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LOM(Lack of motivation ) and men going there own way; the observations of an aging grunt.

In various Army schools ( the tougher ones) there is this concept called LOM, short for Lack of Motivation. If you are dropped from one of these schools for LOM your invitation to the ball is permanently rescinded. You can fail and fail and fail but if you don’t drive yourself as hard as you can you are gone for good. Some schools will fail your ass just to see if you’ll come back but the unforgivable sin is not trying hard enough.


I see girls in the SMP working the same concept. Mild shit tests are a way of her checking your motivation. How badly do you want her? The fucked up thing is, want her badly enough to put up with her bullshit and she doesn’t want you. Next her to soon and no ass for you. A large number of men are playing the game in this grey area, looking for the sweet spot of when they should next the bitch or push forward all while trying to deal with her pysops and deception campaign against him


The Army is divided up in several large sections. One of the more basic divisions is conventional warfare vs the unconventional warfare units. There are the war fighters, the combat arms guys like infantrymen, artillery, tankers etc and support personal. The unconventional guys are, in general terms, more fit, more motivated etc then the conventional guys. The unconventional guys are broken down into a tier system. Tier 3 outfits, tier 2 outfits and tier one outfits. There are more men starting in the NFL then hold a tier 1 slot. People will often assume something foolish like why doesn’t the Army make everyone a tier one door kicker, but the world doesn’t work like that. There are only X number of men who can make that cut, who can drive themselves that hard, nor does everyone need to be tier one to win wars and a man is not somehow lesser because he is tier 2 or a conventional war fighter but girls with their run away hypergamy and out of control sense of self don’t get that. They only want tier one men. And he has to be tier one in every aspects ( or lest think he is. Women do a shitty job determining reality vs illusions)They can be happy with a tier 2 guy if she hits a certain level of age and introspection and will settle for a tier three man but her happiness and his will be short lived,


In comes men going their own way. The interwebz and maybe the world has this concept that men who go their own way are somehow lacking in ambition or drive and frankly their is good reason to suspect that because often the loudest voices for going their own way are men who have been kicked more often then a stray dog in the hood, however my observations do not fully support the MGTOW are looser mantra and all SMP’s are local.


Most of the men in my platoons were going their own way. They did the math and women didn’t make the cut. These are not men who suffered from a lack of motivation. Before coming to me the volunteered to join the Army. To be Paratroopers and infantrymen in the war time Army. Infantry school isn’t as tough as Ranger school, but its not something most military men want to deal with. Same with jump school and frankly infantry school and jump school are the easy parts. The hard part comes when your assigned to a unit. To be in my platoon they had to have done a combat tour, score 80% or better in every aspect of the Army’s physical fitness test, be tactically and technically sound and do our 3 week tryout/ training program. NCO’s had to have Ranger tabs or agree to go to Ranger school when the slots showed up. Then they had to desire being in my platoon with my training schedule and most of them did all this because they wanted to be a cut above the average Paratrooper and they wanted to brawl more down range.


What does that mean in SMP/MMP terms? Well, frankly not much because women want finished products and these are young men, still in the making. They aren’t the best providers going but its a decent paycheck, always on time and always with medical coverage. They were fit and while not necessarily educated and book smart, they were smart enough to learn all the shit they need to know and they are not the kind of men to back down from tough situations and this brought them… pretty much nothing in our local SMP. So they generally dropped out of it. Guns, cars, trucks, beer and yes Call of Duty with their crew was more enjoyable then chasing girls. These are young, fit, testosterone driven young men who with no fanfare, made the decision girls in the local market were not worth the effort.


On a personal note, I have always enjoyed my time away from the SMP. Its when I learned the most, did the most, trained the hardest etc etc. I was successful despite being married not because of it. During my last break in the SMP I bought a decent camera, something in the $300 range, took a class on photography and rode the Blue Ride Parkway, start to finish and back taking pictures the whole way. Took me 12 days to do less then a thousand miles. One of the best things I have ever done but I have also built bikes, gone to driving school, improved all manner of skills like carpentry, small engine repair, wielding and squatted 725 in contest. In short I am who I am because I exist the SMP regularly

Folks should think on that before they get to running down MGTOW.




snipers are cowards……

Apparently some  fat fuck yankee piece of shit “documentary” film maker made a comment that snipers are cowards and then later said that was what he learned from his WW2 veteran father.

Well they way I reckon things the coward is the “man” who makes a comment like that then tries to blame his father for it when the heat is on. I also doubt an actual ground combat veteran said such a thing because he would know his side had their own snipers, snipers who support and protect them on over-watch and counter sniper operations


Most of my adult life has been dedicated to the precision long distances direct fire profession as a sniper or as a man with snipers under his authority. Being a sniper is not about courage or cowardice its about preforming the basic riflemen skills at an elite level.  Being a sniper is above and outside concepts like courage and focuses on professionalism and and effectiveness. You have a job to do and you do it to the utmost of your ablity and training. Nothing more, nothing less. This concept strips down the bullshit and you know in a very real way, every time you pull the trigger you are saving lives. The lives of the men on your side. The other guy? Well he elected to throw away his life the day he elected to fight for the other team.


