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The Ton and Training

I am still training to the extent my lung damage allows, mainly focused on maintaining a certain mid range level of strength and maximising my anaerobic conditioning

Which means mostly kettlebells. Kettlebells are only half a lift so they are not particularly taxing on the CNS or joints…. as long as you keep your shoulders packed/ pulled back, they do better then ok for functional strength and help maintain speed. Not to mention blow out the lungs

I am doing my best to train twice a day, 5-6 times a week, kettlebells in the morning, prehab/ rehab and certian skills I don’t want to loose.

Going to lay this out in an assbackward manner, meaning my second workout of the day 1st and in a best case scenario.

My second work out of the day is mostly sledgehammering and old tractor tire. 8lb hammer, 3 mins of work, 1 minute of rest, no more then 5 work sets. I’m going to do this at least twice a wek, maybe everyday depending on how I feel. It’s always been remarkably good for my shoulders and back, gets me breathing heavy without crushing my ablity to recover.

2nd most common second work out is… throwing a medicine ball around. I have this soft’ish 10 pound med ball. I’ll set the timer on my phone for 20 mins. I throw the ball. Walk over to it. Pick it up. Throw it again, rinse repeate. Switch out the type of throw every 10 reps. Chest pass for 10 reps. Overhead pass 10 reps. Granny throw frontwards and straight up for 10 reps, granny throw backwards and overhead for 10 reps. Really looking for height and the triple extension on them granny throws. Do this no more then twice a week.

10 rounds on the heavy bag, 60 seconds of work, 60 seconds or rest. I’m going to work the same 3 combinations for most of those rounds, all power shots, all the time. I will regularly throw single power shots for the whole round. When I do that I will be working 2’s, 3’s, short right elbow, right knee shots, strong side shin kicks. Always once a week. Can’t do that anymore then once a week.

Morning kettlebells……

Warm up is always the same, bullet proof coffee, 4 sets of 8 reps of dumbbell curls/ supper set with 4 sets of 8 reps over head tricpe extensions. My elbows are pretty mobile at this point. Sometimes I add icey hot

KB training day #1 double kettlebells, going to use 32kg/ 71’ish pounds……Dead snatches for 4 reps/ dead cleans for 4 reps/ overhead press for 4 reps. Not sure the work time but I take 2-3 mins of rest. 4-5 work sets

Kettlebell day #2 is an active rest day. Single 12kg/ 25’ish pounds. 20 swings, 30 seconds rest. Right foot forward. 20 swings, 30 seconds of rest. Left foor forward, 20 swings, 30 seconds of rest. Traditional stance, 20 swings. 60 seconds of rest. Might do this 3 times. 4 if I am feeling really good, typically going to do this twice

Day 3; double 12kg. 10 swings, 10 snatches, 5 hanging snatches, 90 seconds of rest. 10 swings, 10 swings with high pulls, 5 hanging snatches. 90 seconds of rest. Looking for 8 total sets which is about 10 mins of work time. Hardest day of the week. Lungs are screaming

Day 4, just like day 2

Day 5. Just like day 3

Day 6. Single, 24kg/ 53’ish pounds. Dead snatch for 4 reps, dead clean for 4 reps, overhead press for four reps, switch hands, repete. 60 seconds of rest. Overhead press 4 reps, one arm row for 4 reps, dead cleans for reps. 60 seconds of rest. Looking for a total of 8 sets.

Once a month I will do some strong man training. I will power clean to push press for max weight using a 2″ bar. Don’t normally go more them 265 for one rep. Takes 4-5 sets to get . Atlas stone…… 3-5 reps for 3-5 sets of the only stone I still own. Weighs about 220 pounds. Farmers walk, 110 pounds per hand. Looking to do 200 yards in total. Might be 8 trips of 25 yards, might be 2 trips of a hundred yards or 4 trips for 50 yards. No work rest cycle. I take the rest I need, probably no more then 3 mins, most likely 2. How I feel the next day will dictate the rest of the week. Might be a normal full week. Might just be active rest and sledgehammering with some boxing mid week

Diet; interemeint fasting, 12hours on, 12 hours off. I’m a low carb dude by default 5 days a week. I drink sweet tea and Cherwine on the weekends…. ain’t ever been able to stop that shit. I couldn’t do the fasting when I was more serious about training but isn’t a problem now

Drug use 100mgs of tes P every day. I’ll double that if needs be but don’t typically do more then 100mgs. 200mgs of oral primo everyday. 100 mgs of winny every other day or 50 mgs of anavar everyday. 40mgs of nolvadex everyday, 60-80mcgs of clen everyday. 5 IU’s of HgH per day.

