Soyboy…. I like the term. It’s funny as hell and I was onto the dangers of soy consumption pretty early so i get to do a little extra crowing but soy boy status is serious shit for men.

The problem is less that there are soy boys around, because there has always been useless men, and more about how most men are bitches. Most of the men who think they arent a soy boy fall top dead center into the soy boy category and never realize it because the hallmarks for masculine behaviour have been reduced to near on zero.

Let me explain. Odds are good you read soy boy, thought of pajama boy and laughed and let’s face it he deserves to be laughed at. Women do (or did) their thing to police the herd, boys and men “bully” to police the wolf pack. So you laugh at him and maybe said thank God I aint one of them pathetic dudes.

Well….what do you do on the regular that is robustly masculine? From what I can tell most men’s anti soy boy claim is based on some weak ass shit like the kind of office job they do, beer they drink, played some sport in school,lifting free weights and maybe voting for trump….. all of it weak mother-fucking-sauce my friend. I love booze, beef, cigars and gym time but none of that would have impressed our forefathers but here is the good news. This ain’t nothing you can’t fix.

Now everything I am fixing to say is based on physically healthy adult men. You’lose no status with The Ton for being born crippled, being elderly or being busted up from shit like car accidents, IED’s and the like. We ain’t all dealt the same cards and we all move in and out various positions in life. It ain’t a big deal and it ain’t any kind of shame

The shame lies in wallowering in your soy boyhood.

Three things separate men from soy boys. #1 your capacity and talent for violence, enduring long term exposure to harsh envriomets and facing serious risk to life and limb on the regular. Normally you can’t really separate those three masculine foundations, but sometimes they are. Nor does a man have to go to any real extremes to move from bitch to legit. Get a 3 star rating on all the man card items and you’ll be the type of man most men will want in their platoon

Violence is a man’s 1st job. His 1st responsibility to himself and others in his crew. Violence is how you keep other dudes from monkey stomping your ass, stealing your shit, raping your bitches and enslaving your get. Being a civilized society we mostly farm that shit out to other men these days but nothing changes the golden rule as in violence is golden. If you are the kind of guy who has to call 911 when someone kicks in your door…. guess what?
You’re a bitch. If you are the kind of guy who has to turn the other cheek vs choosing to turn the other cheek you are a bitch.

Here at Camp Ton Coastal we live in a 2 story home, which sits up on top of some stilts. Same as the other 6 houses on this stretch of inter coastal bliss. If someone were to kick in the door while we are all up stairs, tucked into our comfy space age foam mattress beds… well I would stay up stairs, have one of The Girls call 911 and kill the motherfuckers the second they step foot on the stairs leading up to my family.

If we were sitting on the deck, watching the world go buy and someone kicks in the front door…. them cats anti nothing but paper targets at that point.

Wouldn’t really work that way though. Who ever breaks into my place will be doing me a favor. I have pit bulls and presa’s to feed. The reduction in dog food expenses would be welcome

Any rate. The difference here is threat level vs paper work. I have no moral issues with killing someone because they broke into your house to steal your tv. That’s a fair trade in my book. What I don’t want to waste time on is the legal bullshit. Reasonable and prudent given how laws protect the wrong sort of people these days

You are a bitch if your only choice is to call 911 because you lack the tools, training and mind set to defend what is yours.

Same with turning the other cheek. You cannot turn the other cheek if you lack the capacity for retribution. Christ turned the other cheek ( @ that moment in time) while possessing power beyond our comprehension. It’s cool if some guy pissed you off and you elect to let shit slide because it ain’t worth the legal hassle to you or it’s a religious commandment. If you have to let shit slide because you can’t brawl….. well you know the deal. And the worst kind of chumps church up their bitch status with religious edicts

While violence is the corner stone of masculine sovereignty and manhood it is also the easiest deficit to overcome here in the usa. There aren’t to many places where you can’t find a good pistol and good tactical pistol training. An intro class and a tactical class with the occasional refresher course and you have the needed basics covered. However that ain’t enough to move up to full on man status. Those schools give you skillz, they don’t do much to delvope the proper mind set.

