Staying fit while social distancing

Even from my life of semi quite isolation I can see people are using this lock down to make a run at improving their lives. I didn’t see that coming but should have. Selfimprovemnt is a UMC thing becuase they have the time and energy for it. Blue collar guys are too beat up at the end of the day to do much else. They are burned the fuck out and beat the fuck down from doing actual worthwhile work. Now they have the time, and with unemployment plus $600 from the Fed, the resources to do other things. Really fucking weird but there it is. Everything is on lock down so they get to fix their health. Will this last? Will they continue afterward? Probably not. But a non izsue for tbis post

Folks who already have life on lock down are trying to keep that going…. at home which can be harder then folks think. Most people view their home as their place of rest and enjoyment. And rightfully so but that can make it mentally difficult to work out or learn that second language or what have you. Your house isn’t the place for that sort of none sense. I was lucky enough to learn that lesson early in life, from my 1st squad leader who went from a SOCOM E1 to a SOCOM 06 in his 24 years  and it’s paid all kinds of dividends over the years. My home office is my home office. I spend 0 leasiure time in it. I practice guitar where I practice guitar. Its the only time I sit in that chair, my Martian and mini amp and books are right there. My garage is where I work on bikes, cars and trucks, it’s where I box and train when the weather is bad. No family discord allowed on my lani or in my bedroom .  Etc etc.

Sooooooo…… my 1st bit of advice is to create the space you need and dedicate it to the mission. If you have the free space. It will be a tremendous amount of mental help to view some section of your yard as the place you work out in, the place you practice archery etc etc and thats it…. I have been trying to up my bowskillz….. 45 mins a day of why the fuck do I suck at this

Any rate I know there has been a run on home gym stuff, so I won’t get into any of that stuff. Training at home has been a huge part of my life for decades now….. it’s weird to think that I’ve been an accidental  home fitness prepper….so I won’t get to much into what I do, it probably won’t be relevant. I am going to throw down some no serious equipment training ideas for y’all to mess around with


Idea #1 is go buy a sledgehammer and a used tire. Bury said tire, upright, halfway to 3/4’s in the ground. Wail the tar out of that tire with the hammer. I use 3 minutes rounds with 1 minute of rest. Why? Because I love boxing.

Speaking of boxing, you can shadow box.

Matt Furry’s body weight workout book is all over the internet in pdf format. Fo free

Google agility drills and plyometrics. Which can hurt you if your body isn’t ready for the impact so be careful.

There are all manner of things you can do pull ups and chin ups on

Work on your hand strength. You have no idea how beneficial this will be. If nothing else the harder you can grip something the more force you can apply to that something. Supper handy when playing with boobs. Many sport nerd docs think grip strength improves CNS function in general. Some aging experts have noticed men with stronger grips are healthier across all CNS spectrums as they age.  Grip is one of the few things I still work on directly. To do this on the cheap just grip the hell out of heavy things that mostly fit into your hand. Like the head of the sledgehammer you just bought. Hold it out and up for time with multiple sets

Army duffle bag, wrap it in duct tape. Fill it full of bullshit, nothing sharp or what have you(rags and dirt maybe?) to the point it’s a semi bitch to get on your shoulder   and Google heavy bag lifting workout.


Get a keg of beer. Drink the keg, drill out the top, fill it with water, to whatever weight that makes it a semi bitch to pick up. Shove a plug in the whole, set with silicone sealant. Go to town with it

Find a good size rock, one that’s a semi bitch to lift and put over your head. Go to town with the rock. You can be a pussy and buy rocks, or you can track some down with your truck, dog and a shovel

Plus there is all the regular stuff things folks do like running and what not

Any rate, I should have done this sooner but I have been preoccupied with my own bullshit. A couple of things to add to what you maybe already doing

13 thoughts on “Staying fit while social distancing

  1. Sumo

    Personally, I’m impatient for the snow in my yard to melt the fuck off so I can get my throwing knife and axe game back up to speed. Also need the snow to melt so I can find the knife that I lost in the snow last week.

    Been giving some thought to trying my hand at archery. No idea where to start, though.

    Plus there is all the regular stuff things folks do like running and what not

    Truth. For anyone who thinks they don’t have “enough” room to work out, just remember that prisons are full of dudes in tiny little cells who work out every day.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL insanely good point

      Pre retirement life I rarely had the free time to waste on bow hunting. I’m going to make a serious attempt at it this fall but all my guided hunts will be rifle hunts

      As for the snow…. fuck that shit. I’ve been riding, boating and fishing since 1 Jan 2020…….

      1. Sumo

        How much snow do you folks have down there? I’ve still got more than a foot in the yard and temperatures around 20 F.

  2. Sumo

    I remember a while back you did a post about guns in general, but I’ll be damned if I can find it. Anyhow….got an opinion on the Mossberg 590? I was looking at one this afternoon, but I figured I should get a more informed opinion before I grab it.

    If it matters, it runs about $320 USD.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Big picture? Can’t go wrong with it

      Small picture, I dislike Mossberg, tactical reloads are a pain in the ass. Small opening port = a little more precision required when trying to feed it under stress. Probably a non issue given the reality of self defense. (Over with 5 shots or less, the other guy isn’t likely to be trained, single, non trained attacker with a strong sense of self preservation 97% of the time etc etc but I figure the way things are going we’ll be shooting pigs or some such when they come to arrest you for think crimes or being semi White etc etc )

      Remington is easier to customise if you’re into that sort of thing……not my thing really

      As always I recommend semi auto over pump ( there is a tendency for folks to short cycle a pump action shotgun when the heat is on. Can be overcome with training but how much training do you have the time and money for?) traditional stock with a shell carrier over any of the fancy stuff,( extra ammo right there on the gun, makes for a better club if needs be) , the largest possible capacity ( self explanatory right there) , simple red dot with good battery life ( also no explanation required)

      Price is always an important consideration and you’ll fuck up that 590 before it fucks up on you

  3. Liz

    I suspect the end of this lockdown will be a little like scenes from Groundhog day.
    Some folks will have used the time to get in great condition, learn some things and so forth.
    Some will be in stuck in those earlier phases (eating chunky chews and so forth), emerging worse off than before.
    Mike was just telling our youngest boy, he’ll never get this time back again, so best not use it all up just playing video games.
    They are doing really well though.
    I, by contrast, need to get off my lazy ass.

    1. Liz

      Forgot to add
      Many sport nerd docs think grip strength improves CNS function in general. Some aging experts have noticed men with stronger grips are healthier across all CNS spectrums as they age. 
      That is interesting and something I did not know.
      I also mentioned your recommendation of Matt Furry to Mike. He and the boys have been boxing and I’m sure he’s interested in learning more.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        I’m not sure why the grip thing is an anti aging thing.

        I get the stronger your grip, the more force you can apply to the bar and by force I mean recruit motor neurons.

        My guess is a strong grip activates a bunch of shit in your CNS, which keeps it fit and keeps you functioning at a higher level

        My other guess is…. it’s not related at all but healthier men have stronger grips and healthier men age better and grip strength is easy for docs to measure

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