Let’s see… I still prefer to train outdoors. I have a metal carport to train under these days. Can run fans there when its insanely hot, might enclose it for the winter. I train barefoot which has been good for my knees and feet, Med ball throws and farmers walk are always out in the weather. And I always wear shoes for those. Most weeks I am doing 4-6 rounds vs 8. I never do more then 8. Tired it, was very hard to recover from

Dialing this in has been a huge quality of life improvement. I walk around at about 230 these days. Down about 57 pounds from when I cracked 900 in the squat and 365 in the push press. Still keeping that same 14’ish % body fat because any lower and I get weak and sickly. I still have that werid power lifter belly but I can turn my head in the full range of motion, wipe my own ass, tie my own shoes and bang The Girls 2-3 times a day. Not as often as when i was doing a lot more gear but a hell of a lot more often when I was in the ICU for months at a time

Fear vs Man; best win this one

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear
HP Lovecraft


No shit, there I was at lunch with some friends. 4 of them. My bidness partner/ mentor JHT, and three men I have known since my Ranger Bat days; one of whom I went on to be extra special with (JB), the other left us to become a pilot, eventually flying Little Birds of the attack sort for the US Army’s Special Operations Aviation Regiment(MW)

Yeah, I have a bidness mentor. The legal bindess thing is new-ish to me and I run most ideas past JHT. JHT is one of the best men to walk the planet since Christ. If all men were like him we wouldn’t need cops, armies, lawyers or locks on our doors. He is a Vietnam vet and saw some serious shit; the kind of shit that makes him a living legend to the men coming up the ranks but he is a humble legend and has refused offers to have his exploits listed in the Airborne and Special-Ops Museum, though I am hoping he will change his mind while his grandkids are still young enough to think he’s cool. Any rate, JHT is also a serious backwoods business man. You’d never tell to look at him but he has made millions over the years in a wide range of businesses. Hillbilly rags to riches story. He doesn’t do much these days–enough to keep busy–but he is a man who knows what’s what.

I know JHT from some hobbies we share and he helped me go legit, turning side hustles into legit business… or mostly legit. He also helped my friend JB and now he is helping MW. In the land of the insanely tough and crazy is a requirement, no one is tougher then JB. JB’s civilian life is on a roll and he won some awards from a veteran group for making the transition from retired door kicker to successful bidness man, and then for mentoring other vets in his particular field. Its good to see what he has accomplished in the real world; many of us worried he’d not do well after retirement.

MW has recently retired and has decided to move back to the Bragg area. Like JB and I, he spent some time down range as a contractor to build up a bank roll with the intent to buy a business. He purchased one of JHT’s gigs. Its a good one too. Big time money maker, or will be once MW puts some energy into the place

What one man fears might be another man’s good time, like jumping out of airplanes but all healthy men experience fear; fear is right and natural. None of us 4 have ever been fraidy-cats. The only time I have experienced real, near on shit your pants fear was while earning my way into being extra special. By that time I had sold drugs, ran shine, fought in the ring and bars, did time juvenile time in an adult cage, jumped out of planes, blown some shit up, got blown up and been in more then a few firefights. None of that scared me; by scared I mean the damn near crippling kind of fear. Most of that shit just made my cock hard.  The type of fear I was used to was of the, “Dear God, don’t let me fuck up and get my crew killed,” kind of fear. Scart for what I might do to my crew and my reputation among men


“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
— Frank Herbert, Dune


The 1st time I experienced real fear was at night and involved water. A dark fucking night, as in no natural illumination, and by water I mean underneath the water of this low visibility lake that you could barely see shit in during the day because of all the silt and by fear I mean I had been leery of water my whole fucking life, never swam in it at night for fun and now I am blind as a fucking bat with no echolocation, X number of feet below the surface of the water, fighting off X number of guys who are trying to drown me. Like, someone would attack me, someone else would fuck with my gear during the attack and I had to fight the one(or more) dude off then find the fault with my gear and repair it before drowning. Fun, right?

That was the last time the water ever scart me. I never worried about dying from bullets or bombs but drowning… holy shit did that used to bother me, but one of the purposes of training is to kill fear.


“A man who has been in danger,
When he comes out of it forgets his fears,”

Euripides – Iphigenia in Tauris (414-12 BC)

Any rate, no shit there we are, in the most upscale restaurant in our area(which is saying some shit because our area includes a super zip code and one of the most prestigious golf courses in the USA) enjoying the booze, company and some well aged, bone-in rib eyes, and MW said signing for JHT’s old business was the scariest thing he ever did. Weak in the knees, “Oh, Lord, what did I do,” sort of fear. Now MW wasn’t ever the toughest son of a bitch to earn a scroll but in the land of the tough and crazy he was damn near the craziest one. Then he goes and learns to fly, then learns to fly them little birds into the shit–and I mean right down barrel of whatever might be shooting at him to dump his payload all over the other guys.  MW has balls, big fucking brass ones.

This is the sort of shit MW did for a living

So we got to talking about it. I was the only pussy who’s most scart moment of his life was pre combat diver qualification course. JB and JHT both said it was signing on their 1st business. Me? a little less so then them dudes, but it wasn’t as much fun as a fire fight. All 4 of us have done some shit common sense would tell you is more scary then opening a bidness, yet it was it.


“Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it.”
—- Lt. John B. Putnam Jr. (1921-1944)

Why should it be that 4 experienced combat vets were more freaked out about starting a business then getting shot at? Surely age is a part of it. At 20 we were young, dumb and full of cum, literally too stupid and high on testosterone to realize we were doing dangerous shit and that said dangerous shit could in fact shit all over us.

That’s the base line. We were adrenaline junkies before the term was coined, but we were also trained. Training teaches your body and mind how to react to certain stimuli: the better trained you are, the less you worry about what comes your way…. as long as that training matches your shit your facing.

None of us were trained to run a small business. Well I sort of was. I was pretty good at stealing cars, manufacturing and selling controlled substances and bootlegging. Not just when I was a kid, but I got into the boot legging/ manufacturing and selling controlled substances after my divorce. I grew up in the 6th poorest county in America. We weren’t the poorest family by any measure but I saw enough of poverty to hate it and I’d be double dipped in pig shit before I live that poor again.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


Without training, knowledge, understanding and wisdom we are basically children

The reason why so many men fear rejection and struggle with women in the SMP is due to a lack of training, knowledge, understanding and wisdom

Fear is a good thing, it keep you alive, being afraid of a 20 foot gator is fucking smart  but if you have to cross that river you have to cross it but you can cross it with intelligent planing. Swimming said river wearing pork chop undershorts is fucking stupid, killing said gator or inviting a boat then crossing doesn’t make you a pussy. It makes you an apex predator. Overcoming your fears makes you a man, builds your frame with none of this fake-it-till-you- make it bullshit. Fear gives you the chance to create solutions, overcoming fear drives life and creates excellence. If we didn’t fear dying of exposure we wouldn’t have built houses.

“The hero and the coward both feel exactly the same fear, only the hero confronts his fear and converts it into fire.”

Cus D’Amato
Overcoming fear allows you to be the hero in your own life. Where responsible parents go wrong is raising up a boy to be a “good” man vs being good at being a man. Behaving because you are afraid doesn’t make you a good man; it makes you a pussy.
Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed:Joshua 1;9
For this mission parents need two books:The Old Testament and The Way of Men. Read The Way of Men 1st. Its shorter and easier to understand; this is the broad strokes. Most of the Old Testament heroes are bad ass. Men of war, action and valor. My main man Shamgar killed 600 dudes with an ox goad. We don’t know much about him; we have his name, who came before him, who came after, and he saved His nation by killing 600 men with a farm tool. That’s all the Almighty God needs us to know about the man.
Teach boys all versions of strength, physical, mental, spiritual and physiological. Build up their Frame. Teach them to be a man among men. Teach them women are never more then 3rd on his to do list and that the bitches who turn him down lost out and did him a favor. Teach him his mission from God is to dominate the world around him. Teach him the most important thing in this life is his standing with Sky Six; his standing among men worthy of the title man is a close second.
Teach him a woman must qualify herself to him and she does it with her femininity, kindness and service to him. Teach him women are to support his mission, his objectives and never a mission on its own. Teach him the Truth about women, what makes them wet, what dries them up. Teach him women (and life) are either at his feet or at his throat.
Teach him the Red Pill, the Truth on all topics. The less pleasant the truth, the more he needs said truth; teach him how to deal with those truths from a position of strength
Notice I don’t say much about teaching boys to be good men. Teach men to honor their families names above all and they will become good men. Little boys in healthy homes and in healthy extended families want to be heroes. They want to be cops, they want to be firemen, they want to be jet pilots, they want to explore space and oceans. They want to defend, severe and increase their people. All you have to do is #1 not crush that sense of aggressive heroism #2 cultivate their masculinity by telling them and teaching them to be good at being men

low intensity race war

Low intensity conflict (LIC) is the use of military forces applied selectively and with restraint to enforce compliance with the policies or objectives of the political body controlling the military force. The term can be used to describe conflicts where at least one or both of the opposing parties operate along such lines.

Low-intensity conflict is defined by the US Army as:

… a political-military confrontation between contending states or groups below conventional war and above the routine, peaceful competition among states. It frequently involves protracted struggles of competing principles and ideologies. Low-intensity conflict ranges from subversion to the use of the armed forces. It is waged by a combination of means, employing political, economic, informational, and military instruments. Low-intensity conflicts are often localized, generally in the Third World, but contain regional and global security implications.[2]


In the first stages of insurrection, much of an army’s work is “soft” – working in conjunction with civil authorities in psychological operations, propaganda, counter-organizing, so-called “hearts and minds.” If the conflict progresses, possibly into armed clashes, the role develops with the addition of the identification and removal of the armed groups – but again, at a low level, in communities rather than throughout entire cities.


