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The Ton on pigs….. I mean cops

The Ton dislikes the police. No matter how you church shit up they are armed thugs, enforcing the will of a horribly corrupt and evil goverment. That has been on full display lately when they stand down and let people burn, loot and riot in our cities all so they can keep their paycheck and pensions

I can not respect men who will arrest a jobless man for failing to pay child support or alimony. I can not respect a man who will boot old folks out of their home for failing to pay taxes. Don’t forget all the horrific shit they do like no knock raids, shooting family pets, destroying someone’s house while executing a search warrant but not being responsible for the damage they do when they come up empty handed.

And none of that includes all the day to day dick moves they pull off.

Physiologically speaking none one should support the goverment or it’s minions, but that’s a whole other thing.

The cops need to fix their shit but in certian ways they can not. Yeah they can and should change their rules of engagement. Hell they get to do shit to American citizens I couldn’t do to hajis down range and some how all cops think they are being hunted in the streets when the last I looked they weren’t even in the top 10 most deadly professions.

But at the same time a lot of their bullshit can’t be fixed until we as a society fix some things.

Folks, men in particular need decent paying jobs that bring a sense of dignity. Giving men of less then average intelligence something to do besides drugs and petty crimes wil fix some shit and has to be step #1. Cops can’t fix that shit but that shit forces the cops to have a lot of contacts with men and the more contact the more likely something will go wrong.

#2 & the most difficult, is ending single motherhood. Being a widow is one thing, being a whore or divorcing just because is another. By in large single moms produce shitty kids who end up having a lot of contact with cops. Cops can’t fix that shit but the more contact with cops the more likely something will go wrong. This is the hardest thing to fix

#3 we need to fix our shit when it comes to dealing with the mentally ill. We need to have compassion for these people and that compassion has to be the tough love kind. We have a cultural that wrecks young lives. We need to fix that shit and deal with those kids before they end up with a fucked up life that puts them on a one way trip to the wrong end of a gun. We have folks who’s heads are just fucked up. We need to care for them folks. They need to he somewhere getting treatment vs out in the streets, homeless and self medicating. And lastly often these two groups are one in the same. Cops cant fix that shit but they do make a lot of contact with these sort of fucked in the head people. Really these not so bright guys with no real ecconmic options or hope are frequently in these other groups as well

#4 we need to fight the drug war. I mean really fight it. As in our tier one guys hunt down these cartel shot callers all the time. As in we destroy their houses, take their money, shoot down their plans etc etc overseas but here state side we need to be better at those 1st 3 things

I really dislike cops. I don’t consider a one of them trustworthy or a friend. I cut contact with all my old troopers who become pigs but this bullshit isn’t all on them

The Ton and Training

I am still training to the extent my lung damage allows, mainly focused on maintaining a certain mid range level of strength and maximising my anaerobic conditioning

Which means mostly kettlebells. Kettlebells are only half a lift so they are not particularly taxing on the CNS or joints…. as long as you keep your shoulders packed/ pulled back, they do better then ok for functional strength and help maintain speed. Not to mention blow out the lungs

I am doing my best to train twice a day, 5-6 times a week, kettlebells in the morning, prehab/ rehab and certian skills I don’t want to loose.

Going to lay this out in an assbackward manner, meaning my second workout of the day 1st and in a best case scenario.

My second work out of the day is mostly sledgehammering and old tractor tire. 8lb hammer, 3 mins of work, 1 minute of rest, no more then 5 work sets. I’m going to do this at least twice a wek, maybe everyday depending on how I feel. It’s always been remarkably good for my shoulders and back, gets me breathing heavy without crushing my ablity to recover.

2nd most common second work out is… throwing a medicine ball around. I have this soft’ish 10 pound med ball. I’ll set the timer on my phone for 20 mins. I throw the ball. Walk over to it. Pick it up. Throw it again, rinse repeate. Switch out the type of throw every 10 reps. Chest pass for 10 reps. Overhead pass 10 reps. Granny throw frontwards and straight up for 10 reps, granny throw backwards and overhead for 10 reps. Really looking for height and the triple extension on them granny throws. Do this no more then twice a week.

