Butt sore betas trying to White Knight becomes a Troll

One of my posts over at RedPillGirlsNotes upset a beta. Shocker right? The comments are over there.
http://notesfromaredpillgirl.com/2014/11/24/10-surprising-things-guys-like-in-a-wo. en/#comments
Basically I said being pleasant toward a girl would not get a man a woman or keep her as the popularity of the man-o-sphere and Red Pill wisdom prove. Me and my darling Bloom got to chatting and I mentioned this story where a woman was giving me some guff but eventually asked me what did I like seeing in a woman. My reply was “I like seeing them nekkid” or some such, she called me a douche and a typical before spreading her legs for me and admitting to always wanting but never finding a sexually aggressive and dominate man. Think on that for a moment fellas. When we were bullshit she said she like nice guys, kind, funny etc and then she sleeps with me. That is the man-o-sphere in a nut shell. To this the butt sore blue pill beta called me a douche and an asshole… which I laughed at because as I have said before I have banged pretty much every chick who has called me a douche bag or asshole. I asked the butt sore beta to travel over here where he was shocked Bloomed agreed ( to whatever extent) about challenges, risks and hardship coupled with masculine mentor-ship builds men. In fact it is the only way to build a man worthy of that glorious title. What would really shock him is how many likes I get from various lady bloggers who I don’t shoot the shit with. To the unaware that what I write here has a female readership who does not troll me will seem odd. Reality is women crave masculinity and it’s a world they are excluded from, so my place is a way for them to peer into the locker room. Chicks dig that stuff and I have great lady readers/ commenters. The butt sore blue bill beta is unable to understand this because he thinks men and women are the same.

When I asked Wilson for an actual counter argument to anything I said he wrote
Yeah you sound like a fucking moron. Women are people, yes they are people with vaginas and vaginas are awesome but they’re still people. There’s no code or system on relating to them, grow the fuck up.


Powerful counter statement that but I will endeavor to counter his counter statement

This friend is an excellent example of the butt sore blue pill beta in action. Notice the personal animosity toward me for simply having a different world view. He is pissed because he knows douche bags like me bang more chicks. Probably as we speak some douche bag is banging the chick he is orbiting but being a beta he lacks the balls to punch that dude in the face so he woman’s up and hits the internet. Lots of attempt at shamming language too. This is always a good sign as he has nothing to actually argue from.

I know fuck all about my readership but you who comment are Red Pill aware and not new to what all goes into backing up Red Pill wisdom. From that point of view saying there is no system to developing attraction sounds nutty. Why? Because there are universals in the SMP, a system if you will for men and women. Does that mean 100% of men and women want the same things in the opposite sex? Of course not but it means the overwhelming majority of folks want the same, though each person will see those traits differently.

The easy example is women liking tall men. This cannot be denied. The research is too extensive. Does this mean women will not date short men? Nope but the short man has to bring more to the table then the taller man. Nor does it mean all women prefer tall men. I have dated women taller than me where height wasn’t an issue and I have been shut down by women who were 6 inches shorter than me because I wasn’t tall enough. Such is life but women’s preference for taller men is too well researched and to expansive to be considered a fluke and it’s damn near universals.

Men like slender women with tits and ass. Does that mean an average girl is doomed? Of course not. She just needs to bring more to the table then the girl with a flat belly, pretty face and double D’s. Sure some guys like to go hogging buts a weird fetish or driven by extreme thirst and not the norm.

This carries over into masculine attitudes women find sexually attractive. The research is stout when it comes to women preferring confidence and the Dark Tirade of personality traits. Done deal. Not all women but most. We also know her preference will change depending on where she is in her fertility cycle. Research again is stout.

Game is merely an extension of these sorts of theme. Game lays out the broad spectrum of human attraction which is damn near universal. Where it is not is application and how a woman will view your words and actions. For example girls like displays of dominance but that doesn’t mean she will view any one guys display as dominant. You can do X and crash and burn; some other dude can do X to the same chick and make her damp in the pants. Such is life. Or so I think that’s how Game is explained. I am not an expert on Game and don’t consider myself a Pick UP Artist etc.