After making a girl cry, a protestor screamed ‘fuck your white tears’

There was a girl studying in one of the study rooms in Novack and the protestors stormed the room. She closed the door on one of the protestors which resulted in rage from many protestors. The girl then exited silently through the crowd while protestors screamed at her calling her a white bitch.


Without a doubt here in the usa we have a low intensity race war going on. The black on White crime rate is staggering and covered up, youtube is full of videos showing negros attacking Whites and destroying White property, It is also full of videos showing the various latino groups in action.

fuck your White tears”; There will be a lot more White tears if White men do not remember their forefathers and honor them by putting these fuckers back in their place. The 1st duty of a man is being willing and able to commit violence.

snipers are cowards……

Apparently some  fat fuck yankee piece of shit “documentary” film maker made a comment that snipers are cowards and then later said that was what he learned from his WW2 veteran father.

Well they way I reckon things the coward is the “man” who makes a comment like that then tries to blame his father for it when the heat is on. I also doubt an actual ground combat veteran said such a thing because he would know his side had their own snipers, snipers who support and protect them on over-watch and counter sniper operations


Most of my adult life has been dedicated to the precision long distances direct fire profession as a sniper or as a man with snipers under his authority. Being a sniper is not about courage or cowardice its about preforming the basic riflemen skills at an elite level.  Being a sniper is above and outside concepts like courage and focuses on professionalism and and effectiveness. You have a job to do and you do it to the utmost of your ablity and training. Nothing more, nothing less. This concept strips down the bullshit and you know in a very real way, every time you pull the trigger you are saving lives. The lives of the men on your side. The other guy? Well he elected to throw away his life the day he elected to fight for the other team.


Being a sniper is also not about your body count. Some missions lend to higher body counts then others. I meet an law enforcement sniper who made a grand total of 4 shots in his career. each one of those shots saved a hostage(s) live(lives). That’s a great sniper. Chris Kyle with a 150(ish) confirmed kills is a great sniper.  I don’t say that to disparage men like Chris Kyle with large body counts but to inform the uninformed a little about the job. Personally the best bit of work I have heard make the news was the SEAL snipers who rescued that captain from the Somalia pirates.



answering critics and some humor

Answering critics
Woman hater? A frequent blue pill claim about me and the RedPill world at large is we hate women. It’s fucking stupid. Most men have women in their life to varying degrees. Are we to believe RedPill men hate them? Recently I was called a woman hater by a Christian girl on the interwebz….#1 worst kind of women are Christian women. They get all the normal men bad women good message and then get a second helping of it on Sunday with, what they believe to be, a stamp of approval from God Himself.

The idea men hate women is ridiculous, me even more so. The women in my life are, my  daughter,  the Girls who are dear to me, one who is pregnant with my child, a sister, sister in laws, nieces, cousins of all sorts and an elderly lady who chose to live with me vs her kids. Are we to believe I hate these girls and women? My own flesh and blood? A woman who is to be the mother of my 3rd child? Well it’s a lot easier to say “you hate women” then to take an honest look at the unpleasant reality of women.


I was also told by the same girl I am not religious which is sort of true. I have faith not religion. I am not tied to some man-made denomination and their made up rules. For whatever reason, catholics are quick to make this charge, maybe because they have the largest number of made up rules? I do not talk about God, faith and religion much because most men are not qualified to have the decision. They are to low on the masculinity quotient to understand God and His ways. The more I talk to a man about such things, the more I have confirmed his place in the hierarchy of men. The Almighty God is a God for men, not these eunuchs who try to pass themselves off believers. The Almighty God is the God of war, the commander of the host, the Divine warrior and the God of Justice. Eye for an eye. That is Justice and mercy as it makes the punishment fit the crime but doesn’t go overboard. In the Old Testament He slaughters His enemies and demands terrible prices for crimes against His way. Most men what to turn Him into some kind of dope smoking flower child / magical wish granting Santa Claus hybrid. To understand God, a man must have balls (eunuchs not allowed in His assembly). Coming to an understanding of the Almighty and His ways is not possible without a working set of masculine genital.  One of the Almighty’s 1st commands is to go out into the world, fill it with children and take dominion over the earth. That’s man’s work baby, driven by testosterone. The Patriarchs of the Old Testament were men among men. When Abraham had some kin folk stolen he didn’t go running for the police; he rounded up his crew and pulled off a commando raid. Hillbilly style right there. David got his bride by bringing back the foreskin of his enemy. Moses was right there in the thick of battle. They had more then one wife. Joshua was a warlord, and mighty man of God, eager for battle and committing genocide on the command of his God…. Long story short, I don’t talk about faith with men who have a feminized version of God. Women are to hold their tongue in church, womanish men should do the same


Check this link out( would have reblogged it but I haven’t figured that shit out yet)
This guy writes some funny stuff and I follow his blog. His manliness checklist is pretty damn good but I don’t get the max score…. Now go read it and get back to me. Here’s where I fall on the check list

But anyway, here is the checklist to see how you stack up in manliness. There are also five bonus points that can be earned.