Fighting takes you from bitch to bull faster the anything else on God’s green earth. Good fight training isn’t hard to find. Skip all the who flung dung bullshit. Learning how to spar, fight for points, bow or how to do funny zipper head dances called katas ain’t worth much. You need to get involved with a club which produces real fighters. Boxing, kicking boxing, ju-jisitu or MMA. Take your pick, 75 mins of either, 3 times a week and in 6 months your balls will start to descend. Start thinking about getting into the ring around the 6 month mark, get in the ring a good 5 or so times. Win loose or draw, your man cred will be on the rise after the 6 month point and fully established by year two/ fight number 3.

Fighting like this does the most for your man cred because fighting requires all the masculine virtues. The training is tough as hell. Builds ups your body, mind and soul. Around the 6 month time frame you will be in a position to actually choose turning the other cheek. Your hard heart and strong mind will drive your body past its old pain threshold. Your hard heart and strong mind will drive you to overcome the fear of pain, the fear of defeat and your 1st win will take you to the pinnacle of masculine pride and joy.

I talk mostly about brawling because that’s what I know best, from a professional and personal level, but its is only one piece of the puzzle. There are other things, and I will write on those other things as time permits.

I also want to offer a word of caution. Well a couple of them. #1 be smart. Pick a good fight club to train in. Don’t try to go from 200 pounds of flabbby bitch to UFC in 3 weeks. #2 & this is for the older guys…. a lot of older guys basically say “I did this that or the other thing in high school or college and therefore not a soy boy”. I call bullshit. Men don’t get to live in the past. As we age our status as men rest on different things but we can never get to far away from the foundational principles of violence, disregard for personal safety and the ability to endure harships. We don’t engage in those things as often, we don’t need to be as good as it them as we use to but we must retain the ability to do them effectively when required plus we have the additional responsibilites of leadership and authority. We no longer just do the hard, dangerous and dirty bullshit of life. We also make the decisions no one else wants to make.

We don’t get to rest on our lurals until old age betrays us or the Good Lord takes us home.

28 thoughts on “Soyboy….

  1. Major Styles

    “Three things separate men from soy boys. #1 your capacity and talent for violence”

    People always say that Christianity is a “turn the other cheek” religion, but I disagree. One of my favorite parts of the New Testament was when Jesus whipped the money lenders out of the temple. Also, Martin Luther was an excellent torchbearer for the idea that Christians must fight for their religion (i.e. Table Talk).

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Sheep always see Christ as the Lamb.

      Men see Christ as the Lion. Even Christ’s acts of mercy like casting out demons and healing the sick were acts of war against the enemy of our souls

      Is what it is and I ain’t got time for sheep. The Ton is all about The Lion, men and lion cubs

      1. theshadowedknight

        Even the strong often see mercy as weakness. That is a common mistake among the evil, which is why you see it so commonly in uncontrolled women. If someone you know looks at the world that way, be careful.

        In order to be merciful, you must first possess the capacity for mercilessness. Otherwise, you are just being a bitch. You beating someone to the floor and then offering them a hand up is mercy. Stomping them out is merciless. Walking away because you cannot fight them is cowardice. Walking away because you would probably kill them is mercy. Fighting even when you will probably still get your ass kicked shows that you will show up when it goes up, and it shows game dog game.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Context is key but y’all should know this is sign of wisdom is from one of my favorite young lions on this here internet

        More the supirse with him being a marine and all

    2. Gunner Q

      Major Styles @ 2:04 pm:
      “People always say that Christianity is a “turn the other cheek” religion, but I disagree. One of my favorite parts of the New Testament was when Jesus whipped the money lenders out of the temple.”

      The context of turning the other cheek is justice, an alternative to “eye for an eye” thinking. It’s a civil concept, not a criminal concept. When Shit Gets Real, do what Jesus would do and give ’em Hell.

      Christianity values strength under control, not weakness. “In your anger do not sin.”

  2. White Guy

    Well Doc said surgery went well, but I did wait too long. He spent a lot of time digging the peck out and it took 3 buttons to reattach. Gotta cool my jets for 2 weeks before I can even start PT now! Ton this post was timely, I’m also trying to find something ‘martial’ in addition to the weights, any suggestions on how to find a real place to train? I’ve got lots of time it looks like:-)

    1. Gunner Q

      “any suggestions on how to find a real place to train?”

