable within a family yet makes for hell on earth when applied to society at large. I don’t see where men’s preference makes us shallow or immature. The lady has to pass the boner test, once that is done all sorts of factors come into play for long term deals. We are biologically programmed robots to a large degree and we can only overcome that program by so much, especially in a society that isn’t trying to help people do so.

To hit up the last bit of blue pill folly I give you:
Good lord youre 42 not 82, you have plenty of time. Wilson regarding our dearest Blooms wish to remarry once again demonstrating he knows nothing about the SMP/MMP
Now really off topic but I had this conversation with my boss. He is my age, pretty good guy, fit and tall, advance degree and some time as a Lt in the same Ranger Batt as me before getting his masters degree and pulling a desk job in the defense industry. He asked me how the hell I pulled girls so much younger than me because young girls do not like old men. I disagree about that young girls not going for older men. I will concede that typical young girls are not into the typical older man but here’s the thing; they are into men with accomplishments and that’s where I come in. And not just me. I don’t want to imply anything about the following men but do you think a man like Rollo, BV or BB would have problems pulling significantly younger women? The answer is hell no. Even then it won’t be all younger women but enough to keep them busy.

Random observations of life and the SMP down range

I get the personal status report every day. There are 12 hog-legs for every whisker-biscuit. I’ve been on camps where it was 78 to 1. Each girl has her orbiters and among those orbiters, there is some dude who thinks he’s making real progress with her. In steps a guy with some level of game and another butt-sore beta is born. When you 1st show up here, you are out of the loop on everything. Every girl who wants some dick is already getting it. You have to poach someone else’s mate if you want to get laid. Guys who bitch about the level of competition state side would shit kittens here. The girl I am killing time with was surrounded by orbiters, all trying to be her friend and do things for her. I called her a lesbian and asked her questions like how her softball team was doing? What kind of diet she was on, and if her girl friend was the jealous type. Pretty standard operating procedure


Women here have an even more unrealistic view of their SMP value. We don’t have many swamp donkeys but even the swamp donkeys have 3+ guys in their rotation, if they want and the swamp donkeys’ want. They need to cram a lifetime of dick in their one year contract since when they rotate back to the world they will be back to the near bottom of the SMP barrel. Some stay here just for the dick. Thus (relative) alpha widows are born. This makes a lot of their attitudes even worse than stateside as well.


There is a husband/ wife combo here on camp and yes she is fucking other dudes from the security detail. Looking at her husband answers the question why. Man-o-sphere wisdom says marriage is for betas. I disagree. Women treat beta’s badly and they get to shit on their beta husbands even more with cash and prizes waiting when they exit


Everyone here is upper middle class in income if not social standing. The kid driving a forklift is making 90k; my boys are doing 135 a year working 6 weeks on/ 6 weeks off. Most of the men are blue collar in nature; the women are most assuredly enthralled with the UMC lifestyle, with all its useless spending on status symbols, funny coffee, travel etc. My crew seems to be of mostly middle class and rural background which is the norm, though they do somewhat follow the UMC lifestyle script. Mostly centered on diet and types of food they like. My boys, they like their chow, including fancy chow and their fancy coffee etc. which seems to be true of their generation of middle class kids. Most of my guys are spending their money on what you’d expect cars, trucks, bikes, guns, tattoos, booze and pussy. One guy paid $2500 to bang some English porn star. I don’t get it. I try to spend no more than $30 per 1st time bang. I have a few older guys who want to pay off their house so they can live off their retirement check and maybe be a greeter @ wall mart. No one I know has actually done that. The wall mart greeter deal. To driven. A few men are saving up for various business venture, a few more trying to pay their wives way through doctor school or some such but mostly its sharp young guys who want to stock up on toys and party before going to college on the GI Bill. They know they will make a lot less money when they enter the real world and don’t want to carry any debt while living some version of the UMC dream.


One of the guys on my crew is leaving when the weather warms up to try his hand at fishing in Alaska, or smoke jumping. Basically it’s his goal to work a bunch of crazy ass jobs for no more than two years and going to college at the last possible moment his GI Bill benefits will expire. As you can imagine this guy is the life of the party and swimming in pussy even here.