 _ You own at least ten flannel shirts *(bonus point for twenty or more). own none. I think that is more of a yankee thing vs Southron thing. I own 3 long-sleeved shirts that aren’t dress shirts or camo. Not much call for them here. It was 60 degrees yesterday and I rode my bike for hours… and owning 20 shirts…. WTF?
_ You can hike a minimum of six miles on moderate terrain. LOL I use to walk for a living back in my infantry/SOCOM days
_ You’ve made something useful out of wood. I’m a fair hand at many carpentry tasks.
_ You get daily compliments on your facial foliage. LOL damn near daily and had an Afghan general stop to talk beards with me
_ You own more than one bottle of whiskey. and then some
_ You have never seen an episode of “American Idol”. I have not, nor Oprah or any of that shit. I have not had cable etc in 15 years and would tell the ex to turn it off/ change the channel when I walked into the room
_ You have used a bone as a toothpick. I have
_ Your diet is 75% red meat and/or bacon. And then some
_ You own a legit survival knife that actually does its job. I do, but I have never needed more them my buck knife despite 3+ decades of hunting, fishing, camping etc and 24 years of infantry/ SOCOM service. Those things are over kill if you ask me and a pocket knife and hatchet are better options
_ You can construct a tent without instructions. There are folks who cannot do this?
_ You need at least a six pack to get any kind of buzz. There are folks over the age of 8 who can get buzzed off beer?
_ You can’t tell the difference between kale and the stuff used to decorate Easter baskets.LOL We grew kale when I was a kid so I know what it looks like.
_ You have at least one friend that is a wild animal *(bonus point for an eagle). Sort of.I have a large mouth bass in a fish tank vs pet store fish and a Barn Owl lives on my property who I check up on
_ You find a legit reason to use your multi-tool multiple times per day. Multi-tools are beta
_ You own snake-proof boots and actually have a use for them. Nope. Snake proof boots are beta. I have been an outdoors men for as long as I can remember, have killed more snakes then I can count on 4 continents(including South America/ the Amazon rain forest) and never worried about having snake proof boots.
_ You’ve worked out with a log *(bonus point for throwing it after the workout). I have a caber to toss and two steel logs to press.
_ You’ve made a fire without using a lighter or matches. Yep
_ You’ve eaten a fish that you caught yourself. LOL a good amount of what I eat is what I have caught, killed or grew ( well sort of. I don’t do much of the gardening stuff)
_ You can diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle *(bonus point if you fixed it).Yep and yep, bike and truck too.
_ You can cook a stellar ribeye in a cast iron skillet. LOL I can but prefer to grill them. Its rarely to cold to cook outdoors here but I only owned cast iron cookware until the Majordomo moved in
_ You have chopped your own wood. Every year.
_ You have read at least five Louis L’Amour novels *(bonus point for ten or more). yep and yep
_ You have good accuracy with a tomahawk. I can hit a man@ 20 feet with one and make it stick…. Only have done it to wooden targets though. My 1st trip to Afghanistan we didn’t have interwebz etc so to settle all the dumb debates/ bar type arguments  folks state side would goggle we use a throwing ace and target. 1st one to stick the axe won. Apparently the sky is blue because of the lucky charm’s Leprechaun. Who knew?
_ You make ribs that aren’t just mediocre. People have told me, my ribs and BBQ have ruined all other ribs/ sauce for them
_ You can make at least five manly cocktails? Booze on ice, booze with no ice. Done on the manly cocktail front.
Here’s how you measure up:
25+ points = You are a mastodon of manliness.
20-24 points = You’re still a beast and on the verge of greatness.
15-19 points = You need some work but every grizzly starts as a cub.
10-14 points = C’mon, dude. Turn off “Bridezillas” and go put a gorilla in a headlock.
5-9 points = Stop buying Justin Beiber CDs.
0-4 points = Deduct whatever points you have because you don’t deserve them. You’re a zero.

Pretty damn funny list.

The Shadow Knight in his own words

I think this is an important read. TSK is in many ways typical of the good and earnest young men trying to make sense of the ball o shit they have been handed. I am hoping he will make regular appearances here. 


I am The Shadowed Knight. I am in my mid twenties, and I found the manosphere about two years ago. I am a veteran, soon to be a student, and from there, my options are open. I am telling my story because ton thinks it is worth telling, as an example for those like me to follow, and for the rest to understand how men like me are made.

I was raised in New England my whole life, living in the rural areas of Maine and New Hampshire. I was home schooled for most of my education, spending a total of five years in the public school system. When I was nineteen, I joined the Marine Corps, and I recently separated.

My father is very libertarian minded, but he is a weak man, and does not like open conflict. He prefers to snipe and make life miserable for anyone who bothers him. My mother is a typical feminist, aggressive and controlling. They raised me to be weak and passive, crushing my masculine instincts in the process.