      Always best to look at your closest options first. The convenient but less martial gym that you visit regularly will always be preferable to the hardcore gym in the next county.

      If you mean fighting styles then I shifted to stick fighting/escrima from kickboxing after I hurt my back. Much easier on the body and reasonably popular in the Bay Area.

      Best wishes on your recovery!

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      I am going to post a decent reply to this before to long. Just been to busy to write anything beyond a few sentences and this is a legit point to be addressed.

  3. Lost Patrol

    Good stuff here. I guess it’s true what they say – the “n” in Ranger stands for knowledge.

    “Men see Christ as the Lion.” Amen. All the press goes to the meek and mild version from those medieval paintings where Jesus is portrayed like some version of a soyboy with recently shampooed hair. It’s like they can’t come to grips with the Son Of Man that worked with His hands for most of His life. Think of the men you know that have worked with their hands everyday for 20 or 30 years. All the ones I know have forearms like Popeye and deliver a crushing handshake even when not trying. You know a hammer and chisel carpenter was like that.

    He drove those guys from the temple and wrecked their stuff because they were disrespecting His Father’s house. He also walked everywhere in a semi-desert land, often slept on the ground in all weathers, occasionally ate raw grains from the stalk while on the march, and withstood temptation even while starved. All the one percenter religious brains of His day tried to outwit Him but He always left them not knowing where to turn. They tried to kill Him but He passed right through them and went on His way. They were scared of Him. Then, having proved multiple times who the real man was, and that all the power was His, He gave it up of His own accord.

    He is a model for men, but they’ve turned Him into a model for soyboys.

  4. honeycomb

    This has always been the final chapter in the Feminist / Globalist wet dream. UN-PROGRAM violence out of young-men. They have almost succeeded.

    They don’t want a motivated and capable fighting force over-throwing / rebelling against their evil plans. Because, guns (by themselves) don’t scare them. Motivated and Capable MEN (with weapons) scare them.

    An old saying used to be (something like) .. Be a man and plant a tree of Liberty / Freedom that you will never bask in the shadow of and for future generations to enjoy.

    1. theshadowedknight

      It is never the great masses that matter. It is a few men that get fed up or see a chance to take advantage that set grand things in motion. The great masses follow the loudest, most intolerant son of a bitch there is. Right now, that is faggot soyboys and crazy cat ladies. Who do you think wins when the angry white men go up against the soyboys?

      This is “Redneck” Revolt, the armed wing of antifa:

      Really worried about them? I am not.

      The Shadowed Knight

      1. Lost Patrol

        “This is “Redneck” Revolt, the armed wing of antifa”

        Is that a comedy troupe? Just goes to show that you can buy anything but authenticity.

        We’ve got the weapons, clothes, haircuts, piercings, and tats – and we’re still %100 unconvincing.

      2. honeycomb

        Oh .. the colors are meaningless to me too ..

        but the quote was the money shot ..

        They can posture up all they want. Have they thought it through / every ex’eye’cute’ted (heh) violence / death / mayhem before .. the answer would be a big fat no.

        They are true soft (heh .. soyboyz) targets.

        If they ever meet a “hard” man .. they will get a taste of the rainbow (re: colors) alright .. brass .. copper .. rainbow that is to say.

  5. copperfox3c

    At first I thought this post was about the dangers of soy to Male testosterone level, but then I realized the term “soyboy” was a metaphor. It’s an apt metaphor for sure.

    There is much to be said for taking up a martial art, arguments about which one is “best” aside. In ancient Greece and Rome the gymnasium was a core part of male training, they understood our intellectual capacity, and the way we approach the world is rooted in our physicality.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I am working on a short post about martial arts. Most are for soy boys in disguise. A few are for men.

      Any man who wants to walk away from bitch toward bull needs to learn how to fight. How to ignore pain and fear. How to hurt others, How to be injured and yet still keep on cause others injuries until the other man buckles

      Learning how to bow and score points ain’t going to make the cut from bitch to bull


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