Punch a Nazi in the face

I was out not lomg ago and some fat fuck was wearing a black t-shirt with white lettering that said punch a Nazi in the face and save….. couldn’t read the rest.

Rolled up and asked him if he wanted to punch me in the face. Well I said something like hey fuck face, got the balls to punch me in the face? He elected to hide behind his even fatter bitch

He was not inclined to acquiesce to my request. His fat cow kept running her mouth so I decided to spit in her face.

They hauled ass to call the cops and I am sure to screech on the interwebz.

Any rate, someone asked how you deal with the anti White hate.

That’s how you deal with it. You attack them where ever you find them. You do your best to deny them jobs, money and safe places to do their stupid shit. You hurt them as often as you can, to the largest extent possible given the tactical situation you find them in

Sometimes you best bet is an overt assault. Sometimes it’s getting other White’s to see what’s up, sometimes it’s a string of yelp etc reviews running down their coffee shop

Be creative, be bold but wise. Always attack. Never forget survival is it’s own mortality

21 thoughts on “Punch a Nazi in the face

  1. Major Styles

    That’s one of those scenarios where you can actually swoop in and grab a guy’s girl away from him after it’s done. (if she’s worth stealing). His weakness becoming apparent in the situation.

    1. Artisanal Toad

      Bitch-slap him repeatedly, make him cry and humiliate him. When he begs you to stop, put him on his knees and let him humiliate himself. The goal is not injury but rather complete humiliation from a very masculine frame. Amused mastery. Discuss what a contemptible POS he is with his girl while doing it. Then walk away.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL contempt of court

        They tried the communicating a terrorist threat deal and got stuffed so they moved on to their favorite don’t be mean to the judge charge…. ie contempt of court

        Course doesn’t help much when you tell a judge any man with a set of balls would hold him in contempt

        The days we live in I reckon

      1. Major Styles

        Good to here that the stable is full. And true, she was attached to a beta and, very often, this is a teltale sign that she herself is broken in some way.

        Birds of a feather…

  2. Kentucky Headhunter

    I’d start by asking him questions. Are there really Nazis around here? How can you tell their Nazis? What would you do if they actually came in here? What if I told you I’m a Nazi? Are you going to try and punch me? Can I film it?

    Or you could go with, “Really brave of you wearing that shirt, man. What if Hitler, Himmler, Goering and Goebbels walked in through that door? What would you do man? What would you do? I mean it could happen right? Brave, dude. Brave.”

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      People see overt strength and instantly respect the source and want to be on that team

      People recoil at overt weakness.

      People don’t respond to dialog or other nice guy beta shit. It fails to inspire or elicit any sort of positive emotional response.

      The folks in that store saw raw, aggressive strength of the Old School Right and they saw the pathetic weakness of the left. They saw a powerful White man with two much younger girls in tow and a weak, worthless White man who could only pull a fat bitch and said fat bitch had to fight his battle. They saw it in person. The jews make sure people see the opposite on tv and it’s propaganda that wins hearts and minds.

      If dialog and reasoned arguments work we wouldn’t be in this fuck up situation but every youngish White kid there saw what they want to be vs what they don’t want to be

      1. Kentucky Headhunter

        Strength respects strength. Weak people fear it. Most normies (at least around here) are weak in body and spirit and probably just saw you as just bullying another weakling. Hopefully some kids old enough did get the message you were sending, but you might have caused some of the adults to pee their pants. This country is the way it is because the Ton Value System is outnumbered a 100-to-1. We don’t need everybody to be a Ton, but we do need them to have the TVS as their working frame of reference as it was for 90% a hundred years ago. If that was the case every father in there would have told their boys why only a shithead would be wearing that shirt. “See that fat slob over there, Johnny? He thinks he’s a tough guy. Watch this…”

      2. theshadowedknight

        Fucking truth. I have had people step up to me and try to challenge me. None of them took the opportunity when it was given. Let them know that all they are going to get is a beating and they back down real quick. Especially women. Everyone treats me real nice after I put someone in their place, because they do not want to be the next to be embarrassed.

        The Shadowed Knight

    2. theshadowedknight

      The only thing you need to tell him is that you voted for Trump. When he does nothing, call him a faggot, a bitch, and a pussy, and make a scene. He will cringe from the attention, and look like he is even more of a wimp than normal.

      Nobody gives a shit about the argument. All they will remember is loud, powerful aggressive white man and a cowering, simmering lefty faggot. That sort of image is more powerful than any argument. Give people a story they can tell. The lefties will tell how much of a powerful monster you are, and make their own side look more pathetic for you.

      The Shadowed Knight

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Sadly most men still think they will win as long as they have truth of their side

        Not sure how they maintain such delusions but they do

      2. BuenaVista

        The truth has very, very limited value in almost any family law context. Doubly so if the woman is attractive and can cry at will on the stand. The most dangerous white knights in the world are male family law judges. They just choose the most sympathetic person, i.e., the female, and make the law up from there. The only way for a man (and his children) to have a chance is to avoid the whole system.

    3. Take The Red Pill

      To most (if not all) of those ridiculous Lefty types, a “Nazi” is someone who disagrees with them. The majority of them are also so ignorant that they don’t even know that the real Nazis were Socialists (‘Nazi’ = acronym for ‘National Socialist German Workers Party’).


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