I was taught that being nice was more important than being right. I was taught that fighting was alright, but winning was wrong. I was not taught how to act in social situations, and my parents provided no sort of example from which I could learn. In short, I was trained to be a woman, not a man.

I could not explain each and every event that made me what I was. A childhood dedicated to correcting the accident of my sex cannot be unpacked in a single article. To simplify, I was raised just like so many other young men; I am the kind of man that populates so much of the manosphere. Which is where the most important part of my story begins.

To call my attempts at attracting women a failure would be an exaggeration, because the word implies some sort of action was taken. My attempts were as awkward and ineffective as that sounds, which confused me to no end. I was doing as I had been told, and I was not seeing any success, or even any results, for that matter.

Being on a path of self improvement as I was, I decided to research why I was not getting what I wanted. That quickly led me into the manosphere, and that was two years ago. At the point that I found it, I was weak, awkward, quiet, and afraid.

I saw what I had to do, and I did it. I started lifting more rigorously. I read years worth of manosphere blogs, and I started putting them into practice. I did things that made me nervous just to make sure that I could rule my fear. I asserted myself and my intentions instead of letting others push me around.

The transition is painful. You will have to face yourself, in your darkest places, and decide what you will become. All the parts of which you are ashamed, that you neglected, that you hid away, those need to be revealed. What you see is not something that you will like, or else you would not need to do it.

I count the cost, and say that it was worth it. I have respect now. If I am occasionally hated, I at least have their fear. I get what I want, even if I have to fight for it. I look in the mirror and see a strong body. I still have fear, but I am in control now, not the fear.

The way is hard, but if you are not willing to take risks, then you will never have the rewards.

Ton on Long Guns

re-posted from J4G’s

Alright, by now you have your pocket pistol and you are looking for the next step up. Pistols aren’t particularly lethal and you want a better option for you home. Well now, we have some options.

Before you get into long guns, you might want to check into that concealable body armor I mentioned. It will save your life.  Or maybe think about adding a crimson trace to your pistol. That’s a laser aiming do-hickie. They work. Improved accuracy can save your life, but they also make target acquisition faster and speed is deadly.

We are going to start with shotguns. I recommend a Maverick 88. These are 12 gauge pump action shotguns and around here you can get one for $230 out the door. Add 100 rounds of birdshot for practice and you’re up to about $260. 10 rounds of decent deer slugs for when it counts and you’re up to about $275. Shotguns with deer slugs are the closets things to a hand held death ray out there. Entrance wound is a half inch in diameter, the exit hole somewhere around three quarters of an inch. Big holes mean quicker bleed out. But it’s not an instant kill. Deer slugs will knock the snot out of someone wearing body armor and penetrated pretty much whatever the bad guy is hiding behind. Use deer slugs when the shooting counts. Way back in the day, I watched various outfits and swat teams try to figure out the perfect shotgun ammo load, lock shredder, buckshot, buckshot slug. slug and endless combonations. Most folks settled on deer slugs. Deer slugs do it all. Any rate, that’s a lot of home defense for $300, but shotguns have liabilities too. #1 is low round capacity. The Maverick 88 with the 20 inch barrel has an 8 round capacity. This is sufficient for any man whose concerns end with typical breaking and entering type crime, but it’s still a smaller number of rounds compared to 30 in an “assault rifle”. Ideally you would reload the shotgun as you fire, or dump the 8, then reload while behind cover. This is somewhat trickier then you think under high stress, but a learn-able skill. Hit up You Tube and practice. If you are being cautious regarding typical street crime, bring your pocket pistol with you and drop the shotgun/ grab the pistol when the shot gun is out of ammo. Rounds are more costly, weigh a lot thereby limiting the number you can carry and you have limited range. Also, someone will short stroke the pump action when under stress. You see it pretty often during tactical shotgun class.

My go to home defense shotgun is a Maverick 88. Goes back to cost. I am going to be less upset about the cops taking my $230 shotgun vs a $600 weapon. At this point, with a KelTec in your pocket and a Maverick 88 by your bed, you are good to go.

There are other problems in the world besides some guy who wants your wallet or new flat screen.  Those who live in large urban areas should also consider problems like large scale rioting and general lawlessness due to natural disasters. For this type of situation I am going to recommend old Russian battle rifles. They are readily available and same with the ammo, have proven track records, proven to be reliable without a lot of maintenance and care and generally are less costly than other battle rifles.

