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and then there was 2 or…. Next

I gave Girl#2 the big Next yesterday. She was at my house for the weekend, all the Girls were, and got to feeling combative. As one can imagine I don’t put up with much and in the course of our “discussion” she said “you know what Ton? FUCK YOU”. I stopped what I was doing, smiled at her and left the room to pack her shit. She was to busy with her phone to notice. Before long, I had her shit packed and at the her car. I pulled Girl#3 aside and told her what was about to go down. She was torn, but I gave her the “deiced now or leave” deal and elected to stay. Her only concern was how she would get home since Girl#2 drove.

With that resolved  I stood over top of Girl#2 and told her to get the fuck out of my house. She threw a fit, I told her I would call the cops if she did not leave. Her invitation was revoked and she is trespassing. She was stunned, melting down etc, so I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward the car. She threw a screaming shit fit when she saw her bags by her car and I mean screaming and carrying on. Again I told her she had to leave or I would call the cops. I turned my back to her and she struck me. As I knew she would. I told her if she hit me again I would respond in self-defense. She started screaming all manner of obscenities at me and about me as I walked into the house.

Once I was in the house I sent her a text message; leave or I will call the cops. She elected to throw her shit all over my yard and as I was blocking her number in my cell phone. I told the rest of my Girls to do the same. She left once she was done flinging poo like a monkey.

I boxed up her stuff and put it in the mail today.

We are done. No explanation, no complaints, no none of that bullshit. Just “we are done; get the fuck out of my home or I will call the cops”. I have “fuck you” as an automatic trigger point. Years ago I made the decision to reject any woman who told me “fuck you” or “fuck off” etc. All my trigger points are predetermined. That way I am not making decisions in the heat of the moment. You do this in combat as well


The remaining Girls are somewhat shaken up. To them, this is a shitty weekend event. To me its just like any other Sunday. My casual and buiness like attitude toward ejecting Girl#2 has them all over the map emotionally. Good emotions, bad emotions…. doesn’t matter. Its the intensity of the experience that keeps the tingles going and both the remaining Girls were lubed up Sunday night.


As for me, I’ll waste no more time or effort on her. Next them and next them hard then go bang her friends. Her bitching about you will get them lubed up for you.

Perpetual Shit Tests

In my random man o sphere readings, I came across some guys asking about the never ending nature of shit tests. I think this stems from three basic issues #1a particularity weak woman, who for whatever reason requires more reassurance then typical #2 a man with a weak masculine frame and #3 women rarely see their man express any kind of dominance to the outside world causing her to subconsciously question his frame. She also rarely sees him at work, which is a typical place for men to engage in the kind of competitive things that lube her up and lets her know she chose wisely.


#1) there isn’t much we can directly do about women who require more reassurance then average. Most likely that came about due to events beyond her control, and it is not reasonable for her to approach this, or any topic in a rational manner. However I do see feminism causing women to be weak and needy. Why? Because feminism says she is just like a man, as tough and as strong and as good in shitty situations as any man going. She judges herself against other men, and often enough against high value men and one of the ways men earn their high value is by being better then average when the shit hits the fan. Regardless of what kind of shit or what kind of fan. I cannot began to count how many dumb ass bitches have told me they are as tough as me, or as strong or “can take me” etc etc. Sure those all shit tests, but they are shit tests created by the false notion of equality and the blank slate theory . Any rate, any woman who compares herself to men is going to come up short and become full of self doubt. One of the reasons women cannot approach this need in a rational manner is feminism which turns women away from honest dealings with men as it tries to turn women into poor imitations men


#2) fix your frame. Frame is damn near everything in life. As I have said countless times, I am not in the fake it till you make it crowd and I do not believe you will ever have a strong masculine frame with out developing a strong sense of masculine pride. We also know to my reckoning that means over coming challenges that pose serious risks. My favrotie recommendation is learning how to fight because it requires a lot of effort, over coming pain and fear and is more readily available then most avenues.  Getting into SOCOM takes a while and will drastically change your life. Learning to fight MMA will take 10 hours a week or so and you can learn MMA while you work full time. All manner of things will build that frame. I use to occasionally hangout with pro surfers in Hawaii. Those guys had frame, but it can be pretty damn hard to learn how to surf in most places.


#3) is both a blessing and a curse. Living in soft times and polite society has it appeals but sadly is the death of masculinity. Still I reckon an over all improvement in your frame will help address this. I got to thinking this lack of handling routine challenges in front of your woman ( or women seeing men do this in their daily life) sets a man up for more shit tests because of two events. One not so recent and the other pretty damn. Girl#1 is not much for shit tests but she still manged to reduce the number of them after the local urban youths tried to culturally enrich us. She also told me, when I got back, that event gave her a greater appreciation for what I do when down range. I cannot recall any shit tests from her in the 90 or so days I was in Afghanistan after that event. That’s a 1st. Basically she went from knowing I was capable to knowing I am capable. I reckon that’s a big difference in her mind.¬† A few days back Girl#3 commented on how when I get in peoples way( at the airport in this case) they apologized to me, dipped their head and moved out. She claims the 1st time she noticed this was when we were attending a military ball where I was all duded up, the only man not in uniform and officers and senior enlisted both deferred to me. These are not things I ever noticed but she has

So that dominating in the outside world does not have to be slaying dragons. I reckon men deferring to you is enough to raise your social standing and ease up on the shit tests.



editors notes I am shit faced on bourbon and Elvis Presley so if this post blows in the morning I’ll take it down