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Walking Dead part two

Their camp is weak sauce and I addressed that to some degree last time. Once you have a perimeter formed with the vehicles and brush etc you move everyone into the center of the perimeter. Right now they have a big camp that is several smaller mini camps. This is practically impossible to secure. Especially at night. Everyone needs to sleep inside the perimeter. Everyone needs an assigned vehicle to go to if things go bad. You need to practice getting out of dodge. There needs to be two or three secondary camps picked out so if things do go bad, folks know where to go when they are shitting and getting. During the day I would keep 1/3 of the men on watch and allow the other 2/3’s to do chores, personal hygiene, sleep etc. At night it would be half the men awake pulling security, half sleeping. This wears you out over time, but it has to be done. No sitting down to some big meal as a group either. 50% of the folks eat, the other 50% do chores, stay on guard duty etc. Maybe 1/3 eat 2/3’s do the other stuff depending on what’s going on

Yes women will be doing the woman’s work. They are looking at extinction and only women can give birth. That means you keep them in camp and protected. Survival requires you to shit can political correctness. Like all liberal luxuries, it’s not something you can afford when life gets hard, which is why societies didn’t have political correctness until they become wealthy and soft. Also much of the other work requires a lot of horse power. Have you ever tried living with fire as your only sources of heat, cooking capacity and light? It requires a lot of wood, which requires a lot of muscle especially since I haven’t seen a chainsaw and log splitter. How many latrines have you dug? It’s a bitch of a job and they fill up quickly, and you dig a lot of them

They should switch camps after the dipshit rides the Camaro with the car alarm blaring to the camp. They already know sound brings zombies. They relied on it to get out of the city. I’d beat that fucker right good but one of the campers calls him on it. When something like that occurs, you move camps. It just is what it is because you don’t know how shit will play out.

Keeping camp discipline; it needs to be hard and fast and over when it’s over. There is no way to establish a system of fines, no way to put anyone in prison and every mistake a person makes puts everyone at risk. You are only as good as your weakest link. I reckon you could add chores to their list but that seems like it would set up a whole series of debates and this isn’t fair and so and so did…. When ever a dressing down will do the trick, hit with a verbal punch but a punch to the face is fast, hard, not particularly painful, gets the point across and is over quickly. The worse part is the humiliation but that seems to be true with every trooper I ever corrected so when its done, its done and you don’t mention it again.

Fires need to be small, you need to save full and fire can be seen from a long, long way at night.
At this point men still have moderate length hair. Shave that shit. Easier to keep clean. Lice and what not aren’t much fun.

Most of the problems stem from no chain of command and ignorance. One combat arms vet thrown into the mix and they wouldn’t have near the problems they do and no drama for the show. Establishing a chain of command would be tough, but I’d do it quickly and with my fists if required. Thing is, I’ve been doing this so long words do the job these days, but that’s not the position the sheriff is in.  The end of the world is no time for a democracy no matter what the old dude on the show says. Anyone who caused problems would get booted. Cohesive action counts for pretty much everything and you don’t have time for speeches, politics and campaigning. It’s going to come down to the dominate personality who gets most things right. Or right enough. In such fluid situations right enough is the realistic expectation.

Group size is a difficult topic to hash out. To small and you don’t have the man power to get things done, to large and you’ll strip an area of its resources. Quickly. I would be leery of a mixed race group. Study after study shows diversity lowers social capital and small groups live and die by cohesion and social capital. I would not automatically eject someone for being Black etd, but I would damn sure keep an eye on them. Let’s face it, the Black and Hispanic community of the usa is dysfunctional with much higher rates of crime, drug/ alcohol, domestic violence etc problems. And that’s for the now, soft and fat living compared to what the TV show portrays.
The scene were Merle is handcuffed to a pipe while the zombies come for him. At one point he began to pray and beg but stops, saying he’ll never beg or ask again. I get that. Never saw what good praying does, and despite the rumors and movies, I have never seen a wounded man do anything but be as stoic as he can be. No crying for mamma or any of that. One more reason why I am a fan of the Stoics. It seems to be what masculine men default to when shit gets rough even if he’s never read them
Red Pill moment; her husband has been dead for a month or so and she is fucking another dude. Who is she fucking? The other man professionally trained to commit violence, and she is pissed at the other cop because she got to fucking the next man with a gun too soon. As if she waited a year before hooking up. Any rate it makes her look bad on the show but reality makes most folks look bad