Most of the men in my crew are at the height of their SMP value. They will not make this kind of money when they settle into their real jobs, nor will they have this much time to work out and focus on their social life. When they go back stateside they are fit, loaded and ready to party. For those who go to college, that will be the height of the SMP value. They’ll slay ass when they go to college. The other men at college will be boys, with no money and stories centered on high school events. I lived this when I was in Hawaii and went to college for two years or so. These men will have a man’s life experience, nice cars etc and spending cash.


Another popular life plan with us is buying a small farm in cash then working some lame job for spending cash. These are men who are turning their backs on the world but not on women. A goodly number of these guys also want families; they want a life centered on family and farm while the world goes to hell. This seems to be a White guy mindset. I don’t know Black or Latinos working the same plan. It’s about 50/50 on farm kids vs men who have never farmed before. There is something about the White man’s soul which is rooted to the soil. This is more or less my plan too. More proof I’m not a special little snow flake.


There are five big bonuses about the local SMP. #1) Quality of women. Most girls are young and fit. There are very few middle age girls or swamp donkeys and no land-whales. Lots of 7’s, a few 8’s. This lets a man approach a lot of women. #2) there is a what happens in the A-stan stays in the A-stan mindset making girls more sexually adventurous than normal.#3 ) their college days of wild sluthood is not far behind them so it’s easy for them to slip back into that role#4) most people here are on the same level. She might have a master’s degree, but the men have specialized training. The nerds have top secret security clearances and do important military intelligences type stuff. Everyone has traveled internationally, etc. #5) Most of us are middle 20’s and older and there aren’t a lot of silly games about being sexual beings. I would also mention most men don’t have any kind of game skill set, but that is true where ever you go.
The pinnacle for men here is the security detail. The guys doing the perimeter security are from the Czech Republic. There job isn’t as “exciting” as ours, but they have guns and accents. They are, for the most part tall, well built, well groomed etc and they are cleaning up with the chicks who want some out group jiz in their baby maker. Their biggest fans seem to be the two Black chicks on the camp. That’s doubling down on the out group jiz factor. My guys are probably doing the best overall, mostly I reckon because there is no language barrier and our party spot, but we have our betas and faithful married men and still most of my guys are not getting laid. The guy doing the best is an intell nerd. He is one pretty mo-fo, tall, 6’2”, well built, speaks a couple different languages and has worked around the SOCOM community his whole life. The Brothers are at the bottom, mostly because of the work they do here; logistics and maintenance. Good honest work, but bad for tingles, especially for 20 something girls who are already making 6 figures and what not. We have a couple of air crews with us. That’s a hit or miss lot. For whatever reason, most of them are older fat, White dudes, but a few are younger, fit etc.


My secretary is 5 foot nothing and was as cute as cute gets. She was dating a guy who is 6’4” because he makes her feel safe. I asked her, who could do a better job protecting her, her boy friend or the smallest, weakest guy on my crew? Puzzled looks was her answer. Height or the lack of it is a huge disadvantage for men and women rationalize their height fetish in whatever way that makes sense for her hamster. I say was cute and was dating because she recently cut her hair real short. She is no longer cute and her boy friend told her it’s over. You go girl. She destroyed her SMP value on a whim, his height will always be there


I am killing time with this wonderful Native American chick from North Dakota. Well wonderful most of the time. She recently figured out I didn’t know her name and referred to her as darling etc all because of it. She did her best to ignore my stateside domestic life, but is curious now. Poly, or the idea of it is more popular than people think. She follows me like a puppy and has gone from the semi SIW type, to fetching things for me and what not. I achieved this the way I always do, but the process is cruder then I care to get into. Any rate, her mother left her Beta father when she was 4. Her father is a somebody these days and flew out to see her. She showed her father nothing but respect, love and affection and he handled the age difference between the two of us with an aloof detachment. I don’t know the kind of man he was 23 years ago, but he’s a fucking Boss in the here and now


Our dog handlers are a fucking riot, and I have never been on a small compound with this many K9’s. I enjoy watching them work their dogs, and a few that are not protection dogs have been coming to our BBQ’s. I am trying to get some training time in with them, but haven’t worked anything out yet. American White folks are unabashed dog fanatics.