Being a sniper is also not about your body count. Some missions lend to higher body counts then others. I meet an law enforcement sniper who made a grand total of 4 shots in his career. each one of those shots saved a hostage(s) live(lives). That’s a great sniper. Chris Kyle with a 150(ish) confirmed kills is a great sniper.  I don’t say that to disparage men like Chris Kyle with large body counts but to inform the uninformed a little about the job. Personally the best bit of work I have heard make the news was the SEAL snipers who rescued that captain from the Somalia pirates.



and then there was 2 or…. Next

I gave Girl#2 the big Next yesterday. She was at my house for the weekend, all the Girls were, and got to feeling combative. As one can imagine I don’t put up with much and in the course of our “discussion” she said “you know what Ton? FUCK YOU”. I stopped what I was doing, smiled at her and left the room to pack her shit. She was to busy with her phone to notice. Before long, I had her shit packed and at the her car. I pulled Girl#3 aside and told her what was about to go down. She was torn, but I gave her the “deiced now or leave” deal and elected to stay. Her only concern was how she would get home since Girl#2 drove.

With that resolved  I stood over top of Girl#2 and told her to get the fuck out of my house. She threw a fit, I told her I would call the cops if she did not leave. Her invitation was revoked and she is trespassing. She was stunned, melting down etc, so I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward the car. She threw a screaming shit fit when she saw her bags by her car and I mean screaming and carrying on. Again I told her she had to leave or I would call the cops. I turned my back to her and she struck me. As I knew she would. I told her if she hit me again I would respond in self-defense. She started screaming all manner of obscenities at me and about me as I walked into the house.

Once I was in the house I sent her a text message; leave or I will call the cops. She elected to throw her shit all over my yard and as I was blocking her number in my cell phone. I told the rest of my Girls to do the same. She left once she was done flinging poo like a monkey.

I boxed up her stuff and put it in the mail today.

We are done. No explanation, no complaints, no none of that bullshit. Just “we are done; get the fuck out of my home or I will call the cops”. I have “fuck you” as an automatic trigger point. Years ago I made the decision to reject any woman who told me “fuck you” or “fuck off” etc. All my trigger points are predetermined. That way I am not making decisions in the heat of the moment. You do this in combat as well


The remaining Girls are somewhat shaken up. To them, this is a shitty weekend event. To me its just like any other Sunday. My casual and buiness like attitude toward ejecting Girl#2 has them all over the map emotionally. Good emotions, bad emotions…. doesn’t matter. Its the intensity of the experience that keeps the tingles going and both the remaining Girls were lubed up Sunday night.


As for me, I’ll waste no more time or effort on her. Next them and next them hard then go bang her friends. Her bitching about you will get them lubed up for you.

congruency and frame

Due to a variety of factors each man’s position in the hierarchy of men will be different. Additionally two men equally ranked can achieve their position with different styles. Almost all of us have some sort of limitations on our rank/ value in the SMP/MMP. Some factors are within our control, others are not. I can control my weight but not my height. I cannot control my height but I can control my body language. We are all born with a certain level of raw intelligence but we can optimize what we were given. Because I am not mentally lazy, folks often think I am better educated, more intelligent then I actually am. Because I carry myself well, folks think I am taller than 5’7”. Because I am physically fit, women generally guess my age at 35 not 44. Maximize where you can, double down on your natural born gifts and talents while being aware of your weak areas and how to compensate for them

The next few paragraphs are about men I know who doubled down on their talents.

One of my running partners, JW, is a young man who has what I would call the Classic Business Alpha style. He is tall, lean, and always well dressed. He is a self made multimillionaire with serious charisma. As in he got us into a world famous golf club while I was dressed in riding leathers. One of the best displays of social skills I’ve witnessed. He has money, but doesn’t lead with his wallet. He has a wife who looks the other way while he has two kept women. When I meet him he was tearing his way through women like wet paper. The kept women are a compromise with his wife. He has the money, dresses the part and drives a Dodge Viper. He is on 1st name bases with any many worth knowing in our area because of his ability to charm whatever social circle he stands in. He is the son of a Special Forces E-8 who died on duty. For those not familiar with the term that means a middle class upbringing at best. His whole image is created by his own drive and desire. He has been working this program since his father died; doing the kind of things that makes him a big fish in our area of operations (AO). Which, oddly enough, is one of those Super Zip Codes Charles Maury talks about. His whole persona fits that Classic Business Alpha Style. He is the kind of guy many Beta’s love to hate.

