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Spoiled and proud of it

It’s a small world here in rural NC. This morning at a random dinner in a town so small it is actually a village, I saw a girl from my past. Good looking girl and she is still good looking, but what I recollect best of all is she had a tile beside her bed that read “spoiled and proud”. Which got me a looking and low and damn behold she had another tile that read “if the princess isn’t happy no one is happy” and another that said “princess”. It was at that moment I put her into the bang and discard bin. A decision she was unhappy about. And so was I. Hell the disappointment took the edge off my boner and I also decided there was no point in bringing my A game that night.

What on God’s green earth makes a woman think such things are appropriate? Or makes a man think his daughter should be raised to be such a self centred, entitled brat? Now I am happy mostly every minute of the day but when I ain’t I have no right to make others miserable, most especially those nearest and dearest to my heart.

If by some chance a whisker biscuit is reading this, think twice about the image you portray. A man with options isn’t going to think your juvenile antics are cute. And we know you want a man with options. Otherwise cellardewllers would get all the play