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Economics of motorcycles and alphaness

I think buying a bike is one of the fastest and cheapest ways for a man to increase his value in the SMP. I have l already covered why motorcycles-are-alpha.Now I want to break down the cost of ownership and use a friend as an example of possible returns.

I have this friend we’ll call RJ. He was my boss once, down range. Now, beside being short (5’7″) and a little shy around girls, he is generally what women say they want in a man. He is a good man,and good at being a man. Well liked and respected by superiors, subordinates and peers. Professionally or personally, you only hear good shit about the dude. He is a mans man, and a soldiers’ soldier. A real professional. One of those guys who is pretty damn good at everything, if not particularity excellent at anyone thing. He has a decent singing voice, and is good enough with a guitar no one tells him to stop when we’re sitting around a camp fire. He is a funny dude, handles his booze like a boss, often the life of the (smallish) party in that salty career military sort of way. RJ is smarter then average, fun to be with, a good conservationist with a broad based depth of knowledge in a shit ton of areas. He has a bachelor degree, and decent cooking skills. RJ has a daughter and extend family that adores him, he is strong and fit, working out up to three times a day when he can. He is qualified  to instruct the the Army combative instructors plus sports a few tattoos. He is a 26 year light infantry vet, mostly in the 82nd. No SpecOps time or anything like that, but he spent two years as a drill sergeant, and won some army wide award while on the trail. He also won the Sergeant Audie Murphy Award and a silver star when he was an E6 for laying down some seriously effective crew served weapon fire while his platoon pulled their shit together from a string of IED’s. Army reckons he kept them from being overran. During his career he earned a Ranger tab, became a Jump Master, jumped into combat during the Just Cause invasion, invaded Iraq in 1990, spent some time in Somalia, plus 3 years in Iraq and two in Afghanistan during the global war on terror. He has lived in Panama and Italy, handy around the house, can do minor repairs on his truck, does a little hunting and fishing and apparently dances well.

And you guessed it, he struggles in the SMP. Got a few dates, bangs a few chicks a year but he has to work on it and mostly pulls 5’s and 6’s after a shit ton of work. He maybe pulls one 7 a year. He beta’ed out during his marriage and is divorced. The typical advice for him to alpha up doesn’t apply. He stands correctly, isn’t a push over or any of that, he reads like a machine, is fit and rugged, if not overly attractive in the face. His biggest problem is…. trying to date in an Army town. Being fit, being a combat vet etc is a dime a dozen outside of Ft Bragg.


Soooooo RJ buys his 1st bike earlier this year. No previous experience. Not a problem. He took the motorcycle safety course (MSF ), and failed the written part of the exam at the DMV. Had to take it twice. After getting his bike, he put roughly 100 miles on it, puttering around his neighborhood, ridding around town and slowly taking it on roads with higher speed limits and heavier traffic until he was ready to ride to work during rush hour. Maybe a month of time invested in getting more comfortable being on the bike.  Any rate this is what he spent in cash.

Safety Course $125

Three helmets, $130

Jacket $120

Pants $80

Insurance $187 for the year

Bike $2500 includes taxes and registration. He bought a 2000 Suzki Intruder 1500 with a wind screen and hard saddle bags. Its a good looking bike, red and black with a lot of chrome. Its a good bike and will last a life time if he wants to keep it.

He is saving about $200 a month on gas not driving his F250 everywhere.

$3,142 for his 1st bike. The return? Well most importantly, he loves being on a bike and now its his main mode of transportation. He has gone from 0 experience to putting around 15k joy-filled miles on a bike. He’s done a few rides with my crew and takes it to the beach almost every weekend. He is having the time of his life exploring the rural South. Finally seeing what I see despite being from the South himself (city boy he is) Within his 1st 30 days of riding he pulled three girls. 2 six’s and a hard 7/ soft 8. This is a guy who in the past maybe pulled 6 girls year if he dropped his standards. His soft 8 is now his girl friend. RJ says this is the best looking girl he has banged since getting married right out of high-school and you know what? She’d be a lot of guys best looking bang. She is small, 5’3″ with blonde hair, blue eyes and store bought D cups. She has soft facial features, long pretty hair… sweet tempered and fun to be with. Blondie gets two Ton thumbs up. He’s keeping her. She had never been on a bike before and jumped at the chance to ride out of town for milkshakes. In fact that was what made her decide to see him after meeting at a local sports bar. ( I rode around on the back of his bike like a bitch so he could get some experience before their weekend)


So, in cost averaging, being on a bike has cost him a little over 1k per bang. Pretty damn high when you look at it that way. Now lets take a bigger picture view. RJ has a regular piece of ass he’s proud to show off for the 1st time in two decades. Better yet, she treats him well when their clothes are on. That’s winning in today’s SMP. Worth the money spent? Not for me to decide

how to spend a rainy Saturday

How to spend a Saturday

Ride 128 miles, little under half of that in the rain. Smile the whole damn time because nothing much is finer then being on a bike in the rural South. Even when it rains.


prep the beef ribs. the apple pie is for drinking while you work

prep the beef ribs. the apple pie is for drinking while you work

put the beef ribs on the smoker

put the beef ribs on the smoker


make the sauce

make the sauce, that’s old sauce in the tupperware. I added the old batch to the new. Sort of like making shine.

Drink apple pie, watch John Wayne movies and tend the smoker for the next 6-7 hours