My friend BR is the Classic Southern Gentlemen/ Officer Alpha. #1 he is pretty. He is the only guy I know who has women approach him; give him their phone number, touch themselves when he is speaking with him etc. I’ve seen strippers push each other over him. He is good looking enough where he doesn’t need anything else but his looks. He is 6’2”, athletic, verging on the 6 pack abs kind of stuff, with the classic blonde hair and blue eyes. He comes from Old Southern Money. Way back in the day, his family helped fund what is now one the more important colleges in our homeland and his family’s name is all over the campus. His father and grandfather were active duty generals; his uncle is a general in their State’s National Guard (NG). Being in the NG is damn near a family requirement. BR dropped out of college and came into the Army as a Warrant Officer to fly 58D’s and he fly’s the mother fuckers. He is the guy you want driving one of those things for your close air support. I meet BR when he was still a 58D driver, and before he moved on to TF160, the Army’s Special Operations Aviation Regiment. He now fly’s for some secret squirrel outfit doing Lord knows what to only God knows who. Any rate, BR is beloved by everyone. I mean everyone, and his whole package fits. He is tall and good looking, has a bad ass job, drives a bad ass corvette, comes from money but isn’t pretentious etc. His whole persona fits. He is now married to a lady who use to model swim suits and what not. She dropped all that to be BR’s and bought him that bad ass corvette as a wedding gift. Yea he’s that good

Now the guy who does my tattoos is named DT. DT is the artist type. Not just his tattoo work (which has won awards) but he plays in band that got some national coverage a few years back, regularly sells his paintings and is an occasionally published author. Comparative religious studies kind of stuff mostly. Even the beer he makes is an art to him. He is also a small business owner, with a handful of employees. Some in his tattoo shop, but he has a fulltime employee selling his art. Anyrate his persona fits. He has a theme for his life and he works to excel at it. His theme is art. Now I haven’t noticed him do quite so well in terms of numbers, but he has no problems pulling women and always has a couple of plates in rotation. I think he would do better in a more urban environment. The artist thing isn’t a big seller here locally, but he does pretty damn well with women and you never see him with anything under a 7 or any girl close to his own age.

All three of these guys have something else in common though. They are all working different versions of Bad Boy game. One of the typical short comings in this part of the interwebz is viewing Bad Boy game in very limited terms. Most use the term to describe a guy like myself or someone with a prison record…(ok also myself)but y’all get my point. Sometimes Bad Boy game can be hard to see but its there. Hell just being good with women gives you some level of Bad Boy cred. JW has a reputation for being a ruthless man. Cross him and he gets his payback. Have two lawyers check out any contract he brings you, and you don’t want to see him chatting up any of your clients. That’s on top of his Bad Boy cred regarding being married and keeping women on the side. Openly. BR has it given his profession and lifestyle. He has a dangerous job and he excels at it. He has a bad ass car, rides a bad ass bike and has banged enough chicks to establish his pre selection/ Bad Boy cred. DT has his own version of Bad Boy game. #1 he is heavily tatted up, being a tattoo artist lends weight to his bad boy cred, as well as being in a band. A good band that doesn’t have any problems booking gigs throughout our area (they do the kind of rowdy rock and country songs that Southern folk love to drink too). I am one of the few people who knows about his master’s degree in comparative religious studies, but people know its is an interest of his. Here in the Bible belt, that also lends weight to his Bad Boy cred.

What they have in common is a congruent package that fits them as men. JW had to craft his out of thin air. He did not like being poor, wearing hand me downs etc and set out to fix that shit and he fixed it with a fucking vengeance. DT also created his image out of thin air. His father was an enlisted guy in the Air Force. DT wanted what he wanted, to study what he wanted, to draw and paint what he wanted when he wanted and to play his bass. He went against the wishes and advice of his family and friends to chase after his art. BR is pretty much all natural from breeding but his upbringing developed who he is and he has busted his ass to be the kind of pilot he is. Last time I checked he had more combat flight hours then most of his peers have hours. Each man has a persona butyl up in layers, one resting on the other until in a very real sense they became arch types for their chosen lifestyles. None have any obvious weak spots in their persona for women to explore… ie attack (they are also tall which should never be discounted as a force multiplier in the SMP/ MMP)

Our packaging needs to fit and be congruent. I think if a man is to spread out in the things he likes, he doesn’t build up… I don’t know… a pillar (?) of SMV value. I reckon I am making the anti-Renaissance man argument. Specialize and work your comparative advantages to your benefit in the SMP and the wider world.


This post brought to you be insomnia


olive oil, garlic, heavy cream and Parmesan cheese

olive oil, garlic, heavy cream and Parmesan cheese

The wine is for the cook,


saute the garlic in the olive oil. each to taste.

saute the garlic in the olive oil. each to taste.

while drinking a bottle of wine. no glass needed

once the garlic is slightly browned poor the heavy cream into the pan.

once the garlic is slightly browned poor the heavy cream into the pan.


at this stage the cook needs more wine


add the cheese in small amounts, stir until its melted. rinse repeat until you are damn near out of cheese

add the cheese in small amounts, stir until its melted. rinse repeat until you are damn near out of cheese

this is the labor intense part. experienced drinkers… I mean cooks may continue the wine consumption

keep stirring until the cheese is melted and you have a smooth blend.

keep stirring until the cheese is melted and you have a smooth blend.

pour over the pasta of your choice. in this case I bought some Ravioli from Sam’s. One was stuffed with cheese the other chicken in cheese. We are having rib eyes on the side.