Otherwise we are becoming known as The Spot. Word is getting out, people are asking for invites. The trick now is pulling more women into the weekly BBQ’s then men. I am not well liked outside my crew, in part because I keep telling dudes no. The guy who actually runs this place is pissed off with me because I am working on building a BBQ spot and dead set on keeping everyone out ( besides the women). He lacks the balls to make a real issue out it. We acquired a shit ton of lumber and are trying to figure out what to do with it. There are very few sidewalks; mostly you walk on crushed gravel. It sucks. I want to basically build a deck, about 8”s above ground level across our entire mini compound, or use it to build more walls and add more privacy. Some guys want to build a gazebo or three. I get it, they would be cool, but I hate walking on those fucking rocks.


I overheard one of my crew arguing with his wife about Thanksgiving plans. His answer to whatever she was asking was “I don’t care”. Brothers if you have a woman you want to keep around you are done saying “I don’t care”. She is asking for input, asking you to take control. This is a fitness test and saying “I don’t care” is failing it. Care, don’t care, just make a decision and move the fuck out about it. And that’s what she wants too. It makes her feel secure. It has fallen out of favor but if you watch older movies lots of women will call their lover Daddy. It’s about her feeling secure, protected and therefore cherished. When you punt on these minor decisions you shake her sense of security and being cherished which only feeds her need to shit test you again.

Deployment game

Deployment game is like being in high school. Folks in authority are damned determined to keep folks from hooking up; approaching chicks can be awkward as there can be heavy penalties for having sex; social circles are small here so bombing out carries a higher penalty; most of us don’t have a place of our own; alcohol is hard to come by and almost no one has a car and despite it, a whole lot of fornicating is getting done

Logistics wins wars and the modern SMP/ MMP is a war. Before I left, I mailed myself 10 boxes, each with 10 pints of cheap booze. The kind that comes in plastic bottles. No need to be picky. Everybody makes bank over here; money doesn’t equal weight. Booze is the currency of choice. Men who would refuse a cash bribe will jump through hoops for a couple pints of cheap vodka. 1st priority is work, in this case meeting my crew, running through drills, learning my area of operation etc. Next on my list was linking up with the other crews and various special op’s units. It’s a small world and between me and the guys on the crew, we pretty much know someone in each outfit. Friend of a friend in the worst case. Through them, we’ve worked out a couple of deals, trading booze for beef, chicken, pork etc. While that was going on, I made a complete ass out of myself about having my crew housed together. The girl who manages the living quarters gave in to shut me up. This hurt some feelings; no one likes to move, including some of the guys on my crew. My guys got over it quickly once they realized what we’re creating. I sent some of my boys to liberate grills and picnic tables, had some additional 14 foot tall concrete barriers moved in to wall my crew’s living area off from everyone else’s (booze for favors), and assigned some men to establish our entertainment system… they acquired dartboards, a sound system, some high-tech movie projector you plug into a laptop, two refrigerators and one freezer (cost 10 pints) from one camp over. Ice is a big deal and that’s an important additional duty. I’ve assigned two groups of two men to get the maximum number of bags of ice form the ice point. Each day. Cokes and the like are available through the PX and chow hall. We’ve ordered food from online. I fell into a well stocked humidor. Major plus right there.

Girl#1 and #2 will send me 2-3 new boxes every few days for the rest of the time I’m here. My goal is to keep half for personal consumption, 25% for trading and sell another 25% of the pints. I was on a much bigger camp last trip and averaged 2K a month in liquor sales. I reckon this trip will be around the 1k range. The guys on my crew drink for free, but it’s rationed. Mostly to make sure no one gets out of hand. It would be all our asses if things get to wild. We’ll have to keep things low key for our long term party survival. Every one of us are mature men and professional. I’m not expecting any problems.