10 rounds on the heavy bag, 60 seconds of work, 60 seconds or rest. I’m going to work the same 3 combinations for most of those rounds, all power shots, all the time. I will regularly throw single power shots for the whole round. When I do that I will be working 2’s, 3’s, short right elbow, right knee shots, strong side shin kicks. Always once a week. Can’t do that anymore then once a week.

Morning kettlebells……

Warm up is always the same, bullet proof coffee, 4 sets of 8 reps of dumbbell curls/ supper set with 4 sets of 8 reps over head tricpe extensions. My elbows are pretty mobile at this point. Sometimes I add icey hot

KB training day #1 double kettlebells, going to use 32kg/ 71’ish pounds……Dead snatches for 4 reps/ dead cleans for 4 reps/ overhead press for 4 reps. Not sure the work time but I take 2-3 mins of rest. 4-5 work sets

Kettlebell day #2 is an active rest day. Single 12kg/ 25’ish pounds. 20 swings, 30 seconds rest. Right foot forward. 20 swings, 30 seconds of rest. Left foor forward, 20 swings, 30 seconds of rest. Traditional stance, 20 swings. 60 seconds of rest. Might do this 3 times. 4 if I am feeling really good, typically going to do this twice

Day 3; double 12kg. 10 swings, 10 snatches, 5 hanging snatches, 90 seconds of rest. 10 swings, 10 swings with high pulls, 5 hanging snatches. 90 seconds of rest. Looking for 8 total sets which is about 10 mins of work time. Hardest day of the week. Lungs are screaming

Day 4, just like day 2

Day 5. Just like day 3

Day 6. Single, 24kg/ 53’ish pounds. Dead snatch for 4 reps, dead clean for 4 reps, overhead press for four reps, switch hands, repete. 60 seconds of rest. Overhead press 4 reps, one arm row for 4 reps, dead cleans for reps. 60 seconds of rest. Looking for a total of 8 sets.

Once a month I will do some strong man training. I will power clean to push press for max weight using a 2″ bar. Don’t normally go more them 265 for one rep. Takes 4-5 sets to get . Atlas stone…… 3-5 reps for 3-5 sets of the only stone I still own. Weighs about 220 pounds. Farmers walk, 110 pounds per hand. Looking to do 200 yards in total. Might be 8 trips of 25 yards, might be 2 trips of a hundred yards or 4 trips for 50 yards. No work rest cycle. I take the rest I need, probably no more then 3 mins, most likely 2. How I feel the next day will dictate the rest of the week. Might be a normal full week. Might just be active rest and sledgehammering with some boxing mid week

Diet; interemeint fasting, 12hours on, 12 hours off. I’m a low carb dude by default 5 days a week. I drink sweet tea and Cherwine on the weekends…. ain’t ever been able to stop that shit. I couldn’t do the fasting when I was more serious about training but isn’t a problem now

Drug use 100mgs of tes P every day. I’ll double that if needs be but don’t typically do more then 100mgs. 200mgs of oral primo everyday. 100 mgs of winny every other day or 50 mgs of anavar everyday. 40mgs of nolvadex everyday, 60-80mcgs of clen everyday. 5 IU’s of HgH per day.

Let’s see… I still prefer to train outdoors. I have a metal carport to train under these days. Can run fans there when its insanely hot, might enclose it for the winter. I train barefoot which has been good for my knees and feet, Med ball throws and farmers walk are always out in the weather. And I always wear shoes for those. Most weeks I am doing 4-6 rounds vs 8. I never do more then 8. Tired it, was very hard to recover from

Dialing this in has been a huge quality of life improvement. I walk around at about 230 these days. Down about 57 pounds from when I cracked 900 in the squat and 365 in the push press. Still keeping that same 14’ish % body fat because any lower and I get weak and sickly. I still have that werid power lifter belly but I can turn my head in the full range of motion, wipe my own ass, tie my own shoes and bang The Girls 2-3 times a day. Not as often as when i was doing a lot more gear but a hell of a lot more often when I was in the ICU for months at a time