They do mention boiling water before using it

The crossbow is stupid. Crossbows gained popularity as a weapon was because no one else could match the English Long Bowman. In this case the crossbow is low powered, you can tell because the bolts do not punch through the deer. Penetration kills. People and animals die from wounds ie they bleed out ( or you shut down the central nervous system). To cause a critter to bleed out in a timely manner, you need to poke a hole all the way through it. Daryl’s crossbow doesn’t do that. None of those wounds in the deer would have brought it down anytime soon. There is no law on the show. The time to hunt deer is at night with headlights and a rifle. Hunting at that point is not a sport but survival yet they are stuck in sport hunting mode. Which is par for the course. Survival is brutal, practical reality, not the soft “morality” of a liberal democracy. The show is demonstrating this by showing the difficulties they are having. Also trapping is much less time consuming then hunting. Trap vs hunt and since there is no law, you can trap deer. Or drive them to you before killing them. You would fish with a trout line not rod and reel for the same reason; its more efficient and you aren’t doing it for sport. By more efficient I mean it frees up time. You do not have to baby sit a trout line, throw it in, pull it out etc. You set it up and go do something else for 2 hours etc and then come back to it. Same with snares. What they do get right on the hunting is a focus on small game. They are easier to take and more plentiful.

The blonde chick has pulled a gun on the sheriff twice. The 1st time… shit is going on and she gets a pass. The second he is telling her they need to bury her sister. I would have head butted that bitch in the face. Folks need to learn to control themselves and their action. They don’t have the luxury for a woman’s bullshit. Nothing about her character is saying she is a positive for the group survival besides her having a vagina. I have to wonder if one of the show’s writers had his heart broken by a blonde lawyer chick. Merle is a rough character, they elude to him being the Ranger Regiment so he would know the basic tactical stuff backwards and forwards but a trouble maker none the less. He might be one you’d want to keep around because he is one tough mother fucker and trained. So far…. Cannot say that about the blonde chick

In general the women on that show are not portrayed in a very positive light. The only chick I dig is the Black lady with the Southern drawl….but to be honest I have a huge thing for our Southern women. Or did until they started aping yankee women. No one needs that shit, which is part of why so many damnyankees have come South.
The show plays the PC race card game hard. I am sick of that shit. #1 with the racist Southern White man and the magical Negros. This is always the game Hollywood plays. How many shows occurring in NYC have bad guys with a Southern drawl? More than one a week. The burly Black guy is a sympathetic character and easy to like, however I would be unlikely to form a mixed race group. Throughout my life I have seen Blacks and Mexicans put being Black or Mexican above the group objectives and cohesion way to many times to think its not a regular occurrence. I’d also boot any White guy who couldn’t play it by the numbers and follow my lead. They play the same kind of game with the chicks doing the fishing. I know like 2 girls who are good at fishing, and apparently they both survived the end of the world, and of course the domestic violence, maybe pedophile guy is Southern and White. The good White guy, the sheriff doesn’t have a drawl or anything particularly Southron about him; the asshole deputy does. The only people allowed an ethnic identity in the show is the gang of Latinos holding down the old folks home. Normally I would stop watching a show at this point, but they are playing it in the ready room.

The two big take a ways are #1 chain of command; #2 what a piss poor job they do with security. Security is job#1 and they are failing at it. In the show they argue the deaths might be on the Sheriff because he wasn’t around. The deaths are on all of them because they have no chain of command and no security. Remember to set up a secure camp, one that monitors light and noise, with some kind of physical barrier between you and them, have enough men awake at one time to stand watch, and always have a fallback position. Change locations anytime you think your security has been compromised.