Logistics are set. We have steak and chicken for the grill, baked beans, and tatter salad to eat. We have tunes, two dartboards, movies, ice and booze. Tomorrow night will be our recon party, if all goes well, next week will bring in chicks. We’ll bbq, smoke cigars, talk shit and drink a few rounds every night we don’t have work. Friday nights will be the big nights where we break out the best chow and more booze. Fuck fest Friday. I’m stocking up extra chow for Sluto-ween. We’ll get a pair of turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Now on to girls. The main target will be other contractor chicks. These chicks come with attitudes. They are generally young, educated, making 6 figures plus, making it in a man’s world all on their own(LOL well protected by men with guns….). Poster girls for sex positive you go career girls. The male to female ratio adds an extra level of attitude. Mostly these chicks are bedding down with men in the various SpecOps outfits, or guys on their security detail (former SpecOps). Violence is sexy and violence is our specialty (or so the image goes). The blonde chick from the gym is going out of her way to chat with me. She was pissy about how much noise I was making when we 1st “meet”. From bitch to following me like a puppy. Apologizing to a woman leads to nowhere good, but a loud “who gives a fuck” won the day. Bad boy game, DHV etc etc. She’s an officer. This is good news. Past experience tells me it’s easier to trigger those party girl college memories. Officer have more to lose and more discretion. Blondie has this cute burnet side kick. I’ve been doing well with a girl from the crossfit gym, she told me I’m the manliest man she’s ever seen (said after watching me carry around big chunks of natural stones). I hear this pretty often. She approached me in our chow hall, trying out her own neg…. something about me eating so many tiny pears. I accused her of stalking me and things went from there. The “are you stalking me” line has worked well over the years. Course it’s in the delivery. I am killing time with this Native American chick from North Dakota. She is a little older then I prefer but has an amazing body (crossfit and yoga everyday) with a decent enough face. She will be coming over tonight. She’s cool and has a very pleasing disposition. Not the best looking girl but the lack of attitude is a major positive. Any rate, country girls who have moved to the big city for schooling and jobs has been a good demographic group for me. It’s hard for city dudes to live up to their accustom level of masculinity.

I’ve also pulled a number with good old fashion day game. We were walking across the compound, trailing behind these two girls. One of the two kept looking back at me, smiling, then turning to her friend and excitedly talking to her. The third time she did that I said, “hey darling, you can talk out loud, we all know my friend here is the sexist motherfucker on the compound”. This led to some laughs and her texting me so I could capture her number. The goal isn’t to bang all these broads, but to get them to show up at our bbq’s so someone on my crew can bang them. Setting up our own mini-compound has pissed off some folks (which I’ve ignored) but it has brought my crew closer. That’s the way things work. Set a higher standard, help men stand apart from the crowd and they will follow you.

Status is key. Everybody in this compound is special in some form or fashion. Almost everyone is young and in shape with advance degrees or very specialized training most likely equivalent to an advanced degree and high level security clearances. Everyone is making bank so money means next to nothing. Men who would normally have some higher status simply based on lifestyle and profession don’t because all the men here have the same basic status that comes with making your cash doing dangerous work. Attitude is all a man has. I have carved a niche for myself and the men on my crew. We will set ourselves apart from the crowd by being the party crew, the guys who bend the rules and who can get things. Grown up version of frat boy game I reckon. Experience says this will pay huge dividends in the SMP and the underground economy. Both go hand in hand. Build it and they will cum. Chicks will show up because we have music, good food and booze. Men will want invites because there will be girls. To get an invite requires a door charge; booze, food, favors or the ability to bring more girls. My ability to pull off the social scene has improved the moral of my crew.

I drive my crew hard. We drill every day. We have an allotment of training ammo and will burn through it every month. Everyone will practice various high speed driving maneuvers, most especially the drivers, and so on. I demand a lot more than the other team leads. I offset that by taking care of them. Not in the same way a woman would, but in the manner that counts among men; booze, bitches and flamed charred animal flesh. Yes ladies we are that simple