Another workable solution is the Mosin Nagant. There are three variants you see regularly and the start off around $130. This is a bolt action rifle with a 5 round capacity. They are relatively easy to load, again hit YouTube. The M44 version runs closer to $200 but has a shorter barrel and a better reputation for accuracy. The shorter barrel makes it a better option for indoor use, but long barrels are a pain in the ass outdoors also.  A mosin in good condition should be able to hit a man-sized target out maybe to 150 yards. You load these rifles via stripper clips or one round at a time by hand. I think most folks will find them easier to reload by stripper clip. Again hit the You Tube. It shoots the 7.62x54R which is a hard hitting round, bigger then a .308. The last time I bought stripper clips it was about $60 for a 100 of them. Ammo is reasonable as well. A 440 round spam-can will run you right over $100. This rifle saw a lot of combat. They were used in WW1 and WW2, which is also their biggest liability. Its old and outdated. However if you want to keep your property safe during lawlessness like Katrina aftermath or the LA riots for less than most folks car payment…. it will get the job done. Recoil is stout, but not as bad as folks like to play up. Spray it out with hot water, then spray on WD40 and its clean enough. That’s a combat tested rifle for under $400. It is my less favorite option but it’s an option.

AK 74’s are next on the list. These shoot 5.45×39 and the Russians called this bullet the poison pill. With a small amount of Google-Fu you can pick these up in the $500-$600 range. Ammo is $250 for a can of 1080 rounds, 30 round mags run $12-$15 each. Get yourself 15 or so. I have never gone through more than 15 mags in a fire fight. If that works down range it’ll work stateside. I love these rifles for non-gun guys. Changing mags is somewhat difficult but agin, hit the YouTube and practice. The recoil is easy to manage, you should be able to hit a man sized target out to 300 yards with one. If not, have a gun smith look at it, or hit the YouTube to see how you can tighten the rifle up. They require close to no maintenance to keep going. Hot soapy water and WD40.  $1100 investment and there isn’t much out there I wouldn’t take on with that set up. I also think this might be a better option for women who cannot mange 12 ga recoil. I hesitate to suggest such things because my daughter can handle a 12 ga. Past that I don’t know much about lady shooters. If money isn’t an issue, I recommend the AK 74 over a shotgun. More rounds, less opportunity for you to mess up and foul the weapon, greater range equals better weapon.

 AK 47’s…. everything about the AK 74, but more recoil and more money to get started. Still a great option. Just add about $200 to the overall cost.

Now…. Someone is going nuts about me suggesting you use rifles and deer slugs for home defense. They are about to shit kittens about over penetration and rounds going through walls and killing some kid 3 doors down. Well calm down sparky. Not going to happen. How do I know that? Because the FBI doesn’t have one instant of it on record. No one has been sued or prosecuted for it. Stop worrying about nothing.

Some other cat is screaming ladies should use a 20 ga shotgun…. Wrong again sparky. The terminal ballistics on 20 ga’s suck. Women and very small framed guys who cannot or don’t want to deal with 12 ga recoil should save up for the AK 74.

 Just like with pistols, I suggest you use a better quality ammo in the mag you keep in your rifle. Better ammo improves accuracy, reduces the already small failure rate for these weapon systems and increases lethality.

There are a lot of great WW2 and WW1 rifles on the market. German Guns, Swiss guns, you name it. However I don’t recommend any of them for the newbie owner. They cost more than their Russian counterparts and ammo can be more difficult to find.

 Well there you have it. The most economical way I know for a person to be gunned up.

No bullshit training; how to get strong and become large and in charge the old school way

#1, I train I don’t workout. There is a difference. Every training session has an objective with midterm and long term objectives programmed in. An objective is an intentionally chosen goal with a drop dead date attached, and are always to lift X amount of weight at X body weight and X body fat percentages.
Training takes a hit when I am here. I’m 44, I’ve been blown up 7 times, shot and stabbed, misplaced a lung and have more weightlifting injuries then I care to count. The food quality is so-so, I don’t sleep well, and I work 12 hours a day. Minimum. All of which makes recovering a bitch. I adjust my training to meet the current reality. I do this with less trips to the gym and fewer reps in the 100% maximum effort range. My main goal is to build up my volume of work, continue to improve my lifting technique and rehab my various injuries. Right now I am training one day on, one day “off” and it looks like….

Day one/ morning
Squat 5 sets of 5 with 85% of my one rep max, or 3-5 sets of 3reps with 90% of my 1 rep max or 5-7 singles with 95% of my 1rep max. I look to limit my rest to 60 secs. Doesn’t always work that way
Dead-lifts 5X5 or 3×8. Depends on how the weight feels. I use 85% of my 1rep max for this which is the weight I use on the second lift and the rest of the training session
Front squats same as above
Good mornings same as above
Lunges…… maybe, maybe not depends on how I feel. Lately its be more no then go with these
Off/ sort of
Day two/ morning
Push press arranged like Squats up above
Close grip bench press. 5×5 or 5 sets of three reps. Depends on how I feel
Reverse grip Bench Press 5×5 or 3×8.
Dumbbell Bench Press 5×5 or 3×8
Off/ sort of
Day three/ morning
Power cleans arranged like Squats/ Push press above
One arm dumbbell rows 5×8-12 (they only have 100 pound dumbbells so I had to switch it up
Chest supported/ T-Bar rows 5×5 or 3×8
High lat rows 5×5 or 3×8
Barbell shrugs 5 sets of 8 (cannot go to heavy do to elbow injury)
Off day for real