Now here’s the deal…. I don’t see how women’s preference makes them bitches etc. It simply is what it is. And I say that as a guy who is about 7 inches shorter than the ideal ( I think it is 6’2”). I love women and adore spending time with properly behaved women. My work and hobbies are all male and masculine. I do think women are very limited in their capabilities, but this is a feature not a bug. It’s only a bug when men and society see women as the same as men. Equal before God? Hells yes. Equal in abilities, talents and drive? Hell no, but that inequality is important. Let me use justice as an example. Women have a different view of justice then men. The ancients knew this and we see it play out in the here and now when they will rationalize criminal behavior like he needed the money to buy shoes for his mom so he shouldn’t do jail time( bad boy with a heart of gold game?). Men typical have a much more black and white concept of justice. A woman’s sense of justice is valuable within a family yet makes for hell on earth when applied to society at large. I don’t see where men’s preference makes us shallow or immature. The lady has to pass the boner test, once that is done all sorts of factors come into play for long term deals. We are biologically programmed robots to a large degree and we can only overcome that program by so much, especially in a society that isn’t trying to help people do so.

To hit up the last bit of blue pill folly I give you:
Good lord youre 42 not 82, you have plenty of time. Wilson regarding our dearest Blooms wish to remarry once again demonstrating he knows nothing about the SMP/MMP

Now really off topic but I had this conversation with my boss. He is my age, pretty good guy, fit and tall, advance degree and some time as a Lt in the same Ranger Batt as me before getting his masters degree and pulling a desk job in the defense industry. He asked me how the hell I pulled girls so much younger than me because young girls do not like old men. I disagree about that young girls not going for older men. I will concede that typical young girls are not into the typical older man but here’s the thing; they are into men with accomplishments and that’s where I come in. And not just me. I don’t want to imply anything about the following men but do you think a man like Rollo, BV or BB would have problems pulling significantly younger women? The answer is hell no. Even then it won’t be all younger women but enough to keep them busy.

14 thoughts on “Butt sore betas trying to White Knight becomes a Troll

  1. BuenaVista

    Guys like Wilson believe women when they say they want a chivalrous gentlemen, alternatives being “creepy.” Wilson’s RAGE with guys like Ton, I suspect, is projected our way because his seduction technique — “I am a Pajama Boy, hear me roar” — has led to more dates with his right hand. His consolation is his moral narcissism: preening publicly about how evolved and feminist he is, how superior his humanity is, and how ignorant are the dissenters. Shoot, if it worked, we’d probably all still be married: that’s the principal agenda of marriage counseling: be more like the wife. (Of course, if one takes that advice in good faith, the marriage coffin is nailed shut.) But like bad software guys like that just endlessly loop, hoping to stumble into a woman of similar evolved majesty, these proto-vaginas are a big ugly bucket of thrashing code. His contempt is only matched by the contempt with which he is caressed by his friend zoning non-girlfriends, who privately bathe in his tears.


    Not all women are into much older men. I’d say the majority aren’t, but I haven’t made any real study of it, and I tend to move in circles where the girl-herd goes bonkers if one of their members dates a man older than their dads. A smarter man has to learn to tell — via their body language, verbal wordplay, and whether or not they just ‘bump into you’ coincidentally —

    In my case, it’s just too much work to develop a relationship with a woman under 30. The last one I dated is now assortatively matched with a young biologist friend of mine, and I find entertaining the two of them more fun than I did working through the 12 circles of hell that was dating a millennial. I did date for six months an immaculate 30-something, who, it turned out, had daddy issues that she wanted to work out with me, and did I ever learn a lot there. What was particularly jarring is that she is a clinical pediatric psychologist — she worked with children in extremis. I didn’t know whether to role-play, spank and do the hurly-burly, or just be a pajama boy and call the cops.

