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This morning’s training program

8 100 yard long sled drags w/ 180 pounds on the sled

hammering a tire w/ a 12 pound sledge hammer, 15 minutes no rest

3 sets of 8 reps on the 220 pounds atlas stone

Some bicep and tricpe work. I have torn my biceps 3 times. I now do bicep work every chance. I am a triceps presser and try to do tri work twice a day. Sometimes more. Mostly that’s a few lite sets to work the soreness out

all of this was done out doors. the grass was slick, it was a little over 80 with high humidity so the hammer and stone was slick to. I think its a real mistake to train indoors to much. If nothing else it makes you soft mentally.

I probably won’t train again today. I am going to mow, prune and edge my 4+ acres then jump on my bike and get my ass to the beach. I’ll pretty much only do kettlebell workouts while I’m there. That and walk. Walking does wonders for my back and other aches and pains