My secondary training sessions look like this
Lunges 3-5 sets of 8/ supper set with Good mornings 3-5 sets of 8
Some sort of trap work; barbell shrugs, dumbbell shrugs or upright rows 3-5 sets of 8(chicks dig dudes with traps)/ supper set with Dumbbell bench-press 5×8
Barbell curls or concentration curls 5-8 sets of 8 reps super set with skull crushers
Back extensions, weighted, 3-5 sets of 8 reps super set with planks or the ab wheel o death( I hate the fucker and you need to do the shit you hate to fix your weak spots)
Neck raises and shoulder rehab
I do these mini training sessions 5 times a week, in the afternoon on the days I do my event work and on the sort of off days totaling 8 training session in 5 days.

Now a man cannot go from couch tatter to a two a day lifter without a plan. Step#1 is to work the primary system like but with an added day of rest. After you do session #3, you take 2 days off vs one. You run this for 3 months at least, but more like 6 before you add a second workout. Unless you are already an experienced lifter… and I mean lifting not the cable cross over and hammer strength machines

Now I hear all girls saying something about over training. My answer is bullshit. Yes you can over train, but most men lack the ability to drive themselves to that point, and do you think our bodies which evolved to be in constant motion from sun up to sun down cannot handle the typical sedimentary lifestyle and training twice day? Most of what I hear described as over training is being out of shape. The extra training sessions are all about improving your general physical preparedness. It is something you work up to and the second training session is not about letting lose in the gym. You pick a moderate weight that is relatively easy despite limiting rest to say 30 seconds. When you are ready to add the second training session, I recommend you start off with excise bands, I use Jump Stretch and you work up to 1 set of a 100 reps on muscles designed to take heavy use but move very little weight like tricpes and say maybe start off with 25 reps for muscles that move a lot of weight (your body weight if nothing else) like legs. Remember you don’t want to be smoked after your 2nd training session. If you pick the right weight and work the right muscle you are engaging in active rest and improving your ability to recover by bring fresh blood and nutrition into your muscles. So you start off with small bands working major muscle groups and after time you transition from there. There are all kinds of band work outs on the interwebz, mostly all will do the job for our needs at this point. Just don’t pick anything to demanding. Make sure your body has adapted to the extra demand before adding anything new. I if you add an exercise wait at least three weeks before adding a second. Body weight exercises are more demanding than people think so I would go to light barbell work, again working up the reps and never worrying about not training hard enough on sessions #2. They aren’t for hard work. They are for active rest, working on your weak spots, increasing the volume of your work out (helps put on mass and improving muscle endurance slightly) and working on your anaerobic conditioning. They normally take me 20 minutes or so to complete

You’ll have to play around and find a weight/ rep range that works best for you but start off with light weight and higher reps. Though I stick with the 8 rep range, its all weight I could do until my mind shuts down with boredom, but I only have 43% lung capacity and 8 reps is what works for me

My best contest squat is 725 @ 220. I didn’t not start off moving big(ish) weight, and when I 1st started adding second training sessions they were weak as weak gets. Like Good Mornings with the bar instead of the 385 I was doing at the time. The seconded session is not about stroking your ego, it’s about getting the extra work in that takes us from so/ so to good, then from good to somewhere closer to great.

I normally feel like puking after the main training event; you should feel better physically and psychologically after the 2nd training session.

This plan uses all three ways to gain strength, dynamic effort, max effort and the repetition method. I don’t do much speed work as that didn’t help me as much as it does other men( I am already very fast), but I have two dynamic days out of three…. Yes you cannot push the bar over your head without a great degree of bar speed

The main lifts, Squat, Push Press, and Power Cleans rarely changes. I may on occasion do strict press vs Push Press or weighted box jumps vs Power Cleans but not very often. I do change up secondary lifts somewhat, but at this point I know what works for me and what doesn’t. I don’t experiment much anymore. What I do change is the reps and percentage range of the main lift. Helps keep you in the game. If I am feeling beat up, the 95% day will be 5-7 singles and then greatly reduce assistant work or none at all. Like maybe 1 set of 25 reps and 8 mins on the elliptical. If I get feeling really bad, I’ll take a week off from the barbell and do 8 minutes of elliptical a day. What I am looking to do is turn the weight I use to do three reps with into weight I can do 5 sets of 5 reps with, but I will be happy if I go a year without injury and more or less maintain my current level of fitness. The extra bicep work has been paying off and I am experiencing much less pain in both biceps. If I am lucky they will have healed enough to start doing tire flips and atlas stones. If I am damn lucky, my hip will recover enough that I will start doing triples in the dead-lift. Mentally, dead-lifts intimidate me. The 1st time I dislocated my hip was from an IED. The second time was dead-lifting. I am not yet ready to face that kind of pain again. Yea I am pussy. Deal with it.

This post has gotten pretty long, training and the SMP will be a second post