    1. sfcton Post author

      Daddy issues… All chicks have Daddy issues. I a find goodly number of the young women who are into me have the good kind of Daddy issues as in a good relationship with some strong masculine role model like their father or grand father or uncle; Girl#1 uncle is a 30 year Marine vet; Girl#2 its her grandfather; Girl#3 its her father, though he is mostly a blue pill kind of guy

      But I have ran into my share of the other kind

      1. BuenaVista

        Yeah, my best girlfriends have all — *all* — admired their dads. This was a key insight in reviewing my romantic life. I don’t think they were bad Daddy issues, as you note. They just had fathers who had functioned well as tent-poles in their lives. They felt they could count on them.

      2. sfcton Post author

        yea bro and my own daughter….. huge Daddy issues which was a problem in her MMP quest. I don’t think she would ever have married living in anyone place expect next to Ft Bragg. She once dated an NHL player but dumped him for being to girly. He had never hunted or shot a gun in anger.

  2. BuenaVista

    My most recent flame is 11 years younger than I am. At the outset, it was interesting to me (and she is another prog-feminista) that she nervously said, “I’m thinking I’m too old for you.” My opinion is that she is the most attractive women in her age cohort, within 100 miles, and she does yoga and crossfit just about every day of the week, so she has a better figure than your average 25 year-old. I suggested that she might be right, so would she like to bring her daughter with her next time? (We took a break before exploring that option. But thereafter she started making warm banter about how, as she was leaving my house, that “I’d better leave before your second shift arrives. Do they drive yet?”)

    I met Mrs. Smith online. She is 15 years younger than I. She had lied about her age (BIG SURPRISE!) online. Once she had sized me up she apologized for not being 18 years younger than I.

    Per usual, the more a woman asserts that men should be handcuffed to what they define as “age appropriate” options, the more we should understand they just might mean the opposite.

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL yea bro I got that “I’m to old for you line” from girls close to my age before I started dating younger women. Hind sight being 20/20 they were basically saying my SMP value was higher then theirs.

      If I remember BV you are my elder so pulling chicks in their 30’s would be equivalent and it is not like you couldn’t pull some 20 year old’s if you want. Thinking back on it, I can only recall one girl mention my age, and I was only about 10-12 years older then her. There are few hard and fast rules along these lines. Also in my social circles, the SMP is less rigid and people don’t harass me and can do nothing to damage my carer based off dating younger women or living with three of them. In reality it elevates my standing with my crew

  3. BuenaVista

    Back when I was online dating a lot, and that is an environment where the women post age ranges up front, I would initiate an introduction by saying, “You’re probably too old for me …” (I might be 15 years over their approved age range, and 20 years or more older than them.) It was instructive how many of them wrote back in good humor. Wilson, no doubt, disapproves. But he can go fuck himself or his inflatable doll, I’ll stick with live women.

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL I will pass that line along to some of the guys in my crew. Yea that’s a good way to disarm them and shut the issue down while showing social skillz

      you da man

  4. redpillgirlnotes

    Oh dear! Now remember scfton we were not such good pals at first either, rebember? 😉 Perhaps once Wilson gets to know you and also to understand the red pill thinking behind some of these posts it won’t all seem so shocking? So much of the “red pill” how men and women really are vs. the civilized “blue pill” cover story is so taboo I imagine most folks would reject it at first, knowing (fearing?) deep in their hearts it’s true!

    1. sfcton Post author

      think about what it means if it is true that most women, even if its only 51% prefer men like me over nice guys? and I would say given divorce rates and the sad shape of most remaining marriages say the number is much higher then 51%

    1. sfcton Post author

      you are an unobservant creature aren’t you? My blog is full of references to my time in the us army and being a Southern Nationalist.

      how does it feel to be wrong on every post?


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